7th Grade Science 9/10/18

Gummy Bear Osmosis lab Sheet Gummy Bear Osmosis Lab-2j3tfm3

Complete unfinished lab worksheet for homework

7th Grade Science  9/4- 9/7/18

Level of Organization Fold able was due on 9/7/18

Levels of organization PPT  and fold able instructions  Levels-of-cellular-organization-with-foldable-instructions-13qaj0z

Levels of Organization completed notes sheet  Levels of Organization PPT completed notes-1pdivn7

Osmosis PPT osmosis PPT-22ewwbq


7th Grade Social Studies

9/4 – 9/7 /18

Week 5 warm up sheet week 5 warm ups-2nlph5l

Economics Vocabulary Ch 3 Sect 1 Economics Vocab completed-1tq8nj9

Economics vocabulary quizizz:


Vocabulary quiz  on 9/12/18

H.W. Study Economic vocabulary and complete any unfinished classwork


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