7th Grade Science

Topic of study: Cell Processes

Vocabulary quiz – October 2nd: Students were given copy of the re-test with correct answers to use as their study guide

Cell Processes test- October 8th

Osmosis, Diffusion, Active transport PPT Osmosis Diffusion Active Transport-1b2cky9

Osmosis, Diffusion Active Transport completed notes Osmosis Diffusion Active Transport PPT Cloze with answer-1hmlzyl

Mitosis PPT  Mitosis (00000003)-1ls9hhn

Mitosis notes Mitosis Notes-2o3oqus

Cell processes Study guide Cell Processes Study Guide-142581q


7th Grade Social Studies

Unit test October 3rd

Completed study guide Unit-Test-Completed-Study-Guide-1287jyo

Quizizz link for review https://quizizz.com/admin/quiz/5ba501e23e7d210019a8f75b/unit-1-test-in-class-review




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