7th Grade Science

Genetics and Heredity quiz 11/14/18


Completed forms of reproduction graphic organizer Forms of Reproduction Chart – Answer KeyREVISED-1dg08xb

Forms of reproduction graphic organizer    Forms of Reproduction ChartREVISED-1tz6jqf

Genes and Heredity Vocabulary Lesson Genetics and Heredity Vocabulary PPT-2jf1l6g

Vocabulary worksheet Genes-Heredity vocabulary-1h7lkbb


7th Grade Social Studies

SW Asia religious and Ethnic groups remediation and test retake last day is 11/12/18.  All students who scored below 80% was offered the reading packet with questions which were due completed and correct before test retake.

History of SW Asia vocabulary quiz: 11/9/18

Vocabulary Sheet Vocab Part 1 History of SOuthwest Asia (Middle East)-1ury5ac

Ottoman Empire completed notes ottoman empire key-usjxzx

Zionist Movement completed notes zionism cloze notes Key-1x743s4


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