7th Grade Science

Sponge bob genetics due Friday spongebob-genetics-1fd69r6

Today in class: Incomplete- Codominance Powerpoint-23baht4  and notes Mendelian Exceptions PPT note key (002)-1j8x1mt

Punnet square worksheets due Monday

Upcoming tests: December 13th


7th Grade Social Studies

Decades of distrust completed  two column notes  Decade of DistrustTwo Column Notes completed-1rklhc6

Completed vocabulary sheet History of Southwest Asia Vocab. Part 2 KEY-1bsjjke

Warm up quiz: 11/30/18 (this is an open note quiz, students need to make sure that week 13 and 14 warm ups are completed.

Week 13 and 14 warm up sheet

Vocabulary quiz Dec. 4th  quizleWarm Up Week 13 & 14-1ahfde8t: https://quizlet.com/_5oyhs4


Starting tomorrow: 11/29/18

Sunni or Shia PPT Sunni and Shia Powerpoint-1gq8anr

Sunni or Shia  notes Shia and Sunni lecture notes student KEY-2mhr4rj

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