7th Grade science

Students are finishing up their minion project

Please make sure these assignments are completed and turned in this week: Protein synthesis and DNA Double Helix

Genetics and heredity test on Dec. 13th

Study guide Genetics and Heredity Study Guide (002)-2i7d8l1

Quizlet https://quizlet.com/_5s4oce



7th Grade Social Studies

Reading articles from last week.  Make sure questions have been answered for each reading. Persian gulf war-1rtpqsr     ol invasion of iraq-18d1dxl

ol invasion of afghanistan-1s3481a  Middle East conflict chart Middle East Conflict Chart – answers-1y3f3x1

History of South west Asia part 2 Test; Dec. 12th

History of SW Asia Part 2 Study guide  History Study Guide Part 2-1tslof9


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