7th Grade Science

*Cell History and microscope test: October 2nd

Cell History and microscope study guide Cell History and Microscope Study Guide

*Use cell history notes and microscope notes to complete the study guide

*Due dates:

microscope lab and cell history web quest assignments due 9/20/19

cell organelle lab and other reinforcement assignments handed out today in class due 10/1/19


7th Grade Social Studies

*SW Asia history part 1 test (Decline of Ottoman Empire and Zionism): October 7th

Decline of Ottoman Empire Completed notes /Study guide Decline of the Ottoman Empire Notes-Study Guide completed

Zionism completed study guide zionism cloze notes Key

Vocabulary Vocab Part 1 History of Southwest Asia (Middle East)



7th Grade Science

Cell history Power point  The History and Theory of Cells

Cell history completed noted The History and Theory of Cells G.O. completed

Parts of the microscope notes Power point Parts of the Microscope (003)

Cell processes retest 9/13/19  Cell processes test for corrections Cell-Processes-test copy For-Corrections


7th Grade Social Studies

Impact of  climate, oil, water and transportation in SW Asia Graphic organizer Impact Location etc Graphic Organize (1) completed