7th Grade Science

11/19 — Web quest and vocab due.

12/03 — Vocab Quiz

12/16 — Genetics Test

Monday –Inventory of Traits and Graphing Activity

Tuesday – M&M Lab
Wednesday  – Mendel, and Genetics PPT
– Mendel, and Genetics Notes Mendelian Genetics guided notes – Key
Thursday – Punnet Square Note
Friday – Punnet Square Activity


7th Grade Social Studies

Dec. 6th- SW Asia Government and Economics Test

SW Asia Economics Notes SW Asian Economies CLOZE Notes Key

Comparing SW Asia Economies Chart Comparing Southwest Asia Economies Chart


7th Grade Science

Sexual Reproduction notes Sexual Reproduction note sheet for video completed

Asexual Reproduction notes Asexual Reproduction note sheet for video completed

Investigating reproductive strategies chart (yesterday and today) investigating repro strategies


7th Grade Social Studies

SW Asia Governments  SW-ASIA-GOV-CLOZE-NOTES-2019-key

Comparing SW Asia’s Government Chart Comparing SW Asian Government graphic organizer






7th Grade Science

sexual and asexual reproduction interactive book pg 185-193

Last day of frog dissection:  Frog Dissection group worksheet due Monday Nov. 11th


7th Grade Social Studies

Read and Answer questions from Document C

Document analysis sheet: Students completed the sheet with the guidance of the teacher doc analysis form KEY (1)

Government Crossword gov and civics xword (1)

Government word search gov and civics word search (1)