7th Grade Science


Evolution study guide Evolution Study Guide- modified    EVOLUTION STUDY GUIDE

Evolution Notes Evolution Notes Sheet completed

Evolution Project Due on Monday Feb. 3rd     Evolution Final Project

Link to help with project https://www.britannica.com/animal/horse/Evolution-of-the-horse

Lists of resources/notes students already have to use to prepare for the test: Speciation, Evolution, Selective breeding, Vocabulary,


7th Grade Social Studies

Geography of  Africa Test 1/31/2020 (Friday)

Resources to use to prepare for Test







7th Grade Social Studies

Environmental Issues in Africa graphic organizer Environmental Issues in Africa Graphic Organizer Blank (1)

Test 1/31/2020 on Africa Geography

Items to study for test: Africa physical features reading packet, Environmental issues graphic organizer, Africa Ethnic groups graphic organizer (this will be done in class next week)


7th Grade Science

Darwin’s discoveries comic strip directions Darwin’s recovery comic strip

Bird beak lab due 1/24/2020

Evolution notes Evolution Notes Sheet completed

Evolution Vocabulary Evolution Vocabulary



7th Grade Science

Selective Breeding Magazine Cover Assignment (This assignment will be due on Monday at the end of class)

Selective Breeding Magazine Cover rubric ( follow the rubric as you design your magazine cover) Selective Breeding Magazine Cover


7th Grade Social Studies

Africa Map test January 15th

Color coded Africa political map Africa Political Map Color Coded

Color Coded Africa Physical map Africa Physical Features Map Color Coded


7th Grade Science

Selective breeding notes sheet Selective Breeding PPT Blank

Selective breeding PPT Selective_Breeding

Selective Breeding Graphic organizer due Thursday 1/09/2020 at the beginning of class. Use the dog pictures and reading to complete the graphic organizer.

Selective breeding graphic organizer Selective Dog Breeding Activity Graphic Organizer

Dog cards with reading selective breeding of dogs cards1


7th Grade Social Studies

Africa physical and political map test 1/15/2020

RI testing

Geography of Africa quizizz






Welcome back to the second half of the school year!

7th Science

Video and questions meet the super cow.  Students need to complete the six questions on the work sheet.

Meet the super cow questions MEET THE SUPER COW

Webquest: Selective breeding and gene technology Selective Breeding Article Webquest

Complete the 10 comprehension questions after reading “Selective breeding and gene technology”


7th Social Studies

Geography Bee

Warm up

Africa Map test January 15th.