7th Grade  Social Studies

European Imperialism in Africa notes European Imperialism in Africa Notes Key (3)

Teacher Notes on History of Africa Teacher Notes History of Africa Pt.1 KEY (1)

Pan African Reading and questions pan-africanism article and questions (1)  Pan-Africanism Note Sheet Filled in (1)

Reading: Independence in Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa 7th_Unit7_Topic3_Independence_Kenya_Nigeria_SouthAfrica (1) 

7th_Unit7_Topic3_Independence_Kenya_Nigeria_SouthAfrica KEY (1)

South Africa, Apartheid, Nelson Mandela and F.W. De Klerk   completed notes  South Africa Aparthied Mandella FW de Klerk notes South Africa Aparthied Mandella FW de Klerk notes KEY 2020 (1)

African History Vocabulary History of Africa Vocabulary



7th Grade Science

Retest 2/10/20

Book work pg. 403-413 due Tuesday 2/11/20

Open note quiz 2/13/20 (Biomes  graphic organizer must to be completed)

Biomes graphic organizer Biomes Chart (1)

Completed Biomes Graphic organizer  this cannot be printed out and used on the quiz, but you are welcome to add information from here to your graphic organizer to use on the quiz. Biomes Chart Answer Key

HW: Study for Biomes Quiz on Thursday (2/13); students will be allowed to use their Biomes Graphic Organizer for the quiz, but must turn it in with the quiz

Biomes PPT Biomes for Blog (3)

Biomes Notes Biomes Student Notes OL completed(5)

Biomes project information: Project starts on Wednesday

Ecotourism project rubric Biome project rubric

Ecotourism Project Information Ecotourism Information Sheet (1)

Biomes coloring map and questions biomescoloringmap   Due Friday 2/14/20

Biomes coloring map key Biomes Map Answer Key (1)