5/6/2020 – 5/7/2020

7th Science

Please remember Zoom meetings on Tuesdays and Thursdays until May 14th.  

Read the following story about a water droplet named “Drip” and his journey through the water cycle. Once finish reading, you DO NOT have to complete the blank diagram that’s attached to the story, INSTEAD please answer these questions on Quizizz on Mr. White’s blog using both the STORY and The Water Cycle Diagram to answer the questions. Make sure you use the correct quizizz link and your correct name.

7th Social Studies
Today’s assignment: Continue with U.S. Involvement in Southern and Eastern Asia
Make sure you have the completed notes and complete the quizizz on Mr. Vedra or Mrs. Garcia blog depending on which class you are in.  Please follow the guidelines for entering your name when you complete the quizizz assignment.

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