5/11/2020 – 5/14/2020

7th Science

Thursday 5/14/2020

On today, have fun doing some virtual dissections. Click on the link below to get instructions to download the correct version of Froguts for your device. There are more dissections than just frogs and there is nothing to turn in, just have fun with it! If your computer isn’t compatible it’s ok because there is nothing to turn in! Thank you for a great year you guys! I’m going to miss you!!!

Froguts Biolearning – Dissections


Monday 5/11/20 -Wednesday 5/13/20

This week you will be conducting a Biodiversity scavenger hunt. If you can safely explore outside, make sure you have parental supervision and practice social distancing.  If you are unable to explore outside you can research all your answers using the internet.

Write your answers on a Microsoft Word document and share with me via Microsoft Office 365. If you are not able to share via Office 365 you may email your answer sheet but I PREFER Microsoft Office 365.

biodiversity scavenger hunt Please make sure you list the box title you are answering. (Ex. 1 predator – Lion)




7th Social Studies

Monday 5/11/20

Assignment: Read the article on types of government in Southern and Eastern Asia. Once you are finished reading complete the graphic organizer with information from the text. The test is highlighted to help you locate key information. You can use the Read Aloud feature in word as you read the document. See the link for the directions for using Read Aloud in word.

Reading: Southern-and-Eastern-Asia-Government-and-Civic-Understandings-Class-Notes-Edited-2020

Graphic Organizer: SE-Asia-Government-Table-Graphic-Organizer (1)

How to use Read Aloud in WORD (003)


Tuesday 5/12/20

Check your graphic organizer with the the key provided

Read the Government and Civics review

Take the quizizz on your classroom teacher’s blog. Mae sure you enter the correct quizizz code for your block and enter your name correctly.

SE-Asia-Government-Table-Graphic-Organizer-Key (1)

Government-and-Civics-Review-2020 (1) PDF

Wednesday 5/13/2020

Read the text on the countries of Southern and Eastern Asia Economies


Thursday 5/14/20

Visit you classroom teacher’s blog (Mr. Vedra or Mrs. Garcia) to complete a forms survey.

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