5/18/2020 – 5/20/2020

7th Social Studies

Assignment: Complete the web quest on the Geography of SE Asia. Read each question and then click on the link to read  and locate the answers. There are no assignments to turn in.

WebQuest SE Asia Geography 2020

Monday 5/18/20 – Answer questions 1-5 on the web-quest

Tuesday 5/19/20 – Answer questions 6-10 on the web-quest

Wednesday 5/20/20 – Answer questions 11-17 on the web-quest

Web quest answer key WebQuest SE Asia Geography 2020 KEY



7th Science

Monday 5/18/2020

Read the The News ELA article about women in science, then watch the video. You do not have any assignment to turn in today.



Tuesday 5/19/2020   https://safeshare.tv/x/Gsk6QLmC2NM#

Wednesday 5/20/20  http://www.explore.org/



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