7th Grade Science 9/10/18

Gummy Bear Osmosis lab Sheet Gummy Bear Osmosis Lab-2j3tfm3

Complete unfinished lab worksheet for homework

7th Grade Science  9/4- 9/7/18

Level of Organization Fold able was due on 9/7/18

Levels of organization PPT  and fold able instructions  Levels-of-cellular-organization-with-foldable-instructions-13qaj0z

Levels of Organization completed notes sheet  Levels of Organization PPT completed notes-1pdivn7

Osmosis PPT osmosis PPT-22ewwbq


7th Grade Social Studies

9/4 – 9/7 /18

Week 5 warm up sheet week 5 warm ups-2nlph5l

Economics Vocabulary Ch 3 Sect 1 Economics Vocab completed-1tq8nj9

Economics vocabulary quizizz:


Vocabulary quiz  on 9/12/18

H.W. Study Economic vocabulary and complete any unfinished classwork



7th Grade social studies

WE have started studying about types of government.  Review vocabulary/concepts taught in class daily in order to perform well on discovery tickets.

Open note warm up quiz on 8/31/18.  Make sure you have both weeks of warms all completed.

Warm Up Week 3-2hd9d8n

Warm Up Week 4-2n75bo5

Practice reviewing vocabulary terms using the quizizz and quizlet links attached




7th Grade Science

This past week:

organelle wanted poster

Lab: looking at plants and animal cells under the microscope. Students need to complete the questions on the lab sheet and turn in this week 8/27 – 8/29

Cell unit test: 8/31/18

Cell study guide  Cell structure study guide-14coj49

August 6th, 2018

7th Grade Social Studies

Today’s classroom activities:

  1. warm – up    Week 1 – Maps warm-ups-1klnau5
  2. What is history PowerPoint
  3. What is History reading and questions. What is History-1136id
  4. No homework


7th Grade Science

Today’s classroom activities:

The History of cells notes  The History and Theory of Cells G.O. completed-2ap3sa9

The wacky cell theory video      http://ed.ted.com/lesson/the-wacky-history-of-cell-theory#watch

The Wacky cell theory  questions

H.W.  Watch the Wacky Cell Theory video and complete the questions on the sheet handed out in class


Upcoming Quiz:

8/10/10 – History of cells and parts of  the microscope.  Parts of the Microscope-2n7nkvd

Welcome to the 2018-2019 School Year!

7th Science and Social Studies

Welcome back to school! I am excited and looking forward to a great year. Tomorrow, Tuesday July 31st is out meet and greet from 2:00-3:00 for 7th grade.  Our Science and social studies content will be very engaging, we will be learning many new things and having fun while doing so. See you soon!


We are on the home stretch as the end of the school year approaches. We are currently in our last unit of study which is Evolution. Students are learning why the physical characteristics of organisms change over time and the factors that contribute to the change.  We began the unit discussing Darwin’s theory of Evolution.  Here are the links to the assignments and power point lessons we will be doing in this unit.

Evolution Notes-1ta6ow0

Evolution Notes Sheet-28j03bp


Evolution Notes Section 2-2jhoemx

Grant’s Finches-2k3bcf0



The Geological Time Scale (003)-1rgp6l2

What is the Earth time scale guided notes-113n9xz




We have begun our Genetics, Heredity, & Reproduction unit. Thus far in class we have examined types of reproduction (sexual and asexual) and identified organisms that uses each type. We took notes using the attached Power Point and have created a reproduction chart which students will use to study for their quiz on Tuesday.  Both items are attached.

Forms of Reproduction Chart – Answer Key-1g10pwa

asexual_sexual_reproduction PPT-1en1hh7

compare contrast sexual and asexual reproduction-sg9pl5


Monday March 5th we will discuss genes using the Mendelian PPT attached.

Mendelian Powerpoint FINAL-1sp7vag