7th Grade Science

4th – 6th block Counseling with Dr. Hunt

5th Block     Oh Deer Activity


7th Grade Social Studies

March 20th Africa Unit test

Chapter 8 section 4  Government Instability Textbook pages: 214-218

Handouts available on line in the Textbook Workbook

Teacher notes on reading Textbook Chapter 8 section 4 Notes-244375d

Comparing African Governments graphic organizer  African government-rbmx7h

Completed Africa Studyguide key  africa summative study guide key 2019-1n07zhu

Africa physical and political maps  Africa Color Map-2mo51x3


7th Grade Science

Carrying Capacity and Limiting factor PPT notes Limiting Factors PPT OL-1l8dorw

St. Matthews Island Reading and analysis questions st matthew island story-2m84odr

Limiting factor alien activity  Limiting-Factors-PPT-Notes-Sheet-Alien-Activity-vvox76

Quiz on March 8th


7th Grade Social Studies

Africa Unit Test March 14th

Expert group project

Expert Groups – Assignment Sheets Africa Countries Kenya-uzhpcd

Expert Groups – Assignment Sheets Africa Countries Nigeria-1mg18as

Expert Groups – Assignment Sheets Africa Countries South Africa-ufip70

Expert Groups Country PPT Self Assessment-2hz5n7m




7th Grade Science

Biome project due today.

Levels of organization PPT Notes Environmental Organization 1-1z6yiz8

Levels of Organization Questions Levels of organization flipbook questions-1mwqnmu

Levels of organization Graphic organizer Levels of Organization Graphic Organizer-1delh8d  

Use PPT to fill in definitions on the graphic organizer on the side that says “definitions”. On the side that says “pictures” draw pictures to represent each level of environmental onganization


7th Grade Social Studies

Numbers 1-10 answers to study guide questions History of Africa Study Guide answers for 1-10-1bdsoy0

History of Afica test on Friday March 1st.


211/19 – 2/15/19

7th Grade Science

Biome project: Go to the search engine in GOOGLE CHROME & search for Easel.ly website. Then enter the username and password for your block. All students were given their username and password in class and is written in their agendas.

Video tutorial for Easel.ly http://bit.ly/DMSinfographic


7th  Grade Social Studies

Warm up week 20.

European Imperialism Notes European Imperialism in Africa Notes Key-20j3f2k

Warm up quiz 2/15/19

History of Africa test: 3/1/19




7th Grade Science

Evolution Test 2/6/19

Study guide with answers EVOLUTION STUDY GUIDE Key-2jgvhzk

Evolution project due Thursday 2/7/19  OL Animal Evolution Project-1xkbl3n

Wild Horse Ancestor Timeline-1apj08w


7th Grade Social Studies

We  are learning about the Ethnic groups in Africa: Arab, Bantu and Swahili

Text book page 206-207.  Read and complete graphic organizers for each group

Graphic organizers for each group  spider diagram Arabs Dif OL-1iv4oid   spider diagram Bantu Dif OL-24ybi6o

spider diagram Swahili Dif OL-1qm00le


1/28/19 – 2/1/19

7th Grade Science

Evolution test Feb 6th 2019

Study guide without answers EVOLUTION STUDY GUIDE-16padt0

Study guide Key :EVOLUTION STUDY GUIDE-16pa5pb


Things to know for quiz on 1/29/19  Things to know for the quiz-2luwe8p

Evolution and Speciation PPT Speciation1-2bx4h5l

Speciation worksheet  Speciation-geo.isol.-createspc-22z25z1


7th Grade Social Studies

Environmental Issues in Africa completed graphic organizer Environmental Issues in Africa Graphic Organizer Key-2io29kt

Use notes and graphic organizer to create a quizlet.

Quiz on  Environmental issues in Africa on Friday 2/1/19


1/22/19 – 1/26/19

7th Grade Science

Science interactive work book

Pg s. 29-37, complete #1-18 on the interactive pages. Then complete the Lesson Review #1-9.

genetic variation using a Mouse Fur Color Activity.  Finish letters b., c., and #8-10. Finish writing exercise.

Geologic Time web quest link  ttp://www.ucmp.berkeley.edu/geotime/

Web quest worksheet Copy of Geologic Time WebQuest

EVOLUTION QUIZ Jan. 29th.  To Prepare study notes on selective breeding, Darwin’s theory of Evolution and vocabulary flip book.

Evolution Test: Feb. 6th



7th Grade Social Studies

Text book pg. 198-201 Read and fill in last two columsn of KIQ chart

KIQ chart: KIQ chart-26f39na 

KIQ Prompt: KIQ Prompts Environmental Issues of Africa-1ghbpmo

Africa Environmental issue  completed Graphic organizer:

Environmental Issues in Africa Graphic Organizer Key-2inwskm

QUIZ Feb 5th