7th Grade Science

Genetics and Heredity quiz 11/14/18


Completed forms of reproduction graphic organizer Forms of Reproduction Chart – Answer KeyREVISED-1dg08xb

Forms of reproduction graphic organizer    Forms of Reproduction ChartREVISED-1tz6jqf

Genes and Heredity Vocabulary Lesson Genetics and Heredity Vocabulary PPT-2jf1l6g

Vocabulary worksheet Genes-Heredity vocabulary-1h7lkbb


7th Grade Social Studies

SW Asia religious and Ethnic groups remediation and test retake last day is 11/12/18.  All students who scored below 80% was offered the reading packet with questions which were due completed and correct before test retake.

History of SW Asia vocabulary quiz: 11/9/18

Vocabulary Sheet Vocab Part 1 History of SOuthwest Asia (Middle East)-1ury5ac

Ottoman Empire completed notes ottoman empire key-usjxzx

Zionist Movement completed notes zionism cloze notes Key-1x743s4



7th Grade Science

Organ research project due on Friday 11/2/18 The Organ Space Mission-2bw7gfh

Human Body systems quiz on Friday 11/2/18: https://quizlet.com/_5jjkzb


7th Grade Social Studies

Students who received less than 80% on the religious and ethnic groups test were given remediation that is due today 11/1/18 and 11/5/18

Current assignment: Read text book page 81-82 and answer questions 1-5 in complete sentences.


7th Grade Science

Human Body system test November 2nd

Completed study guide due by October 30th

Human Body system graphic Organizer Human Body Systems Graphic Organizer-1pcbto4

Human Body System completed graphic organizer Human Body Systems Interactions chart completed-1h2eii1

Human body system study guide : Student work book page 337-342 Unit 4 Review Original Textbook-2g050zl

Human body system study guide key part 2-28dqydu

Human Body system study guide Key Unit 4 Review Original Textbook with answers-2cci3fc



7th Grade Social Studies

Extended response due by Monday 10/29/18

SW Asia Culture Extended Response-13wln6w

Writing checklist for Extended response Writing Checklist-2euowuh

OPEC PPT Lesson Opec PPT-1x3y1ac

OPEC Notes Section 3 OPEC Notes – KEY-26px4sx

OPEC Activity OPEC Activity Questions-t69n5g

Southwest Asia History   Vocabulary Southwest Asia (Middle East) History Vocabulary-12xfsiy




7th grade Social Studies 

Test date:  October 25th;  Topic: Religious and Ethnic groups of Southwest Asia (notes, completed study guide and a quizlet are attached to help you be successful on the test.

Assignment due:  Student text book page 72 #1-6

Geography worksheet due tomorrow: Chapter 4 section 1

Religious and ethnic groups in Southwest Asia  PPT  WS7_PP_Ch04 PPT People and Religions-1dpu1c4

Religious and Ethnic groups blank study guide Ethnic and Religious Groups Study Guide-1rjnze1

Religious and Ethnic groups notes/study Ethnic & Relgious Notes & SG KEY-2mzk6jnguide KEY

Religious and Ethnic groups quizlet https://quizlet.com/_5g078h





7th Grade Social Studies

SW Asia Vocabulary graphic organizer Ch 4 Sect 1 Vocab w Visuals-160b3k0

SW Asia geography PPT notes Southwest Asia Geography Overview-19ancaf


7th Grade Science

Body System Graphic Organizer-1eqd3bs

Human Body Study Guide (003)-1oh956n

Human body system project information: Human Body System Project_OL-28oyrw7

Human Body System Project Acceptance Letter-1arvjuk

Blank Group Rating Chart-1noe94j




7th Grade Science

Test on October 8th

Quizlet: https://quizlet.com/_5cr4u0

cell process graphic organizers Cell process notes sheets-25pibl5

Cell Processes study guide key  Cell Processes Study Guide key-1zkfuew

Photosynthesis and cellular respiration PPT Photosynthesis and Cellular Respiration Pwpt-1fpalxa


7th Grade Social Studies

Political and physical map of SW Asia ME Labeling Maps completed-1b7yyu5

HW: Map questions due 10/5/18

Map test October 9th


7th Grade Science

Topic of study: Cell Processes

Vocabulary quiz – October 2nd: Students were given copy of the re-test with correct answers to use as their study guide

Cell Processes test- October 8th

Osmosis, Diffusion, Active transport PPT Osmosis Diffusion Active Transport-1b2cky9

Osmosis, Diffusion Active Transport completed notes Osmosis Diffusion Active Transport PPT Cloze with answer-1hmlzyl

Mitosis PPT  Mitosis (00000003)-1ls9hhn

Mitosis notes Mitosis Notes-2o3oqus

Cell processes Study guide Cell Processes Study Guide-142581q


7th Grade Social Studies

Unit test October 3rd

Completed study guide Unit-Test-Completed-Study-Guide-1287jyo

Quizizz link for review https://quizizz.com/admin/quiz/5ba501e23e7d210019a8f75b/unit-1-test-in-class-review