January 31


Teasley Families – we want to make sure you are aware of the information provided by School Health Services that may help stop the spread of the flu. Please take time to visit this webpage for the tips and information they have provided. If a child has a lowgrade fever or they are not feeling well, we ask you to please keep them at home.  Those who have the flu (with or without fever) are highly contagious. Please know that we are all working hard at Teasley to disinfect classrooms and sanitize door knobs, hallway and stair railings and other public surfaces.  We hope you all stay well during this flu season!!

January 28

 100 day celebration!


100 day fun: Fashion show, stacking 100 cups to create a tower (I loved how the groups worked together and each group created something different), making a gumball machine with 100 gumball stamps, sorting a snack by 10 groups of 10 items, and stringing 10 groups of 10 different colored beads.

Class Notes:

  • I had a hard time capturing the action of the 100 day fashion show! If you are on facebook take a look at the 100 day video posted to the Teasley PTA page, you will see some familiar faces.
  • We have a student teacher with us 2 days a week this semester. Look for information about Miss Ali in your home folder this week.
  • Valentine’s Day will be here before we know it! It is easiest for students to pass out valentines if your student signs the valentine but does not put specific names on them. I will send home more information soon.

Important Dates:

  • Library visit: Friday 2/2
  • Show and Tell: something beginning with one of the digraphs that we studied this week.
  • International Night: Friday 2/9- This is such a fun night of sharing a variety of cultures I hope that you will be able to attend.

    Friday, February 9

    6:15pm – 8:15pm

    Teasley Cafe

    Organizer: Teasley Tiger PAWS Foundation

     What we are learning this week:


  • Asking questions and main idea using fiction texts
  • Phonics: ch, wh, sh, th diagraphs
  • sight words: your, about, from, than


  • Decompose numbers to 5, in more than one why by using objects or drawings and record each decomposition by drawing or equation.
  • Counting past 100 by 1’s and 10’s


  • Opinion writing


  • How to stay healthy



January 21

Welcome back!

Important Dates:

1/23: Willy’s Spirit night from 5-8 pm

1/26: a busy day- (no show and tell today)

100 day celebration! Please go ahead and send in the items that you signed up to donate and thank you! Students can wear or bring their hundred day shirts and standard Teasley uniform bottoms on Friday.


Library visit

Awards Day – 9:15 am

All Pro Dad’s

Bingo night!


January 14

Important Dates:

Class Dojo: If you have not signed up to join our class dojo please do so. If you can not find the paperwork inviting you to join I would be glad to send you another. Class dojo is only effective if you are aware of your students behavior and can talk to them about problems or encourage them in their success.

What we are learning:


  • reading: informational and fiction about winter animals, practicing our summarizing skills
  • sight words: his, write, said, some
  • phonics: rhyming words, short vowel review: a, i, o.  Short vowel u- beginning and medial


  • Using objects to make 5: adding and subtracting within 5
  • counting to 100 and beyond by 10″s and 5’s


  • How can I compare and classify objects by color, shape, size, and weight


  • Writing to share your opinion, giving at least to reasons to support. We will be asking a lot of “would you rather” questions and then asking for their reasons to support their choice


  • Practice naming, spelling, and using the weekly sight words (please move on to higher lists as they are mastered.
  • 100 day shirt: students should wear their shirts with standard Teasley uniform bottoms on Tuesday January 23.
  • Six Flags reading log: due January 31.

Happy Belated Birthday!

Inside Recess

January 7

Perfect Attendance and no tardies:   Congratulations to Eliyah for being our only student with perfect attendance!

Extra! Extra! Read all about it! Coming to school every day on-time is a key ingredient to student success. As we jump into the 2nd half of our school year, the Teasley Attendance Team wants to reward those students who come to school on time every day. Students who have perfect attendance at the end of the third 9 weeks, ending on Wednesday, March 14th, will receive a free dress down day, a surprise treat, and a brag tag for their bookbag. Furthermore, those students who have perfect attendance for the entire school year will have the opportunity to participate in a end of year celebration during the last week of school. Thank you so much for your support with getting your student to school on time every day.

Important dates:

  • 1/9/18- ASP open house from 4-6 pm
  • 1/11/18- PTA general meeting at 8 am
  • 1/12/18- Library 
  • 1/12/18- show and tell- student choice
  • 1/12/18- Dress Down Day 1$
  • 1/15/18- MLK jr holiday
  • 1/18/18- Prospective Parent Coffee 8:15 am- tell any upcoming Kindergarten friends!
  • 1/19/18 Kindergarten 1st Semester Awards (you will receive an invitation if your student will be receiving an award) 9:15-10:00
  • 1/19/18 BINGO night!! 6:15 pm

100 Day Celebration: You should have received a letter about this and asking you to make a 100 day t shirt with your child. We will be celebrating on January 22 (unless we miss any days for weather), and ask that students wear their 100 day shirt to school. Please let me know if you have any questions.

What we are studying this week:


  • We will be learning about how to summarize information and fiction reading for the next 3 weeks. This week we are going to look for main idea and supporting details in informational books about winter.
  • Phonics: review the short vowels a and i, adding in the short vowel o. We will be practicing decoding and making cvc words using these short vowels (ex. cat, bat  pin, tin, top, pop)
  • sight words: part, she, people, then

Writing: This quarter we will learn about writing to share our opinion. During this time students will understand the difference between fact and opinion, how to state an opinion, and give reasons to support your opinion.


  • Decomposing numbers to 4 and 5. Students will understand how take apart and put back together groups of 4 and 5. This is the support for addition and subtraction.
  • Solving word problems

Social Studies:

  • Martin Luther King Jr: who is he, why is he important to the United States, what do we learn from him

Happy New Year!

We decorated gingerbread houses after we read several versions of the gingerbread man story. My son John was home from college and came to help decorate.

Holiday party fun : reindeer craft, Santa pancakes, holiday Bingo, making reindeer hats, snowball toss, and pin the nose on the snowman. Thank you to all of you who sent in supplies for the party, and those who came in to help. We could not have done it with out you!

Rudolph’s friends

Watching The Polar Express, with popcorn and cocoa.

Class Notes:

  • If you have not already joined our Class Dojo please do so. I will start using Dojo when we return on Thursday.
  • The due date for Six Flags reading is January 31- I hope that everyone will participate.
  • I have posted an update to our class sight words. This combines content words that Cobb County has added and our old list.
  • If you would like to come in and read to our class or help out please send me an email. Our reading time runs from 8:45-9:45 and math is generally form 11:00-12:00. Of course, you are always welcome to join us at lunch.


  • Library: Friday January 5
  • Tuesday January 9 from 4-6 pm; ASP Open House
  • Friday January 12- dress down day $1
  • Monday January 15- Martin Luther King Jr Holiday


What we are doing this week: We will spend the 2 days this week getting adjusted back to our school routine. We will also read Squirrel’s New Years Resolution. The students will be making their own resolutions for home and school!

Show and Tell: Students may bring anything they choose