November 11

Parents: I hope that everyone has seen my email update about our field trip tomorrow. We had hoped that the weather would improve but since it has not we will look for a time to reschedule. We will let you know just as soon as we have a new date. Students should wear regular Teasley uniform tomorrow.


Music Class


Tiger Trot! What a fun day, thank you all for your support of the Tiger Trot and Teasley.

Thanks to Mrs. Doran for working with our students to complete our Cornucopia of thankfulness.

Important Dates:

  • Book fair: 11/12-11/16
  • Thanksgiving Feast 11/13 from 12:40-1:20. We look forward to seeing you there. Be sure to arrive in enough time to pay and sign in.
  • 11/14 Class visit to book fair- but we can take them any day that you send their money)
  • 11/16 Show and tell: student choice
  • 11/16 Dress Down Day 1$
  • 11/19-11/22- Thanksgiving Break

This week we are learning:

IB Unit- How We Express Ourselves: Thanksgiving
  • Read Aloud: We will be reading books about Thanksgiving traditions and celebrations from the past and present. On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday we will be rotating among other kindergarten classes as each teacher shares information and a craft about our celebration of Thanksgiving.
  • Phonics: reviewing letters and sounds. Making words using the word families: -at, -ag, -ap (ex fat, cat bag, flag)
  • Sight words as, be, all, long (we are moving on to the B list)– if your child already recognizes these sight words ask them to practice writing them in sentences using their phonetic spelling, for ex: We r (are) on the bot (boat).
  • Drawing, labeling, stretching out words to be able to write the beginning, ending, and middle sounds.
  • Every Monday we do a narrative write about our weekend. We are working on adding details to our writing. Informational writing: Turkeys
  • Count to 100, counting on from a given number to anther number, numbers “before” and “after” a given number
  • Sorting groups of objects and comparing: less, more, equal and by how many. Ex. sorting objects by color- which group has the most and how many more do they have. How can we tell? Matching objects in one to one correspondence.
  • Word problem Friday: learning strategies to solve word problems that are read by the teacher

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