April 21

Happy Easter!

1st graders came to our class to share about first grade and answer questions (yes they have snack!)


Our IB learner profile of the month : Knowledgeable.

We got to spend some time with Mrs. J’s pet bunny Bugsby.


Indoor egg hunts are still fun! Students found 18 eggs, counted, sorted, graphed and then built towers with them.


Class Notes:

  • Please remember to send in a small snack each day if you wish your child to have one.
  • If your child does not have a pair of headphones at school please get them some. My extras in the classroom are almost all broken. If a child does not have headphones they won’t be able to use the Ipads or class computers.

Important Dates:

  • 4/23 Library and check out
  • 4/25 Field Trip to Smith Gilbert Gardens- wear class shirts and bring lunches in disposable bags if your child is not buying from the café.
  • 4/26 Show and tell – insects and spiders
  • 4/26 Last All Pro Dad’s
  • 4/26 School tour: 8:15
  • 4/29 Teacher appreciation
  • 4/30 Wades Spirit night 5pm
  • 5/8 Field Day: due to space constraints, parents are only invited to come to Field Day if they are volunteering. A sign up genius will be sent out by Coach Homansky.
  • 5/14 Kindergarten Awards Day- 9:10-9:40


This week we are learning:

IB Unit- Sharing Our Planet: Animals: insects and spiders


  • Insssects and Spiders in fiction and non fiction,,, compare and contrast, features of spiders and insects
  • Dramatic play Center: Teasley Vet
  • Phonics: study of suffixes : review -s,-es, -ed,-ing;
  • Sight words: would, water, way (list D)if your child already recognizes these sight words ask them to practice writing them in sentences using their phonetic spelling, for ex: We r (are) on the bot (boat).

(Students should be able to read 75 words by the end of this quarter, moving towards 100)

  • Show and tell: insects, spiders (not real J)


  • Earth Day: how can we help
  • Spiders and insects, Eric Carle Book Study writing


  • Review 2D and 3 D shape: distinguish flat and solid, compare 2D and # D shapes using sides, vertexes, similarities, compose an animal out of 2D shapes
  • Addition and subtraction within 10, practicing subtraction word problems and subtraction fluency
  • Word problem Friday: learning strategies to solve word problems read by the teacher.

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