January 12

Music Hero of the day!

At long last we got to make our gingerbread houses! I wanted to share the houses as they were being created(I wasn’t sure how well they would make it home!).


Fire Safety Presentation

Class notes:

  • Remember that students can wear the 100 day t shirts that they have created at home- on Friday!
  • Thank you to all of you who signed up to help with our 100-day snack; please make sure to send them in by Wednesday.
  • Show and tell:  sharing our 100 day t shirt designs.

Important Dates:

  • 1/17: Library visit
  • 1/17: 100 Day Celebration and parade
  • 1/20- MLK Holiday

IB Unit 6: How We Express Ourselves: Martin Luther King Jr Day


  • Students will learn about Martin Luther King and his life.
  • Phonics: introducing the silent “e”. cvce words
  • Sight words: List C- students should recognize 50 sight words by the end of 3rd quarter)- would, had , him. We have now covered lists A and B in class.


  • Extend writing using phonetic spelling and sight words.
  • Informational writing about Martin Luther King Jr. Narrative writing: When I am 100 years old.


  • Count on from a given number- not 1
  • Finding patterns on a 100 chart
  • Finding ways to take apart and make numbers to 5.




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