A steady, upward course makes the grade

Welcome to a new motivational post for our Language Arts Support students. As with any goal we set out to accomplish, it takes time and practice to improve and perfect the skills and craft. If we approach reading (and comprehension) that way, we’ll read daily (or at least five times a week) to improve our reading skills and comprehension craft.

Parents, let’s create that reading bridge from school to home. Our Language Arts Support students are expected to read at least 15 minutes per day in class independently. As they read, they complete a reading log that details the characters, settings, and events in the story. They then complete a comprehension task before taking the culminating assessment on the text they read book. The details that they annotate can take them on adventures with various types of characters, allowing them to make connections and build their knowledge of experiences beyond their daily lives within their own communities.

To bolster these opportunities, continue or begin to take them to the library to read and check out books, get a glimpse at the book selections while shopping at stores (Note: To limit costs, I picked up a variety of books at thrift stores and at the Dollar Tree), or encourage them to read books, magazines, or other materials already at home of interest to them.

To complement these words of support, I’m including a link to an article that will likely support our effort to help our students and children succeed at improving reading and comprehension.


As we continue on this journey, I’m asking that you have a conversation daily with your child about what they read in class. Encourage them to stay focused and work diligently in all of their classes to achieve success. Reading is a crucial comprehension key for them unlock understanding in all of their classes.

Until our next post, support your child by having them read daily for at least 15-30 minutes. This will help them stretch to 30 minutes to an hour daily. Before you know it, they’ll consider reading as another form of entertainment.

Please reach out to me if you have any questions.

Mrs. Gibson

Language Arts Support

Level-up our Lexile Levels


Students are well on their way to preparing for a great semester in Language Arts Support. We’ve been reviewing expectations for our Read 180 program, so we will have a successful semester.

Please have a conversation with your scholars daily about what they read and learned. Since we will be reading independently about 20 minutes daily, students will be prepared to tell you what they read and which adventures or travels they went on through their books of interest.

Recently, I sent home a Welcome Letter to inform parents about the program as part of a Homework assignment. Ask your students to explain it to you; then you can email me to let me know that you’ve reviewed it with them.

I’m looking forward to Leveling Up.


Summer dash into the Fall

Summer vacation may be a break from our traditional school day, but let’s make it a time for summer reading. This summer, review your child’s list of recommended books that will help take them to higher Lexile Levels for the upcoming school year. Also, have them read at least 30 minutes twice a day.

Help your child enjoy their summer by preparing for the fall.

Enjoy summer reading.

Mrs. Gibson

Level up

during National Reading Month

Parents, let’s encourage all students to push for a higher Lexile Level by reading daily for 30 minutes or more during National Reading Month. To achieve this goal, we are encourage students to participate our Read Across Lindley campaign this month — as part of the national Read Across America initiative.

Daily …

  • … ask your students to explain to you which activities they completed during their Language Arts classes.
  • … let them show you their work, such as activity sheets, notes, etc.
  • … encourage them to practice those same lesson examples through online sources or workbook activities.

Again, let’s encourage them to push toward a higher Lexile Level.

Until our next blog entry … keep reading 30 minutes or more daily.

NOTE: Vocabulary.com is a great resource to enrich a child’s vocabulary.

Mrs. Gibson


Let’s Level Up with Tutoring

Hi Parents,

Students can level with weekly tutoring opportunities. Please ask your child for the tutoring informational sheet and permission slip that I sent home recently. Below is the information:


Language Arts Support After-School Tutoring Class

Dear Parents,

As we enter our second quarter of this school year, I will be offering tutoring for all of my students to take them to the next level of success. This is an opportunity for them to improve their skills in reading comprehension and writing.

Even if your student is already excelling in Language Arts, this will be an opportunity for them to fine-tune their writing skills.

During this time students will be able to complete missing or incomplete assignments and complete recovery assignments.

To confirm your child’s participation in this opportunity, please complete the information on the right of this informational section. Keep this section and send the Parent Permission section to me by your child. Also, email me to confirm your approval. (Note: If another day or time is more convenient for you, please let me know.)

Contact information

Lindley Middle School: 770-819-2496

Mrs. Gibson: [email protected]

Tutoring times / days

Wednesday: 4:30-5:30 p.m. (Pick-up no later than 5:35 p.m.)

Thursday:  4:30-5:30 p.m. (Pick-up no later than 5:35 p.m.)

As always, thanks for your continued support,

Mrs. Gibson

Fall for being a Star Reader

Hi Students and Parents,

Let’s finish Fall 2017 strong. We can become Star Readers by reading at least 30 minutes daily after a productive day at school. So after playing hard for 30 minutes, settle down with a book, magazine, etc., for at least 30 minutes. Please view the resources below.

eBook Library (Students use their sign-in information)


BrainPOP (Comprehension, writing, etc., resource)


Username: Lindley

Password: falcons

Thanks for your enthusiasm and support.

Mrs. Gibson

Summer reading is crucial

Hello Parents,

> While students are enjoying their summer break, encourage them to fill moments of idle hours with reading books. Please remind them that they also have access to the following resources to stay in tune with reading, language arts, science, social studies, and math lessons on BrainPOP via Mackinvia.com.


Username: lindley

Password: falcons

> They can also build their vocabulary with another resource: vocabulary.com (NOTE: This site may require parental help with an email address).

Enjoy your summer!

Mrs. Gibson

Spring into Reading Comprehension

We are moving into the spring with great strategies for reading comprehension. I’m challenging my students to read daily for 30 minutes at home to build fluency and comprehension. I’m also encouraging my students to increase their vocabulary bank by studying their vocabulary and using the words in everyday conversation.

Students have access to a host of resources, including:


Username: lindley

Password: falcons

Please encourage them to sign on and utilize the resources for Language Arts and all of their other classes.

Enjoy our dash into spring.

Engaging our students in reading and writing


Our students are continuing with reading and writing with the integration of technology as well. Please continue to encourage your children to read daily for at least 30 minutes.

One online resource for comprehension and other fundamentals is BrainPOP. Please use this link  https://www.mackinvia.com/

(Paste this one in a new browser window if the link above does not work): https://www.mackinvia.com/

School: Lindley Middle School

User ID: lindley

Password: falcons

Thanks for your support.

Mrs. Gibson

Rising Higher

Hi Students and Parents,

In our Language Arts Support class, we are entering the second nine weeks with a continued focus on reading and an increased emphasis on writing. Both complement each other to grow students.

Writing is very crucial to enhance communication skills and help build students’ educational confidence levels across all subjects.

Please encourage your students to read each day. They can access online libraries with this link. http://tinyurl.com/j2f2eof