Biology Oct. 12-16

Monday: 1.  Bell work: Monohybrid cross practice.

2.  Notes: incomplete dominance, Co-dominance

3. Incomplete Dom and co dominance practice

4. Dihybrid crosses

Tuesday: 1. Bellwork: What is codominance? What is incomplete        dominance?

2.  Genetics Quiz

3. Blood Types & Pedigrees

4.  Study guide for test Friday

Wednesday:  1.  Bell work:  Blood type practice

2.  Notes: Sex Linked Traits and Disorders

3. Video: Bill Nye & GMO

Thursday:  1.  Bell work:  What is gel electrophoresis?  What is it used for?

2.  Notes: the Human Genome project

3.  Review for Test tomorrow

Friday:  Test on Genetics and DNA technology

Vocab for Evolution