Readers Workshop: Good Reader Habits & Preparing for Independent Reading Time
Characters & Setting with Major Events & Key Details
Writers Workshop:    Narrative  story writing/ A story about yourself
Thinking of ideas, planning for writing, illustrations, and stretching words to spell them.
Phonics:  Spelling Patterns in Words & Sight Words
Math:  Counting to 120, Data and Graphing, & One More & One Less with Numbers to 120, Place Value, Counting on From a Given Number
Science:  Weather
Ideas to work on at home:
  1.  Counting aloud to 120
  2. Counting on from a given number (example:  start at 45 and count to 60)
  3. Count on from a given number to find the number before and after (example:  what comes before 30, what comes after 30)
  4. New sight word list will be coming home soon for you to practice.
  5. Read at night and discuss characters, setting, and key events/details in a story.