After School Program (ASP)

The After School Program
The After School Program is available from 2:30-6:00 PM for those students, grades K- 5, who attend Frey Elementary and are registered in the program. Many Kindergarten parents pre-register students in case of emergencies when your child need may need after school care.  
Please remember to be prepared to show identification when you pick your child up from the After School Program.

Registration Fee
An annual registration fee of $10 per child is necessary to fund the initial start-up costs each year and must be collected at the time the parent registers the child.

Daily Fee
The After School Program is a “Pre-Pay” program of $7 per day/per child.  You can pay on-line and establish an account or you can send in payment to school in your child’s folder. Payment for ASP must be in the gold envelope.  This will be the schools receipt of payment. Always make sure that the envelopes are filled out and please put your child’s name and child’s teacher on a check. 

***Please remember, we must have a letter stating any changes in a child’s transportation and this includes those who attend ASP.  

***Online prepayment is now available for parents to pay their student’s daily fees and registration! The parents may access this availability and/or register at