How Can You Help Our School?

We collect “Box Tops for Education” from General Mills, Betty Crocker, Ziploc and other companies.  You can visit their site at the following address: . Sometimes, the class with the most box tops will win prizes for the class.  

We collect UPC labels from Campbell’s, Franco-American, Pepperidge  Farm, Swanson, and lids from V8 & Prego.  We collect the Project A+ logo from Tyson products. 

Our PTSA box top and labels website has more information. 

We also have special cards that give money back to our school from Publix and Kroger.  Our wonderful PTSA has these cards. Just let me know if you need more for other family members.  I will send them home in your child’s folder. 

Office Depot has a special number for our school.  When you purchase something there,  just tell them to give Frey Elementary credit for your purchases.   Tell other family members too!    

OH, don’t forget to join Frey’s PTSA!!!!!  Check out all the information about Frey’s awesome PTSA at Frey PTSA and sign up today!   You can download a form online.