Third Nine Weeks of First Grade

Third Nine Weeks in 1st Grade

1st Grade Math Third 9 Weeks

Counting to 120, Writing Numbers to 120, Counting On from Any Given Number

Place Value for numbers 20-99, Add within 100 using place value

Add 10 more and 10 less, Subtract multiples of 10

Addition & Subtraction within 20

Determine the unknown number in addition and subtraction equations (8+___=15  or  ___-13=7)

Using the symbols <  >  and =

Using Double Facts to Solve Problems (4+4+2= 10)  (4+4=8 so 8+2=10)

Fact Families/Relationship between addition and subtraction (8+4=12 and 12-8=4)

Word Problems within 20

1st grade ELA Third 9 Weeks

Opinion Story Writing (spacing, handwriting, punctuation, capitalize dates and names, capitalize beginning letter)

Reading Fluency (Level G/12 or higher)

Comprehension (main topic, key details of text, central message, point of view, compare and contrast stories/characters)

Connections to a story/Finding evidence to support your ideas after reading a story

Phonics and Spelling Rules/Digraphs, Vowel Teams

Sight Word Recognition (150 or more sight words)

Science, Social Studies, & Health Third 9 Weeks

Science: Light and Shadow

Social Studies: 
Lewis and Clark
Theodore Roosevelt

Health:  Muscles