Second Nine Weeks of First Grade

1st Grade Math Second 9 Weeks

  • Counting to 120/ Read and Write Numerals to 120/Count on from any given #
  • Place Value (all numbers from 20-99)/ Understands tens and ones
  • Data and Graphing (Technology Grade for this nine weeks)
  • Addition & Subtraction to 10 with an understanding if equations are true or false
  • Addition and Subtraction Strategies within 20 (make a ten, decompose a number, related facts, equivalence, and simple representation)
  • Word Problems in Addition and Subtraction within 20

1st grade ELA Second 9 Weeks

  • Informative Story Writing
  • Reading Fluency (Level E or above), Comprehension Skills for retelling a story with details, & Making Connections/Lesson of the Story
  • Print Features such as capital letters, punctuation and basic sentence structure
  • Text Features in a Nonfiction Story (headings, table of contents, glossary, captions, etc.)
  • Grammar (singular and plural nouns) and Vocabulary
  • Phonics, Spelling Rules and Syllables
  • Sight Word Recognition (100 is the goal)

Science, Social Studies, & Health Second 9 Weeks

  • Science: Light, Shadows, Sound
  • Social Studies: Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Jefferson (contributions, past vs present day life, positive character traits, and influence on America)
  • Health:  Healthy Foods