Sight Words

Below is a list of 200 sight words. 
There is no specific order to the words. 

1st 9 weeks – 75-100 words
2nd 9 weeks – 100-150 words
3rd 9 weeks – 151-200 words
4th 9 weeks – 200+ words

the went eat when
I are if your
to this jump about
a look man from
is for or than
my get not away
go come mom them
me got out came
like play now big
on was of been
in had put after
so they ran who
we will sat back
it too read I’m
and all run because
up be she very
at as sit could
see ball then have
he by his make
do day say any
you did us into
an has yes there
can her saw were
no him girl mother
am fun how just
little  things again near
two school each everything
going walk begin wouldn’t
here always goes need
but great together kind
that find does different
said until friend myself
over last enough everyone
don’t high should few
our easy you’re being
what next through really
with pretty ready understand
three more might question
their idea suddenly against
where soon special old
want often beautiful happen
today such couldn’t several
home best either someone
down think thought slowly
under family they’re follow
much never while better
love house themselves since
know wait without answer
take same probably plan
let ask yourself wanted