This Week in First Grade

Readers Workshop:

Level G or Above Reading for the end of the 3rd Nine Weeks

Central Message or Lesson from a Story
Main Idea and Key Details
Identifies Who is Telling a Story at Various Points in a Text
Compares and Contrasts Adventures and Characters in a Story

Writers Workshop:  

Opinion Writing / Introduce a Topic, State an Opinion, Supplies Reasons for the Opinion, and Provides a Sense of Closure
Uses Singular and Plural Nouns and Verbs Correctly in a Sentence

Reminders:  Spacing, Neat Handwriting, Capitalization, and Punctuation!


Spelling Patterns in Words (Digraphs) with sh, th, ch, wh, ck, ph, ng.  These words have two letters that spell one sound.
Vowel Sounds and Vowel Teams:  ai/ay, ee/ea, oa/oe/ow, ie/igh, ue/ui/ew
Sight Words (150 words by March)


Compares two digit numbers with < > and =
Add 10 more or 10 less, Subtract multiples of 10
Balanced Math Equations/True False Equations (9+1=6+4 or 3+2=2+3)
Counting to 120, Counting on From a Given Number
Place Value 20-99, Add within 100 using Place Value
Determine the unknown number in addition and subtraction equations (8+__=15 or  ___-13=7)

Addition & Subtraction within 20
Word Problems within 20
Fact Families and Related Equations (9+2=11 and 11-2=9)
Using Doubles and “Ten” to Solve Math Problems



Ideas to work on at home:

Complete the weekly homework in the journal:  spelling word tests are always on Friday!

Practice your sight word lists!

Read at night and discuss characters, setting, and key events/details in a story.  Color in a picture on your reading log in the folder.