This Week in First Grade

Readers Workshop:

Enjoying our Book Boxes with Leveled Readers/ Guided Reading Groups

Review our reading strategies, compare stories, and discuss basic comprehension questions… including what is the main idea of the story and what lesson did you learn?

Making Connections to Stories and Describing Your Favorite Part of the Story and Why

Answering Questions about a Story with a Complete Sentence

Sight Words Practice and Review

Writers Workshop:

Writing a variety of stories using spacing, punctuation, neat handwriting, descriptive language, temporal words/transition words and complete sentences!

Learning how to write poetry!


Fix the Sentence Activities to Work on Correct Sentence Structure

Syllables, Vowel Teams, Singular & Plural Nouns, Verbs & Verb Tenses, Conjunctions and Exploring New Vocabulary

Math Workshop: 

2D and 3D shapes, Partitions or Equal parts of shapes

Graphing Reviewing Lessons


Word Problems with Addition and Subtraction to 20

Addition and Subtraction within 20 in Multiple Ways


Science/Social Studies/Health:

Social Studies:  George Washington Carver