We will be having our Chapter 3 test on Friday 9/4 (If you are an “A Day” Student and on Tuesday 9/8 if you are a “B Day” student.

The make up for the Skill test Lab will be Tuesday during Lasso.  This will be the only make up day.

2015 Fall Personal Fitness

Welcome the the Greatest Class on Earth!

We will be having our first test covering chapters 1 & 2.  It will be multiple choice, true false, and matching.  Please use the Outlines and Study Guide to do great.  You can also pull up the Power points on this blog.

Note to parents:  I am sorry but I will not be able to attend  open house.  I coach Softball and we have a game that nigh.  If you need me, please feel free to shoot me an email at steve.lattizori@cobbk12.org

2 weeks down

Today we went though the 1201 circuit.  Great job done by all.

We will have our first test on Thursday 8/21.  It will be over the chapter 1 & 2 note.

You can find the power points and outlines on this blog

Fitness Gram

Parents of Personal Fitness students:

Your student has been given the results of the state required Fitness Gram test to bring home to you.

Please look them over.  Our goal is to have all our students in the “Healthy Fitness Zone” in all events.

There is a lot of interesting info. on the report about your student.


Personal Fitness Help

If you are having trouble with the test because you can not keep up with the Power Point:

Email me at steve.lattizori@cobbk12.org and I will send them all to you.

We are doing Chapter 5 right now.

If you have missed a workout day, you have 3 days to make it up.  Check with me in class to set up a time.

Friday we will be doing a Body Comp Lab in class.  It is worth 50 points.