{Rockin’ Start to 2nd Grade!}

Wow! We’ve had such a ROCKIN’ start to 2nd grade! The students have done a wonderful  job displaying role model behavior and getting set in their daily routine! A BIG thank you to the parents for sending their child prepared for school each day, I appreciate YOU so much!

(Classroom Reminders}

*Each week, a homework packet will go home on Monday, and is to be completed and returned on the following Friday. It is the student’s responsibility to take the homework out of their  folder on Friday mornings to turn into the ‘homework bucket’. Each Friday morning, a spelling test will be given over the words in their homework packet.

*Please use the transportation column on your child’s communication log to mark their daily transportation. If there is not a communication log in their folder for the following week, you can simply write a small note on the previous communication log that indicates their transportation. Sorry for any inconvenience, and thank you so much in advance!


*Students can study their weekly spelling words by visiting www.spellingcity.com/caputo

*Stay tuned for a ‘Mystery Reader’ sign-up!

{School Event Reminders}

*It’s time to BACK the JACK! Please support our school’s commitment to technology, and enhancing Nickajack’s curriculum for our students by making a donation! The goal for this year is $65,000. For more information, please visit www.nesfoundation.com/donate or www.facebook.com/nesfaoundation. Thank you SO much for your support!

*Join PTA for only $5! Please contact Shane Hayes for more information – ccsu1975@gmail.com

*5th Annual Back to Football Friday (9/11) – Students will have  a blast by rotating through various football activities during their specials time. Wear your favorite NFL jersey! Volunteers are needed – please sign up at http://vols.pt/QJiyj6 

{Important Dates}

Aug. 21 – Blue Moon Pizza Spirit Night

Sept. 1 – Open House for 3rd – 5th

Sept. 3 – Open House for K – 2nd

Sept. 7 – Labor Day {No School}

Sept. 21-25 – Fall Break {No School}

Oct. 19-23 – Conference Week