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21st: Greek/Latin Prefixes   Webster’s Dictionary

19th: Word on the choice board. Due at the end of class today. (If you are out for Yom Kippur, it is due Friday at the beginning of class.)

18th: Work on the choice board. Due tomorrow at the end of class.

17th: Powtoon on time management on long term assignments. Choice Board – The Cay. Due Wednesday, 9/19 at the end of class.

14th: Read The Cay Ch. 13 – to end. No homework.

13th: Quiz. Vocabulary activity for Chapters 13 – 17. VocabCh13-17. No homework.

Kahoot for The Cay Chapter 9 – 12 quiz on Thursday. Here are the directions to play at home by yourself:

  • Click on the link above.
  • Click PLAY (purple button)
  • Click CLASSIC (green button)
  • Open a second window/screen and go to
  • Type in your game pin from the other window and select your nickname
  • You will need to click between screens to be able to play

12th: Media Center. Kahoot game to study for the quiz tomorrow. Homework: use the Kahoot link and directions to study for the quiz.


10th: Intro to Theme. We reviewed this video and worked on short stories to find the theme. There were 3 different stories handed out. Groups worked on one story. (Cemetary Path, Three Questions, or The Fun They Had) No homework.

7th: We caught up on reading The Cay today. No homework.

6th: Taking what we did yesterday, the class got into groups and divided up the chapters. Each student made bullet points on the main events that happened in their chapter and the group got together to come up with one plot diagram. No homework.

5th: Elements of a plot video, then analyze the given story, decide on the logical order, and where each section should go on a plot diagram. No homework.

4th: We had a mini lesson on how to use a dictionary. The class looked up describe and analyze and talked about the difference between the two. Each student put the standards for this week in their own language. Introduction of plot diagram. No homework.

 If you need to complete any classwork you didn’t finish in class and need the book, a full copy can be viewed here: The Cay

29: Media Center for 10 minutes. Read Chapter 8. We added to the master list we made yesterday and discussed the biome project. Here are your directions and the rubric: DirectionsRubric for Biome Project. The project is due at the end of class on Friday. You may have until the beginning of class on Monday with permission from me first. Homework: Read over the directions and rubric and decide on your visual for the project.

28: Read Chapter 7. Group work. Students worked together to come up with a list of natural resources from the book (Chapters 4 – 7). The groups shared their list and the class made a master list. Homework: Send me your learning styles survey results if you haven’t already.

27: Warmup: change the time or place of the story and tell me how it affect the characters. Read Chapter 6. Answer this question: What affect does setting have on the story and its characters? and turn in. Homework: Take the Learning Styles Survey and email or text me through Remind your results. All I need are the percentages. You may also print your results out and hand them to me at the beginning of class.

23rd: Chapter 1 – 4 test.

22nd: Media Center. Use devices or iPad cart to study for your test tomorrow. Homework: Go over both links at least once tonight.

21st: Read Chapter 4. Finish Characterization for both characters and turn in by the end of class. Homework: Use the links above to study for your test on Thursday.

20th: We checked annotation of Chapter 3 by a think aloud. I read the chapter to the class and we stopped when needed to check annotations. I handed out Characterization for Phillip and Characterization for Timothy. Bring both back tomorrow to finished in class. Homework: Use the links above to study for your test on Thursday.

16th: Flocabulary video on 5 Elements of a story, ClozeNotesOn5Elements. In case you missed any of the notes, 

Review of Chapters 1 and 2 students worked in pairs using the book to complete in class.  Check your answers for the review of Chapters 1 and 2: Review of Chapters 1 and 2 Answers Homework: Use the quizlet link above to study for the test next Thursday.

15th: Media Center for 20 minutes to check out books. Read Chapter 2 of The Cay and annotate focusing on the family. Find evidence of how each are feeling under the tension of the war and how it is affecting their relationship. No homework.

14th: Set up Journal page in notebook.  Writing prompt: Think of a time when you were left on your own for the first time or were lost in a crowd. How did that make you feel? What was the most frightening part of the experience? How did you react? How was it resolved?
Do not rewrite the question but restate it in your answer like the example above. Read and annotate the first chapter of The Cay.  We focused on evidence on how the U-boats in the area affected Phillip’s family and the fearlessness of Phillip vs the fearfulness of his mother. Set up a Notes page in your binder if you are going to use one of my books   Annotations for The Cay Ch 1  This power point is a walk through of Chapter 1’s annotations we went over in class. No homework.

13th: Open binder quiz on the survival articles from last week. You could use anything in your binder to help you answer the questions. Text to Self Connection/Vocab Anticipation Guide. We will have a quiz on the vocabulary words on Friday. The Cay Vocab (to help you study). Go over the vocab words at least twice a night.

10th: Hurricane Katrina play. No homework.

9th: Lost in the Maine Wilderness, you should have the article in your notebook and we annotated it in class. Periods 3 and 4 completed Sections B and C on the comprehension sheet. Period 1 has not received the comprehension sheets. Period 2 completed Section B. No homework.

8th: Media Center Orientation. Homework: finish the Lost in Death Valley During/After Reading sheet. (Needs to be done by Monday, 8/13)

7th: Lost in Death Valley videoLost in Death Valley ArticleAnnotationSymbolsBookmark (download during/after reading sheet if you lost yours). No homework.

6th: Reading Inventory in the computer lab. You need to set up dividers for this class in a 1″ notebook. Please do them in this order: Unit, Reading Log, Graded Work, To Keep, Paper. The Unit section will hold everything you need for the current unit. Reading logs look like a postcard and are for your independent reading. You need to read 5 books per quarter. A book is considered 150 pages. You may read anything that interests you, fill out the reading log, and turn it in to your period box. Once I grade it, I will return it to you for you to put in your Reading log section of your notebook. Graded Work will contain anything I hand back to you that is graded. I would like you to keep it there until the end of the quarter. To Keep is for anything you will be using all year long such as annotation symbols. Paper is pretty obvious. No homework.

3rd: Pre-test (This is over everything we will cover during the year. We do this so I will know how much I should cover and at what depth.) After the pre-test, you will have time to finish your poster or read. Bring a book for independent reading. Remember you have to read 5 books per quarter. No homework.

2nd: Journal entry: What was the best thing that happened yesterday? What was the worst? Answer in at least 4 complete sentences and turn in. Book excerpts of The Worst Case Scenario Survival Handbook, Middle School. Each row got a different section and each student made a poster of the one piece of advice they thought was most important. If the poster was not finished and turned in during class, students will have time to complete it tomorrow after the pre-test. No homework.

1st: How to pronounce my name (Pronounciation power point), Would You Rather game (get to know you activity), Learning Contract (you signed and I’ll copy and give it back to you. These are the expectations for class.) 5 Rules for the Classroom (5 Class Rules)The syllabus has a link to the right if you would like to read over it. We’ll read through it in class tomorrow. No homework.


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