16th: No journal entry. Read Chapters 5 and 6. Dizzy Gillespie playing trumpet shown in class/Cubana Be Cubana Bop that Steven will be playing in the All-City Band. Dizzy Gillespie playing trumpet.

15th: Journal Entry: What does Steven mean when he says everyone in his family talks in “CAPITAL LETTERS”? Do you think the times that Steven’s parents talk to him in CAPITAL LETTERS it is appropriate for them to do so? Why or why not?   Period 3 read Chapters 2 and 3. Period 4 read Chapters 3 and 4. We discussed Sarcasm, Symbolism, and Onomatopoeia in the text. No homework.

14th: Start a journal entry page in your notebook. Entry for today: Steven talks about erasing October 7th from existence. What day would you want to erase if you could?

7th: Read Chapters 21 – 23. Chapters 21 – 23 Comprehension Questions Homework: Study for your quiz on Thursday.

1st: Chap11 – 13Comprehension Questions/Chapters 14 – 17 Comprehension Questions/Yearbook Entry/Yearbook EntryExample Yearbook directions discussed in class: Pick a kid from the book for your entry. Either draw or download a picture of what you think he/she looks like. If you download a picture, the space is approximately 2.5 x 2.5. Write their name in. Draw or download a picture of an activity that child did in the book. If you download a picture the space is approximately, 4.75 x 4.75. If you are going to use a baseball game, pick a specific baseball game to discuss. The explanation about the activity needs to be about just that one activity. Don’t go into a lot of detail about Little League rules etc. Explain why that game was important to the character or why it was important for the plot of the story. Using what you know about the character you chose, what would he/she be voted most likely to do in the yearbook?


Quizlet for quiz on Thursday, 5/3

Chapters 6 – 10 Answers/ These will be your questions for the quiz on Thursday, 5/3.

27th: Read Chapters 11 – ….   Homework: Check your answers to Chapters 6 – 10 comprehension questions with the document above.

26th: Read Chapters 8 – 10/Chapters 8-10ComprehensionQuestions. No homework.

25th: Media Center. Read Chapter 6 and 7/Chapters 6 and 7 Comprehension Questions. No homework.

24th: Quiz.

23rd: Webquest Links: Who We Are/Yankees/The Bronx  Heat WebQuest. After you have finished the Webquest, turn in the answer sheet in and work on your Chapters 1 – 5 project. Due tomorrow before your quiz. If you have finished both projects and turned them in, use the Quizlet links above to study for your quiz tomorrow. Homework: Go over the Quizlets at least twice. QUIZ TOMORROW. Agenda for today: 

19th: Warmup, Read Chapters 4 and 5, completed comprehension questions for Chapters 4 and 5 (see answers above), completed Assignment 1 (character summary and quote analysis, see answers above) both were glued into your notebook. Writing assignment:

Pretend you are a newspaper journalist. You are interviewing Michael for your paper. You have heard about his talent on the baseball field. What 5 questions would you ask him for your article? Write the questions and the answers on notebook paper to  turn in for a grade. No homework.









 17th: Start a warmup page and write the answer to the warmup on the slide to the left. We read Chapter 3 and answered comprehension questions (Chapter 3 Comprehension Questions) and completed a quotation characterization sheet (Quotation Activity1QuotationPg2). The quotation sheet was to be turned in by the end of class, but if you didn’t finish it you will have time tomorrow. The comprehension questions were to be pasted into your notebook. No homework.






16th: We will be filling out the English translations of the Spanish expressions as we go along. Today, you were to paste in the expression sheet and the Chapter 1 and 2 comprehension questions in your notebook. The questions should have been finished in class. The warmup for today was on the question sheet.

SpanishEnglishExpressions    Chapter1&2ComprehensionQuestions