April 24, 2018

Period 1 Math  –  Introduction to independent events and compound probability

Graded:  Skills check

Homework:  Complete your Skittles Math worksheet on the likelihood of exact combinations of Skittles.

Resources:  Khan Academy – Compound Events

Periods 2 and 4 Math – Compound Events and Tree Diagrams

Graded:  Skills check retake

Homework:  Complete 5 tree diagrams (back of last night’s homework worksheet)

Resources:  Khan Academy – Compound Events 

Periods 3 and 5 Science – Archaebacteria and Eubacteria

Graded:  EdHelper and quiz

Homework:  none

April 23, 2018

Morning Math will be available on Thursday of this week.  There will be no more tutoring after school on Tuesdays.

Ms. Straka is still available on Tuesday mornings.


Period 1 Math  – Today we completed our Experimental and Theoretical probability activity in class and began taking our Skills Check.

Homework:  Theoretical and Experimental Probability worksheet.  I also recommend the following options to get back on track and get some extra practice:

Periods 2 and 4 Math Today we completed our Experimental and Theoretical probability activity in class.  If you did not finish, you may go to Ms. Straka’s tomorrow morning to do so.

Homework:  Dependent and Independent Compound Events Practice, #2, 5-6.  There will be a retake opportunity tomorrow on the last skills check we took in class over theoretical and experimental probability.  Note:  In order to get a retake opportunity on the next unit test, you will need to show that you completed all homework assignments for the unit.

Unit 5 retakes will be Thursday, April 26, before and after school.  Remember, you must have corrected the test on a separate sheet of notebook paper and you must have required assignments from Unit 5 completed and ready to show Ms. Straka (Assignments for Unit 5 retake-1lgol11).

Periods 3 and 5 Science – Today we took notes on Kingdoms (Six Kingdom Notes).

Homework:  Quiz tomorrow over today’s notes.


Great job this week!

Students do not have homework this weekend in Math and Science.  The following resources are recommended for practice:

Math – Probability

Khan Academy – videos and practice

Moby Max – search “probability” and look for Grade 7 lessons and practice (or your assignments)

Math Games – search for “probability” or look for individual lessons under your account

Quizizz – Probability (059860)

Science – Classification

Quizizz – Taxonomy (293511)


April 18, 2018

Tomorrow is the last day of testing.  Students will also be expected to complete all assigned work from their teachers.

April 12, 2018

Period 1 Math – Review

Homework:  Finish correcting your Unit 5 test.

Periods 2 and 4 Math – Skills Check

Homework:  Read and highlight probability notes (handout) and complete the Probability of Compound Events worksheet.

Periods 3 and 5 Science – Asexual and Sexual Reproduction

Homework:  Prepare for quiz and complete Directed Reading 26-1.

April 11, 2018

Period 1 Math – Theoretical and Experimental Probability

Homework:  (1)  Complete page 783, #1-3.  See Moby Max assignment for extra practice and go to Khan Academy; (2) Finish your Milestones review packet; (c) Correct your Unit 5 test by Friday.  To get credit for corrections, you must show all your work on a separate sheet of paper!

Periods 2 and 5 Math – Theoretical and Experimental Probability

Homework:  Prepare for a skills check!  Period 2, complete page 785, #9-12.  Period 4, page 795, #1-4.

Periods 3 and 5 Science – Animal Reproduction

Homework:  Complete Directed Reading 26-1 for Friday.

April 10, 2018

Period 1 Math – Theoretical versus Experimental Probability

Homework:  Complete the first part of your skills practice sheet.  You also received a practice worksheet on converting fractions to decimals, decimals to percentages, percentages to decimals, etc.

Periods 2 and 4 Math – Theoretical versus Experimental Probability

Homework:  Page 783, #1-4.  Unit 5 retakes will be April 26 at either 8:00 a.m. or 4:30 p.m.  You must schedule with Ms. Straka and all practice and work from Unit 5 must be turned in to be eligible.

7th-Grade Milestones practice study guide is due tomorrow.

Periods 3 and 5 Science – Animal Reproduction

Homework:  Complete Directed Reading 26-1 by 4/12.

April 9, 2018

Reminder:  There will not be tutoring this week – or next week – due to testing.

Period 1 Math – Probability

Homework:  Skills practice worksheet on probability.  You can refer to Chapter 10 of your textbook for extra help.  Also, complete the practice sheet on simplifying fractions.  I will provide a key tomorrow.

Periods 2 and 4 Math – Probability

Homework:  Page 773, #1-6

Periods 3 and 5 Science – “The Clone Age”

Test re-take is tomorrow morning in Mrs. Wise’s room at 8:00 a.m.  You must bring your remediation sheet.

Welcome back!

There will be no Morning Math or Tuesday Tutoring this week or next week.  Morning Math will resume the week of April 23.  I will no longer be available after school on Tuesdays.