November 15, 2017

Period 1 Math – Students worked on 2-step real-world inequalities and reinforced skills to help them solve these inequalities.

Homework:  Complete your study guide.  We will be taking our Unit 2c test tomorrow.

Periods 2 and 4 Math – Period 4 did not meet today because of the Performing Arts assembly.  Period 2 took their Unit 2c test.

No homework.

Periods 3 and 5 Science – Students continued their study of organelles and completed an EdHelper assignment (formative).

Homework:  Prepare for tomorrow’s test over organelles.  See yesterday’s Quizlet to help you prepare.

November 14, 2017

Period 1 Math – Students worked skills supporting inequalities.

Homework:  Students need to complete “Translating Inequalities” sheet.

Periods 2 and 4 Math – Students played Kahoots! to prepare for tomorrow’s test.

Homework:  Participate for your Unit 2c test.  Period 2 will take it tomorrow, Period 4 will take it on Thursday (no class tomorrow because of the performance).

Periods 3 and 5 Science – Students continued taking notes on organelles.

Homework:  Quiz Thursday on organelles.  Study your notes organizer.

Quizlet: Organelles


November 13, 2017

Period 1 Math (SG) – Students worked on 1- and 2-step inequalities today.

Homework:  Complete page 1 of  Inequalities Review/Study Guide.

– Check your work when you are done  –>  Page 1 key for Inequalities SG

Resources:  Inequalities Khan Academy

Periods 2 and 4 Math (Ms. Straka) – Students practiced 2-step real-world inequalities.

Homework:  Complete all of Inequalities Review-Study Guide

Periods 3 and 5 Science (Dr. Bresnan) – Students began working on a cell booklet describing the functions of organelles.

Homework:  Finish Directed Reading 3.2 if you have not already.  Create flash cards as a study aid (page 68 of your text).

Quizlet:  Eukaryotic cells


November 10, 2017

Period 1 Math – Students continued working on one-step inequalities in class.

Homework:  Complete practice sheet on adding/subtracting one-step inequalities.  On Tuesday, we will begin to work on 2-step inequalities.  Refer to this link in preparation!

Periods 2 and 4 Math – Students worked on real-world problems using inequalities.

Homework:  Solving 2-Step Inequalities Practice Sheet – choose any 8 problems, and Textbook pg. 331, #6-9.

Periods 3 and 5 Science – Students completed a directed reading assignment in class.

Homework:  Complete Directed Reading 3.2 by Tuesday.  Study vocabulary and notes.

November 9, 2017

I am not available tomorrow morning (Friday, November 10).

Period 1 Math – We began working on inequalities today.

No homework, but find time to come see me during Morning Math or homeroom to complete/correct tests and assignments.

Periods 2 and 4 Math – Students completed additional practice on inequalities and took a skills check.

Homework:  Solving 2-Step Inequalities Practice Sheet – choose any 8 problems, and Textbook pg. 331, #6-9.

Periods 3 and 5 Science – Students completed an independent learning activity online exploring cells.

Homework:  Study your notes for 15 minutes.

November 8, 2017

Period 1 Math – Students had their second day of the Unit 2b test.  Students who did not complete their test should arrange a time outside of class (Morning Math on Mondays, Wednesdays, or Thursdays; Tuesday after school until 5:20).

No homework.

Periods 2 and 4 Math – Inequalities!  Students got lost of practice and assistance in class.

Homework:  Complete your practice sheet.  Thursday is the last day for Unit 2b retakes.

Periods 3 and 5 Science – Students compared prokaryotes and eukaryotes.

Homework:  Study your notes.

November 6, 2017

Period 1 Math – Mrs. Abernathy, the 7th-Grade Guidance Counselor, spoke with the students today about positive behavior strategies.

Homework:  Look over your study guide and get additional practice on multi-step equations if you are finishing your test Wednesday!

Periods 2 and 4 Math with Mrs. Straka – Students began working on one-step inequalities today.

Homework:  Finish the practice worksheet on inequalities.  Complete the side on addition/subtraction only.

Unit 2b Test Re-take opportunities:  Wednesday, 8-8:50 a.m.; Thursday, 8-8:50 a.m. (with Mr. Deloney) or 4:30-5:20 (with Mrs. Straka).  You must have your re-test sheet signed by a parent.  See Mrs. Straka’s blog from Friday, November 3, for Quizziz to help you prepare for the re-test.

Periods 3 and 5 with Dr. Bresnan – Students used microscopes today!  Today was an introduction to using microscopes and viewing bacteria on a slide.

Homework:  Study your notes for at least 20 minutes.

November 2, 2017

Period 1 Math – We worked on multi-step word problems today in class using graphic organizers.

Homework:  Prepare for tomorrow’s test.  We will begin with the multi-step portion of the Unit 2b test.

Periods 2 and 4 Math – Students took their Unit 2b test.

Homework:  Some of you DID NOT prepare a note card to assist them with the test.  This should be done for tomorrow if you are finishing the test.

Periods 3 and 5 Science – Students took notes on parts of a microscope.

Homework:  Prepare for your quiz on labeling a microscope: Quizlet 1 or Quizlet 2.

November 1, 2017

Period 1 Math – Today, we finished up our 2-step equations.  Students have a worksheet to complete practicing 1- and 2-step equations.

Homework:  Students should finish their worksheet and their study guide.  Unit 2b Study Guide Key (Straka’s)-xqkkkl

Periods 2 and 4 Math – Students completed an Around the World review to practice 2-step word problems.  Unit 2b Study Guide Key (Straka’s)-xqkkkl

Homework: Be sure to check your study guide answers.

You are allowed to create a helpful note card for tomorrow’s Unit 2b test!  Think about the problems you have been missing, and why you are missing them.  Are you completing steps incorrectly?  Are you forgetting your integer rules?  Make a note of it!

Periods 3 and 5 Science – Today, students were introduced to cells and using microscopes!  Students completed a graded EdHelper in class, and began working on their Directed Reading for Chapter 3 Section 1.

Homework:  Complete the Directed Reading for tomorrow.

TGIM – October 30, 2017

Period 1 Math:  Students worked on multi-step equations to get ready for tomorrow’s quiz.  Students are also finishing up classroom assignments that will be worth a summative grade.

Homework:  Work through the practice packet on multi-step equations.

Periods 2 and 4 Math:  Students completed a multi-step equation quiz (formative assessment).

Homework:  Work on Unit 2b Study Guide.

Periods 3 and 5 Science:  Students played “vocabulary smackdown” to prepare for tomorrow’s test.

Homework:  Use this study guide to study for Tuesday’s test.