May 21-23, 2018

I can’t believe this is the last week of school. Thank you students and parents for making this year an immensely successful one. I have loved working with you and helping you meet your educational goals. I wish you all of the best in your future endeavors!


Mrs. D’Emilio


MONDAY- Summative

TUESDAY AND WEDNESDAY-Early release days! Finish The Outsiders movie and “performance task”,

May 14th- 18th, 2018

Please see the “Fiction Review” and “Mid Term Resources” tabs on the yellow stick note to help prepare for the final on Monday, May 21st.  Below are study guides we completed previously that may prove helpful.





MONDAY- Read Chapter 9 and begin chapter 10

TUESDAY- OLYMPIC DAY… Make sure to bring plenty of water and sunscreen!

WEDNESDAY- Finish Novel

THURSDAY- Summative #3- students will be doing a performance task with the movie. Please make sure I have your permission form!



End Of Year Assessments

On Monday, May 21st students will take the posttest in Reading.  This is the same pretest and midyear assessment.  As you know, it was nongraded in August and counted as a formative task in January.  This time it will be entered as a summative grade. Because students have taken the assessment twice before, there will not be a retake opportunity.  Please check the blog on or around May 14th for study resources.

Please make note of these other important dates:

Tuesday, May 15th: 7th grade Olympic Day.  I recommend sunscreen and a water bottle.

Thursday, May 17th: Summative- The Outsiders

Friday, May 18th: Social Studies Cultural Extension Day

Chapter 7 Comprehension Questions- HW For 5/8

If your birthday is January- June, do the odd numbers. If your birthday is in July- December, do the evens.

1. Describe what Soda is doing while the police are trying to interview Ponyboy.
2. What is the extent of Johnny‘s injuries? How are the boys able to get the doctor to tell them of Johnny‘s prognosis?
3. Why do the Curtis boys always leave their door unlocked?
4. What does the newspaper say about the ―heroes‖? What does Two-Bit have to say about the wording the reporter chose?
5. Recount the story of Pony‘s recurring dream.
6. What has happened to Soda‘s girlfriend, Sandy? Why?
7. From Randy and Ponyboy’s discussion, what did you learn about the privileged class to which the Socs belong? How do you think some people come to feel entitlement?
8. Randy says, ―You get a little money and the whole world hates you.‖ Pony replies, ―No, you hate the whole world.‖ Which of these statements, in your opinion, is true? Explain your answer.

May 7- 11, 2018

Here is what we are working on this week:

The link to “The Outsiders” vocabulary Quizlet is posted on last week’s blog along with the link to the PDF of the book.

Monday – Today we read chapter 6 and started chapter 7. Students continued to work on their study guide questions for chapters 5 & 6.

Tuesday – Students will be receiving permission slips for The Outsiders movie. We will go over the study guide for chapters 5 & 6. We will finish through chapter 7 and answer the comprehension questions.

Wednesday – We will read chapter 8 and discuss vocabulary and comprehension questions.

Thursday – Quiz over chapters 5-8. Students will work on WANTED posters. Please bring crayons, colored pencils, etc.

Friday – Students will continue to work on WANTED poster. Students will then write their “Windrixville News” article. Hot Seat Questions.

Summative assessment over the novel is next Thursday, 5/17.

April 30- May 4, 2018

Can you believe that this week is the beginning of May??? Please click the link below if you need to catch up on your reading:

Here is what we are working on this week:

MONDAY: Finish chapter one comprehension questions. Read chapter 2.

  • Chapter One
  • 1. How does the narrator describe himself?
  • 2. Why does he like to go to the movies alone?
  • 3. What happens to him on the way home from the movies?
  • 4. How does he feel as he is being followed? Why? What signs does he exhibit that tell you this is how he feels? How does he get out of it?
  • 5. What happened to the parents of the narrator?
  • 6. What do we learn is the name of the narrator?
  • 7. Why is Ponyboy so reluctant to tell Darry how he really feels afterwards?
  • 8. Who are Soda and Steve? Where do they work?
  • 9. How did Two-Bit get his nickname? What is his real name?
  • 10. According to Ponyboy, what is different about Dally from the rest of the guys?
  • 11. Why does Darry work so hard?
  • 12. What does Sodapop tell Ponyboy about his plans for Sandy and himself?

TUESDAY: Finish chapter 2. Vocabulary quiz over chapters 1-2. Finish chapter 2. Comprehension questions:

  • Chapter Two
  • 1. How do the boys get into the Nightly Double? Why do they choose to do that?
  • 2. Why does Dally use vulgar and abrasive language with the girls at the movies?
  • 3. How do the girls respond to the insults? From their reactions, what can you conclude about their personalities?
  • 4. Why is Ponyboy uncomfortable about Dally‘s behavior?
  • 5. Explain why the girls are okay with Johnny and Pony, but not Dally.
  • 6. Why are the girls alone and without a car?
  • 7. What does Two-Bit do that scares Johnny and Pony? Relate why it is especially frightening to Johnny.
  • 8. What rule do the Greasers follow, besides ―stick together‖? How do you think these rules came to be?
  • 9. Describe the attack on Johnny. Why do you think the attack was so traumatic to him?


WEDNESDAY: Students will read and discuss chapter 3. Begin chapter 4.


WORDS FOR Ch. 3-4:

  • Gallantbrave, noble
  • Rankhaving a bad smell/taste; position in a classification
  • Sophisticated- not natural or simple; worldly
  • Aloof- acting distant; indifferent
  • Elite- a socially superior group
  • Tension- strain, unrest
  • Resignedly- giving in without complaint
  • Reeling- staggering or swaying
  • Defiance- open refusal to obey
  • Contempt- scorn; lack of respect
  • Panic- sudden overpowering fear
  • Apprehensive– fearful or worried
  • SelfPreservation– taking care of or saving oneself
  • Rueful– filled with regret or pity
  • Premonition– a feeling that something is going to happen


THURSDAY: Read chapter 4 and 5, if time permits.

FRIDAY: Test over chapters 1-4. Finish reading chapter 5.



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