Week of 12/10-12/14

I hope everyone stayed warm and dry last weekend!  This time last year, instead of all of that rain, we had almost a foot of snow!  We are wrapping up our Unit Two studies this week, and planning for a final exam next week.  Here is what’s planned:

12/13- Morning Tutoring at 8:15

12/18- Final Exam (Study guides given on 12/10.  Study Guide must be completed for retake opportunity on 12/20 or 12/21.)

12/20- Morning Tutoring at 8:15, Early Release at 1:30

12/21- Argument Essay due, Early Release at 1:30

Students and Parents, if you have not gotten a copy of the novel Tangerine by Edward Bloor, you may want to pick up your own copy over the coming weeks.  I do have a limited number of copies here in class, but not enough for you to take home.  We will start this novel study when we return in January.  This is the only novel study Language Arts does all year!

Learning Targets

  • Analyze the logic in the development of different points of view on the same subject.
  • Create a claim and argue a position incorporating counterclaims in a debate.
  • Identify phrases within a sentence, recognizing and correcting misplaced and dangling modifiers.
  • Understand how to place modifiers for clarity and meaning when writing
  • Analyze and identify the components of an introductory and a concluding paragraph in an argumentative essay.

Focus Standards

RI.7.9, SL.7.4,  L.7.1.a, L.7.1.c, RI.7.5, W.7.1.a, W.7.1.e

This Week

Read article “It’s Perverse, but It’s Also Pretend” from the textbook to examine counterargument
Class draft counterargument paragraph
Study Guides sent home- exam next Tuesday

Students draft counterargument
Phrases Review

Phrases and Misplaced and Dangling Modifiers
Homework- Phrases Practice

Class draft introduction and conclusion paragraphs

Warm-up Quiz
Students draft introduction and conclusion

Typing begins on Monday 12/17

Week of 12/3-12/7


  • You can still collect pledges for the Color Battle!
  • The Writing Contest Announced before Thanksgiving Break (what I am thankful for) is due Tuesday 12/4 to me!
  • Tutoring is held every Thursday at 8:15 a.m. in my class.  Students must meet me in the theater to come down.
  • 12/20 and 12/21 are Early Release Days

Two summative grades are coming up!  We are writing an argument essay which will be published the week before winter break.  Also, there is a final exam for this quarter’s unit scheduled for 12/18.  Study guide coming next week.

This week we are researching for our argumentative essay as well as co-writing a class essay on the risks of excessive video gaming.

Focus Standards
RI.7.8, W.7.7, W.7.1, RI.7.1, RI.7.7, RI.7.9, SL.7.4

Learning Targets for the Week

  • Identify and evaluate an author’s use of reasons and evidence to support a claim.
  • Conduct research to identify valid reasons and evidence to support a claim in an argumentative essay.
  • Evaluate and analyze an argument
  • Identify a writer’s use of counterclaims and rhetorical appeals and analyze their effectiveness.
  • Compare and contrast a written speech to a film or audio version.
  • Analyze the logic in the development of different points of view on the same subject.
  • Create a claim and argue a position incorporating counterclaims in a debate.

The Plan

Continue research on class topic by reading “Failure to Ban Violent Video Games” on p.154 of text
Clarifying differences between claim, reasons, and evidence
Co-write the first body paragraph of class argument

Continue research on individual topic by reading article on Recycling
Use t-chart to sort reasons
Draft first body paragraph of personal argument
Phrases review
Phrases homework (due Thursday) Post phoned due to time constraints

I will be at a meeting this day.  You will analyze and argument for its parts.  (Formative grade)

Review phrases
Rhetorical appeals and devices using “Ain’t I a Woman” speech

Warm-up Quiz
Research recycling and draft second body paragraph of personal essay




Week of 11/26-11/30

I hope everyone had a restful and fun Thanksgiving break!  For the next four weeks, our focus will be argumentative writing.  We will have two more summative grades before the end of the quarter, including the argumentative essay and an end of unit summative (covering vocabulary and language concepts studied through the unit.)

  • Make-up and Tutoring Sessions are held every Thursday morning at 8:15.  I will meet you in the theater at that time.
  • The Color Battle Fundraiser is still going on!  Get in on the fun and help support Lovinggood’s Learning Commons and Teachers.
  • Holiday Writing Contest Reminder:  In 200 (typed) words or less, tell me what you are thankful for!  Due 12/4 to me!

Focus Standards For the Week:
W.7.10, SL.7.1.a, RI.7.8, W.7.5, W.7.6

Learning Targets:

  • Identify the knowledge and skills needed to complete Embedded Assessment 2 successfully and reflect on prior learning that supports the knowledge and skills needed.
  • Examine the essential components and organizational structure of a successful essay of argumentation.
  • Identify elements of argument in a text.
  • Analyze the thesis (or claim), audience, purpose, and occasion in a text.

Review Unit Vocabulary
Unpack Embedded Assessment 2- Argumentative Essay

Evaluate an argumentative speech

Use Metacognitive Markers to evaluate text, “America, the Not-So-Beautiful”

Answer Text Dependent Questions

Advanced Content Homework (due Friday):  Waste Data Organizer

SOAPStone Strategy
Parallel Structure
Homework: Parallel Structure

Warm-up Quiz
Review Parallel Structure
Claim Construction Activity

Week of 11/12-11/16

This week students are working to produce their explanatory essays about the effects of advertising on youth.  This is a SUMMATIVE grade due this Friday.

Also, all classes will have a Sentences Quiz on Tuesday.  If you still need help on this concept, please go to USA TestPrep and review using the suggested activities I’ve posted.

The School Spelling Bee will be held this Thursday at 10:15 in the Lovinggood LLC.  My classes will be represented by Khue T. and Christine B.  All of my class winners were:

3rd period- Christine B., runner up Emma Wel.
4th period- Khue T., runner up Sylvia H.
5th period- Erin G., runner up David D.
6th period- Bebe B., runner up Brandon J.
7th period- Ella G., runner up Gia D.

Great job, Super Spellers!!!

Focus Standards For This Week:
W.7.2.a, W.7.2.b, W.7.2.c, W.7.2.f, W.7.4, L.7.2.b

Learning Targets:
Write an effective thesis that explains the role of advertising in the lives of youth
Write an explanatory essay that explains the role of advertising in the lives of youth

This Week’s Plan:

Thesis Statement Conferences
Essay Outlines
You may use the following as sources for your evidence:
“$211 Billion and So Much to Buy” pg.88
“Facts About Marketing to Children” pg. 92
“Statement of Commissioner Copps” pg. 108
“The Myth of Choice” film
“Marketing to Kids Gets More Savvy with New Technologies” pg. 116

Sentences Quiz
Essay Outlines/Drafts

Type essay drafts

Thursday  (Tutoring Morning @ 8:15)
Finish typing drafts
Use Revision Assistant software to revise and edit essays

Finalize and submit essays



Week of 11/5-11/9

Halloween is over (stop bringing that candy to school!), and now the holiday season is approaching!  This morning I realized that (including today) we only have NINE days of school before Thanksgiving break.  In those nine days, we will be wrapping up the first half of this nine weeks with our first summative, an explanatory essay of the effects of advertising on the lives of youth.

Don’t forget that makeup/tutoring sessions are every Thursday morning at 8:15.

Focus Standards

W.7.2, W.7.8, RI7.1, RI.7.9, W.7.7, SL7.2, L.7.1.b

Learning Targets

  • Choose among simple, compound, complex, and compound-complex sentences to signal differing relationships among ideas.
  • Evaluate research sources for authority, accuracy, credibility, timeliness, and purpose/audience.
  • Distinguish between primary and secondary sources.
  • Evaluate a website’s content and identity to determine appropriate Internet sources for research.
  • Analyze a film to assess its purpose and credibility.
  • Identify and record relevant research information from a film.
  • Participate in a collaborative discussion about research findings.
  • Closely read and analyze a text to make connections between information presented in the text and information presented in a film.
  • Write a paragraph comparing and contrasting information presented in different texts

The Plan For The Week

Sentence Types Notes (into Reader Writer Notebook)
Sentence Types Homework Practice (due Wednesday)

No School- Election Day

Finish Stations from last Friday
Evaluate two websites for accuracy, credibility, authority, timeliness, purpose and audience
Sentence Types Homework

Evaluating Sources Quiz
Watch Film Clip on Marketing to Youth (take notes)
Collaborative Discussion

Read and respond to article about marketing to children
Compare and contrast article to film

Week of 10/29-11/5

Can you believe that November starts this week??  I cannot!  We are moving right along in our Explanatory Writing unit which will culminate in our Summative Assessment essay due the week before Thanksgiving Break.

Things to remember:

Tuesday 10/30- Wear Pink
Wednesday 10/31- Character/Tacky Tourist Day
Bring your change and dollars for “Dollars for Turkeys” to aid local families in need of Thanksgiving meals

Make sure you’ve set up a USA Test Prep account.  Join the correct class when you activate your account!

This Week’s Focus Standards
W.7.2, W.7.8, RI7.1, RI.7.6, W.7.7, SL7.2

This Week’s Learning Targets

  • Write an explanatory response describing the effectiveness of advertising techniques in an advertisement.
  • Examine student exemplars of expository responses.
  • Evaluate research sources for authority, accuracy, credibility, timeliness, and purpose/audience.
  • Distinguish between primary and secondary sources.
  • Evaluate a website’s content and identity to determine appropriate Internet sources for research.

Examine advertising techniques and practice TLQ strategy to introduce evidence

Spelling Bee Round #2 (you know who you are!)
Use TLQ strategy to answer a prompt about advertising techniques (formative)

Examine student exemplars of an explanatory essay

Station rotations on evaluating sources for accuracy, credibility, and reliability

Finish stations and warm-up quiz (formative)


Week of 10/22-10/26

We are back on a “normal” schedule this week after a very busy conference week!  Thank you, parents, for the successful conferences.  This week is the beginning of Red Ribbon Week, and here is the line up for the themed days:

Tuesday 10/23:  “Red”y to live a drug free life- Wear Read
Wednesday 10/24:  Be smart about drugs so your future is BRIGHT! – Wear Neon
Thursday 10/25: Use your head- stay clear of drugs- Hat Day
Friday 10/26: Team up against drugs- Spiritwear Day- HAWK Time Schedule
Monday 10/29: Life is sweet, LEI off drugs- Hawaiian Day
Tuesday 10/30: Don’t let drugs TWIST your thoughts- Pink Out
Wednesday 10/31: Life is a journey, travel drug free- Tacky Tourist

Also, parents and students, we have access to USA Test Prep, which is a wonderful source to practice our 7th grade Language Arts standards.  If students do not already have an account, you may activate one with the following information:

Account ID: lgmsga
Student Activation Code: newton77
Please make your username and password the same as what you use at school so you don’t forget them!
Lupo’s class password is hawks1819

You may begin using it at any time, but we will have some homework assignments with it in the future.

This Week

Focus Standards:
RI.7.5, W.7.7, SL 7.1, W7.2, W7.2.a

Learning Targets:

  • Identify factors that affect consumer choices and discuss relevant facts with a partner.
  • Draft and evaluate an original research question
  • Identify techniques used in advertisements.
  • Determine the purpose of persuasive advertisements and analyze how they use language to achieve that purpose.
  • Write an explanatory response describing the effectiveness of advertising techniques in an advertisement

Monday and Tuesday
5 A Day Warm-ups
Read “Facts About Marketing to Children” p.92-92 and use organizer to paraphrase main idea and supporting details
First “round” of spelling bee- class winners will receive a study list

5 A Day Warm-ups
Review Research Process and generate a research question

5 A Day Warm-ups
Advertising technique notes
Stations to identify the types of ads used by companies

5  A Day Warm-up Quiz
Finish stations from Thursday
TLQ Strategy

Thursday 10/18 Update

Due to the early release schedule limiting some scheduled class activities, I’ve had to move what was planned as classwork to a homework assignment.  This is replacing the existing homework I’d planned for Thursday (according to this blog).  This is something EVERYONE is expected to complete at home because it is not a complicated activity.  You are simply defining the TEN UNIT VOCABULARY terms.

  1.  Sort the level of knowledge that you have for each word on a QHT (Questions about the word, Heard the word before, could Teach the word) in the VOCABULARY Section of your Reader Writer Notebook.

2.  Use the organizer that you were given in class to complete the definitions.

You may access the words under the Unit Vocabulary Section of my blog or visit the online textbook.