Welcome Back!

This semester I am team-teaching with Ms. Charette, Ms. Crandall, and Ms. Wynn. I hope you enjoyed the summer and are ready to have a great school year. If you have any problems or can’t find something on my blog, please email me at Steven.Lenahan@cobbk12.org.

Here is my schedule throughout the day as well:

1st Period: Room 202 Planning

2nd Period: World Lit. with Ms. Charette       Room 104    https://hhscharrette.wordpress.com/

3rd Period: American Lit with Ms. Crandall  Room 9124       http://hoyacrandall.weebly.com/

4th Period: American Lit with Ms. Wynn     Room 107     https://hoyawynn.weebly.com/


I look forward to seeing you all soon.


Mr. Lenahan