It is important to maintain an accurate record of items in the library media collection, both as a functional service to patrons and a fiscal responsibility to taxpayers.  Inaccurate records impair the usefulness of a library media collection, as patrons quickly lose faith in a library catalog that does not accurately represent the availability of items in the physical collection.  Also, library media center collections are a large investment of public funds, and it is the responsibility of library media specialists to ensure that the value of this investment is accurately tracked.  The Board of Education hires external auditors to ensure that the value of these collections are accurately represented to the public, and it is the responsibility of the LME department to help schools comply with the recommendations of these auditors.

The LME department provides training for new library media specialists on conducting inventory in Destiny, and when resources allow, provides refresher training for all library media specialists.  The following information is intended to support this training for those who attend and to provide a self-help resource to all library media specialists throughout the year.

  • Board rules require that full collection inventory be performed every two years, and books should be inventoried annually.
  • Board rules also require that school staff comply with the inventory and collection accounting guidelines established by the LME department.
  • Items that do not satisfy the Definition of Library Media Materials should not be cataloged in the Destiny Library Manager System.
  • Items removed from the collection should be disposed of properly.

Inventory Schedule (Follett)
CCSD Destiny Inventory Guide



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