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Technology Support

In most cases, requests for support for library media technology go directly to the Technology Services Customer Care Center.  Requests can be entered by phone (770-426-3330) or through Web Help Desk. For issues related to Destiny, see the Destiny Support

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Disposal of Media Materials

From time to time, books and other library media materials or equipment may become too damaged, worn, or dated to be of value to students and teachers. Library media specialists should make sure that these items are disposed of in a

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Patron Privacy Guidelines

Georgia law requires that libraries maintain the privacy and confidentiality of patron records, including circulation history and status. Patron privacy is also an important ethical principle, part of the foundation of academic and intellectual freedom. The following guidelines were developed

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Selection and Purchasing

Library Media Specialists are responsible for selecting and purchasing resources for the school library media program. However, their decisions are made with input from their school Library Media Committees and must be approved by their school principal. The selection and

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School Library Media Budgets

The FY15 allotment amounts are based on the school’s final March FY14 FTE count, using the formula below. Each school receives $5,000 for the first 310 FTE students and $13.00 per FTE thereafter.  This formula provides schools with extremely small enrollments

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Reconsideration of Library Media Materials

The process and policies for reconsideration of library media materials is defined in Administrative Rule IFBC-R Media Programs (updated 2017). This page is designed to help library media specialists manage the appeals process efficiently and fairly.  Before an Instructional Materials Appeal is

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Policies and Guidelines

Library media programs in Cobb must comply with all federal, state, and local laws, as well as all Cobb County School District Board Policies and Administrative rules. The following are the policies and guidelines that most specifically impact CCSD library

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Library Media Goals and Standards

Goals The goals of the school library media programs in the Cobb County School District are: To help students acquire the information literacy skills that will empower their intellectual, academic, and personal growth. To provide access to information resources and

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