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September 21, 2018: Newsletter


Dear families.

Please let me express my sincere thanks for all your support during the Big Head annual campaign this past week.  Families raised over $40,000 for our new computer learning lounge, STEM, and our classrooms!  We are so blessed to have such a great, supportive community.  Thanks so much for contributing to the awesome things that are going on here at Ford!

We had another fabulous week in second grade! Congratulations to Avonlea Pounds, our star student this week! We enjoyed getting to know Avonlea:) Thank you so much to our wonderful Earth parents who taught a great lesson about pollinators, plants, and seeds. This integrated nicely with our study of plants and Monarchs! Check out our important reminders below as well as what is going on in our great class!


September 24-28:  Fall break:  No School!

October 4: Tellus Museum Field Trip: If you are a chaperone, an information sheet is coming home on Monday, October 1st. Please read it to find out the procedures and needs for our trip.

Thanks so much for taking the time to help our class. It is a great trip!

October 8:  PTSA Reflections Ceremony:  6:00 pm

October 9:  STEM Night 6:00-7:30:  See you there!

October 10: End of the first 9 weeks

October 11: Early Release Day: 12:30

October 15-19: Parent/Teacher Conference Week/Early Release: Be on the look out for a conference request that will arrive in the form of  SIGN UP GENIUS. The teachers have worked in advance to make sure siblings are scheduled consecutively. Thanks for responding promptly! You will receive your child’s report card at our conference.

October 26: Ford Fall Festival: Come and join in this fun evening! Thanks so much for all that are donating to our class basket and for our awesome room mom for putting it together!

October 31: 2nd Grade Harvest Centers: Students may dress in costume! Be on the look out for ways to help!

What have we learned?  What will we learn?
READING: Our standards for the past two weeks have focused on Comprehension Strategies: Using key details to retell the Beginning, Middle, and End of a fiction story and Character Response: How characters respond to major events or challenges. Students have been applying these skills during Daily Five and in guided reading. After the break we dive into Context Clues: Determining the meaning of unknown words in text (building vocabulary and comprehension). Students will be given a reading assessment to determine current comprehension levels (Lexile). Students were given their RAZ KIDS log in information last week with a parent letter. They glued it into their agenda. This is a great program to promote reading at your child’s individual reading level!

WRITING: We have learned the steps that great writers take when completing a piece of writing. Students have been using graphic organizers to plan their personal narrative stories mimicking the mentor texts we read in class.  They have been practicing how to add sensory details, develop strong beginnings and endings, and edit writing.  Next week we publish!!

SPELLING/PHONICS: Our pattern this week introduced long vowel digraphs: long O spelled -ow, -oa, and -oe. Students glued their current lists in agendas today. Our next pattern will focus on long E spelled -ee, -ea, and -ie. Thanks for encouraging the study of these patterns at home as we learn and apply them here at school. Current lists are published weekly on our Spelling City class page located in the bookmarks section of this blog.  Students are expected to apply these patterns as well as high frequency words in everyday writing!

MATH: Students have been introduced to money and skip counting. They have been taught to use skip counting to count pennies, nickels, and dimes. We will be working hard to solve word problems that involve money when we return. We will continue to count money each week from now on with our weekly wages!

SOCIAL STUDIES:  After learning about Rules and Laws and why they are important, this week students were introduced to local, state, and national government.  We learned about these roles and the current leaders we have elected as well as where they work.

SCIENCE: We dove into MATTER this week in Science! Our focus is the three stages of matter and the properties that describe them. When we return from the break we will learn how matter changes from one state to another. We are looking forward to our field trip to Tellus museum where we will be taught with some great hands on lessons involving matter!

PBL/STEM: We started tracking the Monarch butterflies’ journey south as they leave Canada and migrate to Mexico! Students were so excited to house caterpillars and watch them spin their chrysalides. I will be taking them home for hatching during the break.  Be on the look out for a video on this blog if that happens!   This week we colored paper Monarchs to participate in a “symbolic migration” where children will make paper Monarchs and send them to students in Mexico, hoping to hear back from them! We were so happy to welcome Ms. Estella Romero, from Mexico, here at Ford.  Ms. Romero runs the symbolic monarch program in Mexico, and taught us about the culture and its embrace of the monarch butterflies as they spend their winters near her village.  Check out the Journey North website this week to track with us! Next week we will discuss our first STEM project using the Engineer Design Process related to MATTER and how it changes!

I hope you and your children have a great FALL BREAK!!

Ms. Romero, from Mexico, teaching us about their love of Monarchs!

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September 7, 2018: Newsletter


We had another busy and funfilled week of learning! Congratulations to our star student from this past week, Sawyer Amos! We loved learning more about Sawyer. Next week we can’t wait to learn more about Amelia Bevels. Congratulations Amelia!  Happy Birthday wishes go to Shrish Adhikari!

Image result for cartoon race gifs


Families and friends, please consider donating to our Ford Foundation during our Big Head Race campaign!  Your investment will help to fund a new “Learning Lounge” computer lab with new laptops for all of our Ford students to benefit from!  Donations will also help to fund our STEM endeavors, environmental programming, and a portion EVEN GOES DIRECTLY BACK TO OUR CLASSROOM.  Last year I was able to purchase our Osmo coding tool that students enjoy so much!  Envelopes went home on Friday in your child’s red folder.  If you would like to give a paperless, online donation, please follow this link now!  Thank you so much for your generosity.

Parents, several weeks ago I introduced the PTA Reflections program to students. I highly encourage ALL my students to create an entry for this contest! It is a fabulous way to express creativity and for your child to get recognized for using their imagination! Students may enter as many times as they wish and in as many different categories as they wish. During the past 3 years we had many students from our class get recognized at the local school level and at the council level. Several students moved on to state level, and one of my students moved on to NATIONAL level!! The students had a great sense of pride for entering. ALL ENTRIES ARE DUE BY SEPTEMBER 13th. I know our class is so motivated to enter and share their talents!!

Calendar reminders:

9/13:  Reflections entries are due.

9/14: Wear red, white, and blue for National Anthem Day!  Image result for US flag gifs

9/21:  Scholastic Book orders due

9/24-9/28: Fall Break: No school

What did we learn?  What will we learn?
READING: Reading strategies included: Comprehension: Recognizing Literary Elements and Retelling Stories: Characters, Setting, Plot. We learned this through understanding what we find at the beginning, middle, and the end of fiction stories. Students applied these concepts to listened stories as well as individually read ones. Next week: Comprehension: Character Response: What are characters’ traits, and how do they respond to major challenges? After reading at home, please ask your child about these concepts! This will help to reinforce comprehension skills.  Students have been introduced to our Read to Self station and Word Work where they are using STAMINA to practice literacy skills in Daily Five.  Next week we will open Listen to Reading where students may use Raz-Kids and other media to listen to stories.
PHONICS/SPELLING: Students completed Phonics Unit 3 by learning long vowel patterns in open syllables: vowels by themselves and using -y.  This week we also learned about plural spelling rules. Next week Unit 4 introduces students to long A patterns spelled -ai, -ay, and -ey.  These patterns, as well as high frequency words, should be applied in everyday writing.
GRAMMAR: We continue our exploration of NOUNS: singular, plural, irregular, and collective. Students should be applying the capitalization and spelling rules for these nouns in everyday writing!
WRITING: Writing personal narratives about small moments that students have generated from their “hearts” is our writing focus. Students now know how to develop a plan on an organizer. Writers are selecting a topic, planning a story with a clear beginning, middle, and end with details that provide visualization.  We looked for text connections in loved books to develop strong beginnings.  Next week we will learn how to develop strong endings, revise, and edit stories.
MATH: PLACE VALUE, place value, place value!!! This has been our standard focus for the past few weeks. Students have learned how ones, tens, and hundreds work together to determine place value in numbers. We have worked on regrouping from the ones place to the tens place and on to the hundreds place. This week we learned about the four ways to write a number: standard form, base ten models, expanded form, and written form (number names). Next week we continued writing and recognizing numbers four ways as well as comparing them.
SOCIAL STUDIES: This week’s focus was on rules and laws and their purpose. Next week we will be studying our 3 types of government: local, state, and national. Students will learn about our leaders at each level: President Donald Trump, Governor Nathan Deal, and Mayor Tommy Allegood, their duties, and work places!
STEM/SCIENCE: After kicking off a great start to this year’s PBL(Problem Based Learning) unit about saving the Monarch population, we will record our first observation through the Journey North website. We are excited to see the migration habits as the Monarchs travel south to Mexico. We are pleased to welcome Ms. Estella Romero, from Mexico, who will speak to us about Monarchs and the impact they have on Mexico’s culture.  We will also be participating in a symbolic migration as we send our own butterfly messages to students in Mexico and all over the United States!

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Reflections 2018-2019



Join us and have fun unleashing your inner artist with PTA Reflections!
This year’s theme is “Heroes Around Me.”
Reflections is a nationally acclaimed student recognition program that gives students a chance to use their creative talents by expressing themselves through their own original works.
A student may submit an entry in any of six arts areas. Only original works of art are accepted. The six art areas are: Visual Arts, Photography, Literature, Music Composition, Dance Choreography and Film Production.
Students’ submissions are reviewed by independent third-party judges based on artistic skill, as well as how the theme is interpreted. The entries are judged against peers’ work and those with the highest scores from our school competition progress to an area competition and possibly to state and the national contest.
For ALL information and OFFICIAL RULES for each category as well as an entry form, please visit the Ford Reflections website!
All entries are due September 13, 2018!!!

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August 24, 2018: Newsletter


We had a great week! Congratulations to our first Star Student, Madelyn Maisano! We loved learning all about Madelyn this week!  We can’t wait to learn about next week’s Star, Jeremiah Hodges! Happy birthday wishes go to Avonlea Pounds!  Thanks so much for the encouragement of the Reflections program at home.  I am hearing lots of excitement about entries here at school:).  Many thanks also goes to our room mom, Mrs. White, for putting together the great social roster.  Our Mystery Reader coordinator, Ms. Maisano, has also sent our sign up list for the year…Thank you!   You may sign up here!

Here are a few reminders:
*We will visit the Learning Commons on Thursdays for technology lessons and check in/out books. Students may check out books for 2 weeks at a time or renew them on Destiny Discover in the Cobb Digital Library. Our media specialist, Mrs. Trammell, showed students how to do this this week. Sometimes, students have time to return books in the mornings if they get here in time to return. We use every minute of our mornings!

Wednesday, 8/29:  Early Release:  12:30

Friday, 8/31:  PTSA Meeting and BINGO Night!  See you there!

Monday, 9/3:  Labor Day Holiday:  No school

What are we learning?  What will we learn?
READING: CAFE (Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, and Expanding Vocabulary) strategies included a review of previous strategies and using Visualization and Asking Questions to comprehend text. We are learning the Key Ideas in a story: (High Five) Who? What? When? Where? Why?. Next week we will learn about which of these questions readers ask at the Beginning, Middle, and End of a story to comprehend and retell the story. Children should be able to tell you these answers after reading books at home to practice comprehension.
SPELLING: Our spelling and phonics patterns have been cvc (short vowel words), and next week we will learn cvce (long vowel words spelled with silent e). We have had our first spelling test. Students are expected to sort words by their sounds on the weekly spelling test. This is a skill built into the phonics grade along with dictation (listening) and grammar. As your child studies their list, encourage understanding of the phonics and vocabulary as well. Students should also be applying learned spelling patterns and high frequency words consistently in everyday writing.
LANGUAGE ARTS: Our grammar focus has been about nouns: common vs. proper. Next week we will learn about singular vs. plural nouns, spelling rules for each, and collective nouns!
MATH: After a review of 1 digit addition and subtraction strategies, place value to 1000 will be our focus. Next week we will learn place value vocabulary, trading ones for tens and tens for hundreds, breaking down hundreds to tens and ones, learning the values of digits, and working on base ten model drawings.
SOCIAL STUDIES: Last week we learned about the 5 regions of Georgia and the resources they offer. This week we learned about the 3 major rivers in Georgia: Chattahoochee, Flint, and Savannah.  Students were excited to extend their learning by discovering the Oconee, Ocmulgee, Altamaha, and St. Mary’s Rivers!  Next week, students will enjoy our culminating activity of creating their own maps of Georgia with its regions, resources, rivers, map key, and cities. The students are amazing me with their great map skills!
STEM and PBL: In a few weeks we will enjoy learning from a representative from Journey North in Mexico!  Ms. Estella Romero, from Mexico, will come to Georgia and will teach us about the life cycle of Monarch butterflies and the plants these pollinators need to survive as well as the symbolic migration we will share with students in Mexico! Next week we will start tracking the migration route of the Monarch butterflies as they journey south from Canada to Mexico through the Journey North website. We’ll record these findings on a map in our STEM journals. We are looking forward to seeing how many Monarch butterflies stop by our Ford habitats to lay eggs in late September!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!

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July 30, 2018


Hello to my students and families of 2018-2019!   We are going to have an awesome year together…what a wonderful journey we are in for!

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Newsletter August 10, 2018


WOW!  What a great week!  It was wonderful to see parents at Open House last night.  Thanks for taking time to come in and learn about our classroom.  Click 18.19 Open House PP to review my second grade Power Point if you missed or want to review.  Thank you for taking time to attend, and thank you for signing up for the many volunteer opportunities we have!  I am very blessed to have such a nice group of students and parents.   Thanks for sending your child to school prepared with supplies and for those families who chose a star to donate items for our classroom!  Very happy birthday wishes go to Kaleb Akridge, our first birthday student of the school year!   A few reminders:

Please turn in your class t-shirt order with $5 asap!

*  A Fall Picture Form is in your child’s red folder today.  Please fill this out if you want to order a package and send back with your child on picture day, Wednesday, August 15th.  ALL children will get a picture made for the yearbook!

What are we learning?  What will we learn?

LANGUAGE ARTS/READING:  This week we read books with cooperation and building a classroom family as the central themes.  Students were also individually assessed on comprehension and vocabulary levels.  Next week we will introduce Daily 5 CAFE Comprehension strategies:  what it means to read “Good Fit” books, check for understanding, 3 ways to read a book, using visualization to comprehend, and reviewing key details in a story (who, what, when, where, why, how).

PHONICS/SPELLING:  Next week’s patterns will include a review of initial and final consonant blends (2 and 3 letter) and digraphs:  ch, th, sh, and wh.  There will not be a spelling test next week.  Our first differentiated spelling test will be on August 23rd.

*  Spelling words will be in your child’s agenda for Unit 1 on Friday, August 16th.  Please encourage your child to find time during the week to practice their words and the spelling patterns.  Tests will be given on Thursdays along with dictation.  Check out our Spelling City website for fun ways to practice spelling words at

WRITING:  We have learned what great writers do and purposes for writing.  Students were asked to write a narrative with an organizer and one without an organizer as a pre-assessment to this quarter’s narrative writing.  Next week we will brainstorm small moments and start to organize ideas for writing.

SOCIAL STUDIES:  Next week we will kick off the study of our state, Georgia.  We will learn about it’s geography and the five regions of Georgia:  Appalachian Plateau, Ridge and Valley, Blue Ridge, Piedmont, and Coastal Plain.  We will discuss our connections to well known places and resources within each region!

MATH:  Students were given pretests this week to determine math readiness for Quarter 1.  Next week we will be reviewing basic addition facts and strategies:  Math vocabulary, counting on, counting up, doubles and doubles plus one, and making ten.  We have been reviewing mental math strategies (decomposing numbers 1-9).  Please make sure your child practices addition and subtraction facts to 20!!!  Our standard is to apply them mentally and fluently!

SCIENCE:  Students set up their S.T.E.M. daily journals.   We discussed what S.T.E.M. is and enjoyed a cooperative S.T.E.M. project this week to work on problem solving skills with partners.  Check out how we worked together to “Save Fred” in your child’s Seesaw portfolio!

HEALTH:  We explored healthy vs. unhealthy food choices last week.  Please be aware that we have a “Peanut Safe” room!  Please refrain from sending in snacks with peanuts in them.

Have a super weekend!



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August 3, 2018: A GREAT FIRST WEEK!!


 What a wonderful first week we had in second grade!  Our class is a VERY SWEET and hard working one.  I am so proud of all my students for making it through a great week of routines, meeting new friends and teachers, and getting acclimated to new expectations (and familiar ones):).  Please give your child a hug for being great listeners and friends to others this week!

Parents, please join me on Thursday, August 9th from 6-8 for Ford’s Open House.  We will discuss 2nd grade procedures and expectations and take a look at our curriculum together.  I look forward to seeing you again!  Feel free to come to one of the 2 sessions available:  6-7, 7-7:45.  There will be a PTSA meeting afterwards.  Thanks so much for your support!

Please refer to this blog biweekly for class newsletters.  I will publish reminders that pertain to our class as well as the skills and standards being covered in class.  Check out the links and pages on this site to access information like class lists, spelling words, and web links/apps to explore.  It is a one stop shop!

Have a wonderful weekend!



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