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Newsletter August 10, 2018


WOW!  What a great week!  It was wonderful to see parents at Open House last night.  Thanks for taking time to come in and learn about our classroom.  Click 18.19 Open House PP to review my second grade Power Point if you missed or want to review.  Thank you for taking time to attend, and thank you for signing up for the many volunteer opportunities we have!  I am very blessed to have such a nice group of students and parents.   Thanks for sending your child to school prepared with supplies and for those families who chose a star to donate items for our classroom!  Very happy birthday wishes go to Kaleb Akridge, our first birthday student of the school year!   A few reminders:

Please turn in your class t-shirt order with $5 asap!

*  A Fall Picture Form is in your child’s red folder today.  Please fill this out if you want to order a package and send back with your child on picture day, Wednesday, August 15th.  ALL children will get a picture made for the yearbook!

What are we learning?  What will we learn?

LANGUAGE ARTS/READING:  This week we read books with cooperation and building a classroom family as the central themes.  Students were also individually assessed on comprehension and vocabulary levels.  Next week we will introduce Daily 5 CAFE Comprehension strategies:  what it means to read “Good Fit” books, check for understanding, 3 ways to read a book, using visualization to comprehend, and reviewing key details in a story (who, what, when, where, why, how).

PHONICS/SPELLING:  Next week’s patterns will include a review of initial and final consonant blends (2 and 3 letter) and digraphs:  ch, th, sh, and wh.  There will not be a spelling test next week.  Our first differentiated spelling test will be on August 23rd.

*  Spelling words will be in your child’s agenda for Unit 1 on Friday, August 16th.  Please encourage your child to find time during the week to practice their words and the spelling patterns.  Tests will be given on Thursdays along with dictation.  Check out our Spelling City website for fun ways to practice spelling words at

WRITING:  We have learned what great writers do and purposes for writing.  Students were asked to write a narrative with an organizer and one without an organizer as a pre-assessment to this quarter’s narrative writing.  Next week we will brainstorm small moments and start to organize ideas for writing.

SOCIAL STUDIES:  Next week we will kick off the study of our state, Georgia.  We will learn about it’s geography and the five regions of Georgia:  Appalachian Plateau, Ridge and Valley, Blue Ridge, Piedmont, and Coastal Plain.  We will discuss our connections to well known places and resources within each region!

MATH:  Students were given pretests this week to determine math readiness for Quarter 1.  Next week we will be reviewing basic addition facts and strategies:  Math vocabulary, counting on, counting up, doubles and doubles plus one, and making ten.  We have been reviewing mental math strategies (decomposing numbers 1-9).  Please make sure your child practices addition and subtraction facts to 20!!!  Our standard is to apply them mentally and fluently!

SCIENCE:  Students set up their S.T.E.M. daily journals.   We discussed what S.T.E.M. is and enjoyed a cooperative S.T.E.M. project this week to work on problem solving skills with partners.  Check out how we worked together to “Save Fred” in your child’s Seesaw portfolio!

HEALTH:  We explored healthy vs. unhealthy food choices last week.  Please be aware that we have a “Peanut Safe” room!  Please refrain from sending in snacks with peanuts in them.

Have a super weekend!



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