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August 24, 2018: Newsletter


We had a great week! Congratulations to our first Star Student, Madelyn Maisano! We loved learning all about Madelyn this week!  We can’t wait to learn about next week’s Star, Jeremiah Hodges! Happy birthday wishes go to Avonlea Pounds!  Thanks so much for the encouragement of the Reflections program at home.  I am hearing lots of excitement about entries here at school:).  Many thanks also goes to our room mom, Mrs. White, for putting together the great social roster.  Our Mystery Reader coordinator, Ms. Maisano, has also sent our sign up list for the year…Thank you!   You may sign up here!

Here are a few reminders:
*We will visit the Learning Commons on Thursdays for technology lessons and check in/out books. Students may check out books for 2 weeks at a time or renew them on Destiny Discover in the Cobb Digital Library. Our media specialist, Mrs. Trammell, showed students how to do this this week. Sometimes, students have time to return books in the mornings if they get here in time to return. We use every minute of our mornings!

Wednesday, 8/29:  Early Release:  12:30

Friday, 8/31:  PTSA Meeting and BINGO Night!  See you there!

Monday, 9/3:  Labor Day Holiday:  No school

What are we learning?  What will we learn?
READING: CAFE (Comprehension, Accuracy, Fluency, and Expanding Vocabulary) strategies included a review of previous strategies and using Visualization and Asking Questions to comprehend text. We are learning the Key Ideas in a story: (High Five) Who? What? When? Where? Why?. Next week we will learn about which of these questions readers ask at the Beginning, Middle, and End of a story to comprehend and retell the story. Children should be able to tell you these answers after reading books at home to practice comprehension.
SPELLING: Our spelling and phonics patterns have been cvc (short vowel words), and next week we will learn cvce (long vowel words spelled with silent e). We have had our first spelling test. Students are expected to sort words by their sounds on the weekly spelling test. This is a skill built into the phonics grade along with dictation (listening) and grammar. As your child studies their list, encourage understanding of the phonics and vocabulary as well. Students should also be applying learned spelling patterns and high frequency words consistently in everyday writing.
LANGUAGE ARTS: Our grammar focus has been about nouns: common vs. proper. Next week we will learn about singular vs. plural nouns, spelling rules for each, and collective nouns!
MATH: After a review of 1 digit addition and subtraction strategies, place value to 1000 will be our focus. Next week we will learn place value vocabulary, trading ones for tens and tens for hundreds, breaking down hundreds to tens and ones, learning the values of digits, and working on base ten model drawings.
SOCIAL STUDIES: Last week we learned about the 5 regions of Georgia and the resources they offer. This week we learned about the 3 major rivers in Georgia: Chattahoochee, Flint, and Savannah.  Students were excited to extend their learning by discovering the Oconee, Ocmulgee, Altamaha, and St. Mary’s Rivers!  Next week, students will enjoy our culminating activity of creating their own maps of Georgia with its regions, resources, rivers, map key, and cities. The students are amazing me with their great map skills!
STEM and PBL: In a few weeks we will enjoy learning from a representative from Journey North in Mexico!  Ms. Estella Romero, from Mexico, will come to Georgia and will teach us about the life cycle of Monarch butterflies and the plants these pollinators need to survive as well as the symbolic migration we will share with students in Mexico! Next week we will start tracking the migration route of the Monarch butterflies as they journey south from Canada to Mexico through the Journey North website. We’ll record these findings on a map in our STEM journals. We are looking forward to seeing how many Monarch butterflies stop by our Ford habitats to lay eggs in late September!

Have a wonderful weekend!!!!!

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