Adjectives Quiz – Tomorrow! (02/14/18)

Be sure that you are familiar with adjectives.  If you feel like you need additional practice and/or would like to study, why not do so through this adjectives game?!

Tip:  If you are having trouble accessing the game, try opening a new browser.  (Example:  Use Google Chrome instead of Microsoft Explorer.)

Progress Reports Went Home on 02/07/18!

Be sure to have your Progress Report and envelope signed and returned!

Report Cards Will Be Sent Home Tomorrow (01/05/18)!

Parents, be sure to ask your child(ren) to show you their report cards tomorrow.  The report card is your copy, but please sign the manila envelope next to the 01/05 date line as well as any additional documentation that may be attached/included.  Students who made less than a 70% in English/Language Arts or math or students who did not pass at least one additional core content area class for the year will receive a Retention Concern Notification letter.  Students in my homeroom will have this letter stapled to the actual report card.

Panther Press Newsletter

Final Exam Items

Although we will cover items we have repeatedly covered in class and which are in your I.A.N., review the following list to ensure you are confident when you take your final exam on either Tuesday or Wednesday:

  • End Punctuation
  • Point of View (first person vs. third person)
  • Punctuation (especially with quotation marks)
  • Capitalization
  • Vocabulary
  • Connotation/Denotation
  • Reflexive/Intensive Pronouns

Remember, you can review your I.A.N. and/or any graded items to help you to study!  Good luck.  I believe in you!  Do you believe in you?


Only Two Days Left to Submit Late Work!

Students, be sure to check your Synergy (StudentVue) accounts to see if you have any missing assignments!  Check the post below for a picture of the assignments that will still be accepted late.

All acceptable late work is due on or before Friday, December 15, 2017!

Ms. Thurman’s Classes Received Progress Reports Today!

Students in all of Ms. Thurman’s classes received an updated progress report today.  While this progress report was not schoolwide, it did offer insight to students as to their current standings within our class and provides them with some insight as to what changes they need to make before it is too late.  As evidenced below, students were instructed of the items they could still turn in, albeit late:

Students who received a 70% or lower on today’s progress report are required to return it with a parent signature.

The latest day to turn in any work, late or not, is this Friday, December 15, 2017.

Topic Sentences Assessment – Now on Tuesday

Students, use your graded work and I.A.N. pages 107-108 to study.

Early Release Today – 12:30

Due to inclement weather conditions, Floyd Middle School will be releasing at 12:30 today.


Parents – Check Your Child’s Lexile Level

Parents, you can check to see your child’s reading/Lexile level by asking them to show you Floyd page 29 of their agendas.  You can check to see their progress from our first SRI score from earlier in the year.  Our second SRI was taken today.  The third and final SRI of this school year will take place in the spring.

Lexile Scores by Grade:

  • 3rd ~ 415-760
  • 4th ~ 635-950
  • 5th ~ 770-1080
  • 6th ~ 855-1165
  • 7th ~ 925-1235
  • 8th ~ 985-1295
  • 9th ~ 1040-1350
  • 10th ~ 1085-1400
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