ELA Final Exam – Thursday (05/17)!

Students were provided with a lime green 1/2 sheet today as their study guide for their ELA final exam.  Several left that and their I.A.N. in class, which could’ve helped them to study!  They may use a digital copy of the study guide (below) and the I.A.N. pages on the blog (located on the left side of this page).

End of Quarter 4.Final Exam.Study Guide


Letter to a Future Sixth Grader

žWrite a full-page letter to a future sixth grader. Tell them things like:

  • —What to expect,
  • —Why they shouldn’t be nervous,
  • —Who are your favorite teachers,
  • —Your favorite activities,
  • —The best way to meet new friends,
  • —How to adjust in a new, bigger school with more teachers than what they’re used to in elementary school,
  • —Etc.

—REMEMBER to keep it positive. If you have something you don’t like, keep it to yourself, please. The goal is to encourage them so that they feel at ease here at Floyd.

žDo you have zeros? If so, you can write up to TWO ADDITIONAL letters to a future sixth grader for 50% each to take the place of up to two zeros you have (classwork grades only). All letters are due Thursday!

Q4 Mini. Touchstone – Wednesday (05/16/18)

Q4 Mini. Touchstone Study Guide


Accessing 365 At Home – Troubleshooting Tips

If you are prompted to enter a password to access a 365 program, try the following steps, instead.  You should not have to enter a password:
-Use Google Chrome as the browser.
-Use Google search only.
-Type “Word 365”.
-Username:  [email protected]

Sharing Word 365 – Troubleshooting Tips

If you’re trying to share your document with me and it doesn’t seem to work, try the following steps:

-Close out of your document.

-Reopen Word 365.

-Instead of selecting “Edit Document”, select “Share”.

-You will have to search for me using “Lindsey Thurman”.

-Click the blue share button.

-I will print it for you.  Check with me to ensure your document sent.


Questions?  Email me.



After School Research – Destination: 2024

žYou can stay after school to work on your project until 5:30 this week on the following days:

—Monday – with me – my classroom

—Tuesday – with Ms. Butler – LMC

—Wednesday – with Ms. Butler – LMC

—Thursday – with Ms. Mann – LMC

Be sure to tell your parents to pick you up from the back, Bus Depot area at 5:30!

Destination: 2024 – Fonts & Pictures

žOnce you have finished your entire packet, bring it to me to sign off on.

žOnce your packet has been signed off on, you may THEN AND ONLY THEN begin to gather images for your poster.

žOnce you have all of your images in your 365 Word document, then you may work on the fonts sizes and styles.

žFont sizes and styles tips:

  • —For large boards – use size 12-14 fonts
  • —For small/medium boards – use size 12 fonts
  • Suggested font style:  Times New Roman
  • —Be sure your font is legible!!!
  • —Don’t use unnecessary page breaks. It wastes paper!
  • —Your goal is to fit everything on 6 or less sheets of paper!

Field Day Info.

Ms. Thurman’s homeroom will represent Ireland and we will wear green (and orange/white) to show support of our representative country.

Ireland’s Flag:

See the source image


Information from Ms. C. Baker:

Field Day- Friday, May 4

All Field Day activities will occur on Friday and students will remain with their homerooms for the majority of the day.

Field Day activities include:

–       Outside field time: On the field with the connections team and special education teachers. Teachers will be in a planning period during this time.

–       Academic Bowl: inside the theater. Teachers will remain with students during this time; however, connections teachers will run the activity.

–       Closed circuit movie: in homerooms (or arranged locations per grade level/ neighboring teachers)

–       Door Decorating contest: in homerooms, during the extended time surrounding lunch. This activity is to encourage students to learn about the countries and show their spirit. Points will be awarded to the top 3 doors. More information will be sent in the grade level specific email.

–       PBL Activity: in homerooms, more information to follow

Field Day Attire:

–       Field day shirts or shirts that are the color of their homeroom’s country.

–       School appropriate jeans, or standard school attire shorts/pants.

–       Hats and sunglasses may be worn outside. (Outside only)

Important Info. for the Week of 04/30 – 05/04

Monday (04/30/18) –

  • Laptop usage in class for research project
  • Students may stay after school for continued research – 6th Grade Lab – Supervisor: Ms. Butler
  • Poetry Practice: CCAC Lab (inside LMC)

Tuesday (05/01/18) –

  • No technology available; classwork assignment in SpringBoard textbooks on research
  • Students may stay after school for continued research – 6th Grade Lab – Supervisor: Ms. Butler

Wednesday (05/02/18) –

  • 7th Grade Computer Lab for research project
  • Poetry Slam – 6:30

Thursday (05/03/18) –

  • Laptop usage in class for research project
  • Students vs. Staff Basketball Game – during school – actual time/schedule TBA

Friday (05/04/18) –

  • Laptop usage in class for research project
  • Field Day – possible adjusted schedule – times TBA


Progress Reports – Available Online Beginning 04/25/18!

Parents, did you know progress reports were available on Wednesday, April 25, 2018?  As Cobb moves to all things digital, be sure to check your child’s grades on ParentVue/Synergy!  If you do not already have access, simply go, in person, to the front office with a valid picture I.D. and they will provide you with your access code.  In the meantime, all students have access to their grades via StudentVue.  They log in the same way they do to any school computer.

There are just a mere 18 days of school remaining!  Be sure to stay on top of your grades, students!


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