“My Favorite Book” Project Presentations

Don’t forget to bring your project (if you took it home) and be ready to present on your assigned presentation day (Monday-12/17, Tuesday-12/18, or Wednesday-12/19).  Use the following rubric to see how you will be assessed on the presentation of your project.

Oral Presentation Rubric


Biblionasium #3 – Due Tomorrow (12/13)

See the Biblionasium tab on the left of this screen for more details on how to complete a Biblionasium.

Reading Inventory (R.I.) Test Was Taken Today


Parents, ask your child(ren) to see their score from today’s test.  Also, they will present an R.I. Reflection half-sheet to you today to be signed and returned by tomorrow, Thursday, December 13, 2018.  Scores should have been written down students’ agendas on page 29 under “RI 1”.

In sixth grade, students must reach a Lexile level/R.I. score (same thing) between 925-1070 by the end of the school year.



How can I improve my R.I. score?  If your score falls below 925, read!  Reading helps improve your vocabulary and your score!  Also, you may receive additional support from classes designed specifically for you!  Don’t perceive this as a punishment.  Rather, choose to see these specially designed classes as an advantage which many students never have the opportunity to receive.

Conversely, if your score exceeds 1070, congratulations!  However, this does not constitute the right to stop.  Remember the moral behind “The Tortoise and The Hare”?  You must continue to strive for success.  Idling does not lead to success, but to stagnation.  You can always continue to improve your score!

If you need some book suggestions within your Lexile range, please access the following website and follow their instructions:  https://www.lexile.com/fab/search/categories/.  It is very possible that many of these books are already within our F.M.S. library.  You can check to see if these books are within our library on Destiny.  If they are not, you may politely request them to be purchased by Mrs. Chaney, our Teacher/Librarian/Media Specialist.  Additionally, be sure to access your local Cobb County library (http://www.cobbcat.org/).  One location is right down the road from our school, off of Floyd Road, on Clay Road!  That Cobb County Library’s branch’s website and information can be accessed at http://www.cobbcat.org/venue/south-cobb-regional-library/.


2018-2019 R.I. (Reading Inventory) dates for

Ms. Thurman’s classes:

“My Favorite Book Project” – Due Monday (12/17)

Parents, please check your child’s work to ensure that they will be finished with these projects on time.   If they do not physically have their work to show you, please check Parent Vue for grades, as several check-in grades have been added to the gradebook.

No late work will be accepted for this project.  

Last Tutoring of This Semester – Wednesday (12/12)

Tomorrow (12/12)  is the last day of E.L.A. tutoring for this semester.  Remember, students must be picked up promptly at 5:30 from the back bus depot area.


Second Semester Dates:

  • Jan. 16
  • Jan. 23
  • Jan. 30
  • Feb. 6
  • Feb. 13
  • Feb. 27
  • March 13
  • March 20
  • March 27

*Note:  Although it is highly encouraged, it is not mandatory for students to attend every session.


Microsoft Office 365

How to Access Microsoft Office 365

To access your account on Office 365, use the following steps:

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Type “Microsoft 365 Login” in the search box.
  3. Use the following items to log in/sign in:
    • Username: firstname.lastname@students.cobbk12.org
    • Password: the same password you created/use to log on to any computer in this building

Note:  Your username could have a number in it if someone else in the county shares your name.  Try using a number, as used in the following example:  Jane.Doe1@students.Cobbk12.org.

Secret Panther Paw Opportunity!

Shhh!  If you’re reading this post, I know you’re checking the blog and I’m proud of you!  Just write the secret word below AND it’s definition (hint: The definitions are posted in your classes or found in a dictionary) in the Language Arts box for Thursday, December 6, 2018, in your agenda, show it to me in class, and get a Panther Paw!  It’s that simple!  I will do secret Panther Paws/Brain Bucks on the blog from time to time, so make sure you’re checking the blog!

Secret Word*:  compassion (This is your F.M.S. word of the month!)

(Don’t forget to write the definition, too!  Hint:  The definition can be located in your classes or in a general dictionary!)

*NOTE: I will accept secret word responses for one week.  Therefore, the last day to receive a Panther Paw for this response is Thursday, December 13, 2018!

shhh-emoji shhh

Upcoming, Important Dates

  • Monday (12/10)
    • PTSA Member Jeans Day
    • Revved Up Parent Seminar – 6:00 (See Floyd Midweek Announcements for more details.)
    • 1st Part of Final Project – Check in
  • Tuesday (12/11) Picture Makeup Day (Only for students who were absent)
  • Wednesday (12/12)
    • RI #2
    • Jeans Day, sponsored by Beta Club – $1 if you choose to participate 
  • Thursday (12/13) Biblionasium #3 Due
  • Friday (12/14) 2nd Part of Final Project – Check in


  • Monday (12/17)
    • Final Project Due
    • Project Presentations Begin
  • Wednesday (12/19) Work Place Wednesday (Students can wear business attire.)
  • Thursday (12/20) Early Release
  • Friday (12/21) Early Release

Project Rough Drafts – Due Tomorrow!

Be sure to have created a paper version of all of the items that you will include in your final draft.  Use the rubric for your project to ensure you have included all necessary items to earn a great grade!  See the post below this one for digital resources of the paper items you have already received.

My Favorite Book ELA Project

Students signed up for their upcoming “Favorite Book” projects today based on the options below.  Parents, please inquire with your child as to which option they will be completing and the book they chose based on a book they have read this school year.  All students were provided with folders, rubrics and due dates/check-in’s today and began work on these projects today.  While students will work on these projects in class, please check in with them to see their progress.  Thank you.

Magnificent Mobile (Hanger): 

Coat Hanger Project



T-shirt book report project with rubric

T-Shirt Project.Check Ins



PowerPoint Movie Project.Check Ins

PowerPoint Movie Project


Diorama (Shoe Box): 

Diorama Project.Check Ins



Travel Agent: 

Five Day Travel Planner Project

Travel ELA Project.Check Ins


Comic Strip: 

Comic Strip ELA Project.Check Ins

Comic Strip Template


Check In’s:

  • November 28th – Tell your teacher what book you will use for your project.
  • November 30thList of What You Would Like Your Work to Cover


  • December 5thRough Draft due
  • December 10th First third of your project must be done


  • December 14thSecond third of your project must be done


  • December 17th FINAL PROJECT DUE – No late work will be accepted.  Presentations begin.





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