Study Guides for ALL UNITS

Unit 6: Probability (will start approximately March 26th)

Probability Study Guide-yepnwy

Unit 5 Inferences (data & statistics) Approx. March 5th – March 21

Unit 5 Study Guide-2gz7uzz


Unit 4 Geometry

Approximately Jan. 12th – March 2nd

2-dimensional figures:

Test 2D Study Guide SG-1fc2nw6

Unit 4 Test Study Guide-1jsndrj

(above is for entire unit: 2-dimensional & 3-dimensional figures)

Unit 3 Ratios & Proportional Relationships

Half-Way through the unit:

Unit 3 Almost There Test Study Guide LB-2fbt9pi

2nd half of the unit:

Unit 3 Study Guide Part 2 SG Enlarged-1atkzsu

Unit 2: Equations & Inequalities

Test – Unit 2 Study Guide (revised & simplified)-26ib8di

Unit 1: Rational Numbers

Study Guide – Unit 1-2m7qmdy



Math Unit 1 Study Guide Answer Key (test 9-5-17)

Unit 1 Study Guide SG Answer Key-13xwfee

There will be a test over Unit 1 for Math Small Group classes in 4th block and 7th block.  The attached answer key was discussed on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week (Aug. 29th and 30th).

Use this to study for your test.

You will have a quiz over adding, subtracting, multiplying and dividing fractions on Friday.  Don’t worry because you will be able to use a Multi-View Calculator as we have been practicing in class while working on the study guide.