December 18th

The HOLIDAY PARTY is tomorrow!! Please bring in your cookies.  Parents who have volunteered to help, we look forward to seeing you tomorrow afternoon. Tomorrow is also Holiday Hat and Festive Sweater day, so don you holiday finery for school tomorrow! But, don’t forget to bring in a $1.00 donation for Relay for Life. 


December 16th

Good evening!  We had a great day today at Durham.  Thank you to all of the students who returned their holiday party letters.   A special thanks to the three parents who will be here to assist on Friday afternoon.  I look forward to seeing you then.  Remember that Friday is Holiday Hat and Festive Sweater Day at Durham.  Wear your holiday finery , and if you can, please make a donation to Relay for Life.  A minimum donation of $1.00 would be appreciated. Only 3 more days to the holiday break!

December 15th

Happy Monday, boys and girls! This week is crunch time! Make sure you are turning in all of your assignments and getting all late work completed. Remember the late work policy allows you to turn in work up to three days late. The holiday party is Friday. So far, only four students have turned in the green letter confirming that they will be sending in treats. Please make sure you give the letter to your parents and bring in your treats (cookies) for the party.

Please make sure you are reading the content/class page(s) for important information in your content areas.

December 11, 2014

Good afternoon. As promised, the new blog is updated. I will continue to add information to the class pages as we continue through the school year. For today, this is the important information you need to know. Language Arts students, your final draft of your book print essay is due on Monday, December 15th. Your paper may be handwritten in blue or black ink or typed. Either way, you must use MLA format. Your guide is in the reference section of your notebook. Tomorrow in class, you will complete the power point slide to use during your presentation. Several of you asked me to put the smartnotebook we used in class on the blog, so here you go:

My Life in Books

In social studies, students completed the How a Bill Becomes a Law graphic organizer and viewed a video about the same topic. The midterm study guide was also handed out. The midterm study guide is optional. However, students who complete it and bring it with them to the midterm will receive an additional 5 points added to their grade on the test. The following assessments are scheduled for next week. Checkpoint 2 Quiz – Monday December 15th. Midterm – December 16th.