Testing is over, so tomorrow students are back to a normal schedule.  Friday is a Relay For Life Fundraising Day. Students may wear athletic shorts and jerseys to represent their favorite NFL football team.  Since this is a fundraiser, a $1.00 donation is appreciated.

Fall Break is September 26 – 30th.  I hope you are all looking forward to fun, restful week.


Welcome to week two of testing.  Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday students will continue taking the IOWA.  The schedule is:

8:50-9:25     homeroom

9:29-11:09   Testing

11:13-12:03 Testing/3rd Block

12:07 – 1:28 6th (Lunch)*

1:32 – 2:22 7th*

2:26 – 4:15  Connections

*Students will follow this schedule on Monday and Tuesday.  On Wednesday, they will have 4th and 5th blocks.

Friday is Athletic Shorts Day.  You may wear the jersey representing your favorite sports team and athletic shorts on September 23.  Please make a one dollar donation to Relay for Life if you participate in this event.


Progress reports went home today. Parents, please sign your student’s report and send it back no later than Friday.  If your child is at risk in a class,your student received an detailed progress report detailing any missing assignments.  The detail progress report must be signed and returned also.


Football season is right around the corner.  Let’s kick off the season by wearing your favorite colors to school tomorrow.  This is a Relay for Life fundraiser, so a dollar donation is appreciated.

Make-up Picture Day is October 21st.