Social Studies

May 21 – May 23

Monday – Personal Finance

MAY 14 – MAY 18

Economic Index

Answer Key to Containment of Communism Organizer containment in korea and vietnam KEY11-164u36f

May 7 – May 11


All Blocks  – Completed and turned in Road to Communism 4-Square and began Rebuilding Japan PPT and notes. The PPT is attached here:  Rebuilding_Japan with video Revised-1epftfh


Blocks 1,2,3, & 7- Continued Rebuilding Japan

Block 6 – Containment of Communism Article and Graphic Organizer

Wednesday:  Blocks 1,2,3 & 7 – Began Containment of Communism

Block 6 – Discussed Containment of Communism in Korea and Vietnam.  Reviewed responses in their organizer and added information as needed.

Thursday:  Blocks 1, 2, 3, & 7 -Discussed the Containment of Communism and worked on the graphic organizer

Block 6: Governments in Southern and Eastern Asia. Began reading and completing organizer

Friday: Blocks 1,2,3,& 7 – Final Warm-up quiz, Finalized the Containment of Communism Organizer and watched CNN10

Block 6 – Completed Government readings and organizer


April 30 – May 4

Monday- Blocks 1,2,3,&7:  Notes on Indian Nationalism.

Block 6: Discussed Background Essay and Pre-bucketing.  Analyzed and answered questions on Doc A.  HOMEWORK:  Complete Doc B.

Tuesday:  Blocks 1,2,3,&7 – More about Gandhi Article and questions. HOMEWORK: Students are to complete the annotation and answering the questions.

Block 6 – Students read and analyzed Documents C & D today. A packet explaining each document as well as providing answers to the questions was given to each student to use with a partner.  Students should have begun the analysis sheets in class today.  HOMEWORK – Complete one analysis sheet for each document.


All Blocks – Road to Communism Notes

Block 6 – Turn in What Made Gandhi’s Non Violence Work? Packet


All Blocks -CNN 10,  Complete Road to Communism Notes, Read Nationalism and the Road to Communism and answer questions.

Timeline for Tienanmen Square –

Friday:  All blocks worked on the Road to Communism 4-Square Assignment. Blocks 1,2,3&7 will have a little time on Monday to add the finishing touches (plan on 20 minutes) Block 6 students will turn the completed assignment in at the beginning of class.

April 23 – April 27


Monday:  Belief Systems in Southern and Eastern Asia Notes.

Blocks 1,2, & 3 began the graphic organizer

Block 6 and 7 completed the notes


BLOCKS 1, 2, 3, and 7 – Quizizz Review

Make sure you use the code for your block and that you use your first name and last initial.  This in a required homework assignment.  You may complete the quiz as many times as you like.  The deadline is Friday April at 9:30.

Block 1 – 401568

Block 2 – 790297

Block 3 – 368941

Block 7  – 369341

BLOCK 6 – Received Southern and Eastern Asia Belief Systems Song Playlist  assignments.  Students should begin looking for songs.  This assignment will count as a project grade.  It is due on Thursday.  Students will have some time to work on the assignment in class  but are expected to work on the assignment outside class as well. All song lyrics an must be school appropriate.  Lyrics are due on Wednesday.

Tuesday: Belief Systems of Southern and Eastern Asia Power pt and notes

Wednesday:  All blocks completed the Belief System Graphic Organizer.

Block 6 Map Packets Due. Work on Belief System Play List

Thursday: Blocks 1,2,3, & 7 Recycle It Activity or Mascot Activity

Block 6 – Comprehension Check (use this to study for your test tomorrow)

Friday:  Southern and Eastern Asia Belief Systems Test.  Blocks 1,2,3,&7- Virtual Field trip.

Block 6 – What Gandhi’s Non-Violence Work?  Students received a packet with background essay, hook activities, four primary source documents, and analysis worksheet.  Today, students were to read  the background essay, complete the hook activities, and the pre-bucketing portion of the packet.


Block 6 – What Made  Gandhi’s non-violence movement work?  Complete Hook Activities, Read Background Essay and Complete Pre-Bucketing activities.

April 9 – April 13

Monday:  All blocks reviewed their South and East Asia Map and made any needed corrections. Then students tested their knowledge by coming to the smartboard to label a blank map.  This helped them prepare for the Map Test on Thursday April 12

Tuesday:  Blocks 1,2,3 & 7 began their study of the environmental issues in South and East Asia.  Students are reading articles concerning air pollution, water pollution, and flooding in China and India.  Students are completing notes and completing a discovery ticket for each issue in both countries.

Block 6 completed a reading selection on the geography of South and East Asia and it’s impact on the population.  The questions with the packet are to be completed by THURSDAY as there will be a class discussion over these after the South and East Asia map test.

Wednesday:  Blocks 1, 2, 3, & 7- Continued working on environmental issues readings and discovery tickets.  Block 6 previewed environmental issues in South and East Asia.  If you did not get complete notes today in class, please come to my room during homeroom.  I will have the power point available for you to use to complete your notes. Don’t forget your geography questions are due tomorrow.


March 26 – 30

Monday:  Students began the Monsoon Asia Mapping Lab.


Tuesday:  Students continued the mapping lab

Wednesday:  Students continued the mapping lab.  Students who are not finished will have 1/2 of the class period to complete the assignment tomorrow.

Thursday:  Students completed all mapping lab activities.  If you were absent and still have questions to complete, I will have the lab set up in my classroom during homeroom.

Friday:  Students received the South and East Asia political and physical map to label and color.  The test over the map will be the Thursday after student return from break.

SE Asia labeled and Colored Maps 2-1jojiqz



March 19 – March 23

Monday:  Students received a completed Key for the  Economics Comparison sheet for Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa. This form should be placed in their social Studies Notebook.

HOMEWORK: Economics Detective Worksheet homework assignment was  turned in today.

Students received Africa Unit Test Study Guide. Any questions not completed in class are homework.  Students should continue to play QUIZZIZ to review for the test on Thursday.  (Code – 2107380)

Tuesday:  Today students completed their study guide and compared their answers to the answer key.  Students corrected any incorrect information on their sheets. (and they received a copy of the key)

Wednesday:  I know we’ve been reviewing like crazy for the test tomorrow, but don’t forget to look over your study guide again tonight.  Today in class, students reviewed playing KAHOOTS.  Remember, the Quizizz is available until tomorrow morning. If you haven’t beaten Mr. Vedra yet, there is still time!

Thursday:  All blocks took the Africa Unit Test which we have been reviewing for all week.  After the test, students chose an article about the economic systems of Kenya, Nigeria, or South Africa.

** The grades for the unit test are in synergy!  Boys and girls YOU ROCKED IT!  Good job!

BLOCK 6 STUDENTS – Bring headphones or earbuds tomorrow.  You are going on a virtual field trip to the Great Forests of China!

March 12 – March 16

Monday:  All blocks finished up the power point presentation and Symposium Notes.  If you were absent or at LGPE today, your questions and power point are due tomorrow.  Your power point is in Office 365.

MARK YOUR CALENDARMarch 22nd is the summative assessment for Africa.  This is over all four units: Geography, History, Government, and Economics.

Tuesday:  Students completed Government Instability presentations and Symposium Notes. Please make sure you turn your research and collaboration sheets  along with your symposium notes tomorrow at the beginning of class if you did not do so today.

Wednesday:  Warm-up Quiz Pages 75 -76.  All Classes discussed ECONOMICS PPT & Notes

HOMEWORK – Economic Detective Activity DUE MONDAY 3/19.  Please remember that late homework is not accepted.

All students received the Quizziz  review log in code to begin reviewing for the African Unit Test on March 22nd.  If you have lost your code or you were absent today, please see me for the code.

Thursday:  Completed  Economic notes and began Economic Comparison of Kenya, Nigeria, and South Africa Activity. Students are reading in a group and sharing information about each country to complete a graphic organizer.

Friday:  Continued the Economics Comparison Activity.

March 5 – March 9

All students began “The Plight of Africa” Symposium Activity today.  Students are becoming an expert in one of the topics that affects Africa today.  If students want to continue their research tonight, please use the Cobb Digital Library.  Students have been instructed on how access this sight from the Media Center tab on the Durham Home page.  If you are interested in the current assignment, please click on the links to see an overview and the welcome letter your student received today. Plight of Africa Sypmosium Welcome Letter-28r9fd8 and The Plight of Africa – Standard of Living Assignment-10jh589 


Students continued with research and collaboration in their expert groups.


Students took a break from the research project and reviewed for the Government Assessment on Friday.  Each student was given a 1/4 sheet of paper and allowed to select the constructed response questions they will answer on Friday.  Students are allowed to make notes on the sheet to help them and they can use the notes on Friday.  The quizizz code for review is 984410. Tomorrow, students will work on their group power point.

Thursday: Students began working on their power point to use when discussing the issue about which they have become an expert.  Students are using Office 365 to collaborate on the presentation.  It has been a great learning tool!

Friday:  Students completed power points and the expert group presentations began!  Students are learning about the impact of government instability in Africa.

February 26 – March 2

Monday:  Today all blocks participated in “I have…Who has?” to review the government unit vocabulary.  The cards used in class can be printed here and used as a study guide I have Who Has African Government Vocabulary Review-2lwmal5.

Block 6 and Block 7 students took an assessment to determine if they had mastered the vocabulary.  Students who scored less than a 100 must use the Quizziz review for remediation.  Students are expected to complete the quizziz until they score a 100%.  Please use the code for your block and use your first name and last initial to sign in.

Block 6 – 758047

Block 7 – 934837

**Blocks 1, 2, & 3 will take the almost there and qet their quizziz code tomorrow.


As promised, here are the Quizziz codes:

Block 1 158175

Block 2 757280

Block 3 647421

Remember that you must take the quizziz until you score a 100!

Today, all blocks took introductory notes on governments in Africa.  Tomorrow, students will take a more in depth look at Nigeria, South Africa, and Kenya.

Websites for Friday’s Extension Activity:

Please open this link: AFRICA WEBQUEST SITES-2gfbl33 You will find the links to the web activities for today.  Please copy and paste the assignments you are completing into the browser.

February 12 – 16

Monday:  Blocks 1, 2, & 3:  Independence Reading Packet.  Read, annotate, and answer the questions in complete sentences.  There will be a ticket in the door tomorrows!  You must finish the packet for homework.

Block 7:  Review Ticket in the Door.  Students an assignment based on their success on the ticket.  If you received the additional reading with questions, you must complete those tonight.

Block 6:  Students completed their group review of factors leading to Independence in Nigeria, Kenya, and South Africa. Completed the ticket in the door and began tiered assignment (reading with guided questions or extension activity)

February 5 – 9


All blocks:  European Imperialism Ppt and notes.  Here is the PPt – European Imperialism in Africa-19y5yqw

and here are the completed notes – European Imperialism in Africa Notes Key-2000eqp

Tuesday:  Viewpoints on European Colonialism in Africa: eurpean-colonialism-negative-positive-2kb8p9d

Wednesday: Students took notes on Pan Africanism and wrote a paragraph on the effects of European imperialism in Africa.

Thursday: Independence of Africa PPT with fill in the blank notes

Friday:  Independence Reading Assignment on Kenya, Nigeria, and North Africa

 January 29 – February 2

Monday:  OL – completed Environmental Issues Comic Strip Homework – Review for the quiz on 1/31

AC – Complete Changes in Regions Activity Homework – Review for quiz on 1/31

Tuesday:  OL – Ethnic and Religious Groups ppt with notes

AC – Ethnic and Religious Groups ppt with notes Homework:  Read and Annotate Religious/Ethnic Groups Article

Wednesday: OL – Geography/Environmental Issues Quiz . Continue Ethnic/Religious Group notes and begin Map

AC – Geography/Environmental Issues Quiz . Continue Ethnic/Religious Group notes and begin Map

Thursday:  OL – Complete Ethnic/Religious Groups Notes and Map.  Begin Questions Homework:  Finish Questions

AC:  Complete Ethnic/Religious Groups Notes and Map.  Begin Questions Homework:  Finish Questions.  Here is question #7 if you did not copy it from the board as instructed:

Compare the ethnic and religious groups on your map to the current political borders for each African country. The current political borders for each country were drawn by European rulers (ex. British and French) who took over Africa in the 1800s.  What potential problem do you see when you compare how the ethnic and religious groups are distributed to the political borders established by the Europeans?  Give at least two examples from the map to support your answer.


All blocks took a formative assessment on religious and ethnic groups and completed an anticipation activity to begin the study of European Imperialism in Africa.

January 22 – 26

Monday:  OL: Map Test, Discussed Africa Geography Questions

AC:  Completed PPt and Discussed Africa Geography Questions

Key to the Africa Geography Guided Questions:  Africa PPT guided Questions KEY-2b83rkj

Tuesday:  OL: Water Water Anywhere Station activity with reflection

AC:  Africa Map Test. Deforestation and Desertification Article.  Read, Annotate, and Answer Questions (Answers must be in complete sentences) Complete for homework if necessary.


OL:  Began reading Deforestation/Desertification Article. Students should have questions 1-4 answered in complete sentences.

AC:  Water Water Anywhere activity and Pollution Article (Read, Annotate, and Answer in complete sentences) The pollution article will be collected for a homework grade tomorrow.


OL:  Completed Deforestation/Desertification and began the Pollution Article.  Questions for the pollution article are due tomorrow.

AC:  Completed articles and water activities

UPCOMING QUIZ:  Wednesday JANUARY 31 – Geography and Environmental Issues


All Blocks – Vocabulary Pop Quiz

OL:  Environmental Comic Strip Due Monday at the end of Class

AC:  Environmental Change in African Regions. 

Water Statistics: The Water Crisis Station 2-1kk4g3q

January 15 -19

Monday:  MLK Day

Tuesday:  Geography of Africa Ppt and questions.  Georgraphy of Africa Powerpoint with Guided Questions-1gqy84d

HOMEWORK:  Study for Map Test

Wednesday: Snow Day

Thursday: Snow Day

Friday: Snow Day

January 8 – 12

Monday:  Ice Day No School!

Tuesday:  Vocabulary Activity

Wednesday:  Blocks 7, 5, 3, 1:

  1. Complete the geography terms organizer: Geography of Africa Word and Definitions-15dbnlp
  2. Label the political and physical map of Africa Africa Map Instructions-2l8lgr7  

MAP TESTS- OL January 17, AC January 18


Here are keys for the maps that you completed in class today.  Thank Mr. Vedra for his hard work when you see him tomorrow.

africa maps key3-2nx4clj

And since your here, check out this link.  It seems like snow fell in the Sahara Desert just a couple of days ago!  How incredible is that!!

FRIDAY:  Began Geography of Africa Ppt and Questions.


 December 11 – December 15

Monday:  SNOW DAY! Woo hoo…I hope everyone enjoyed the snow and drank hot chocolate!

Tuesday:  Welcome Back.  Blocks 6 and 7 took the Economic Almost there.  Blocks 1, 2, 3, and 7 began the economic advertisement assignment. This assignment is due THURSDAY December 14.  Block 6 completed the economic summarizer using notes from government and economics, the Economic Review Questions (almost there) and began notes on Oil Distribution in the Middle East.

UPCOMING VOCABULARY TEST DECEMBER 15TH.  STUDY YOUR ECONOMIC DICTIONARY AND YOUR ECONOMIC UNIT PRETEST. There is a QUIZIZZ Review available.  The code is 246649.  This is for review only.  It is not a homework assignment, nor is it being offered for extra credit on the test.


The following are the additional items students were given to add the instruction sheet.

  1. Explanations must be written on a separate piece of paper. Sentences must be written in blue or black ink or typed.
  2. No #2 pencil on the finished advertisement. The writing must be in blue or black ink
  3. Pictures in the ads must be colored with colored pencils only.  No markers or sharpies.
  4. No computer generated pictures in the ad.  Students can print out a picture of the item and use it for reference as they draw.  NO STICK FIGURES!
  5. Grammar, punctuation, and spelling count!  Proof read your work.
  6. Neatness counts!

Wednesday:  Blocks 1, 2,3,&7:  Worked on Economic Advertisement Project.  Block 6 continued Distribution of Oil in the Middle East and OPEC notes.

December 4 – December 8

Monday:  CNN 10 News, Began Economic Dictionary

Tuesday:  Continued creating the Economic Dictionary

Wednesday: Economic Systems Foldable  H/W: None

Thursday:  Blocks 1,2,3,& 7:  Completed Foldable, Economic Quotations Activity, Production, Distribution and Consumption Sort and Discussion

Block 6: Worked on FOLDABLE

Friday:  SNOW DAY!  Blocks 1,2, & 3 were able to take the Almost There for the ME economics unit.  Don’t worry, blocks 6 & 7 will take it on Monday.

Enjoy the snow!

November 27 – December 1

Friday:  Economic Unit Pretest (Unit will begin with vocabulary on Monday) and completion and discussion of Triple Venn Diagram comparing Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey)

Thursday:  Vocabulary Open Note Quiz and complete triple Venn diagram comparing Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey.

Students received a graphic organizer with all need information included.  Students compared the completed organizer to the one they completed during the lecture.

Wednesday: Continued the discussion of the governments of SW Asia.  Students are focusing on taking notes from a power point presenetaton

Tuesday:  Governments in SW Asia: Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Turkey (PPT with Notes)  I cannot attach the power point to the blog because of copyright restrictions.  Please see me if you were absent.)

Monday:  Completed Venn Diagram to compare and contrast Parliamentary and Presidential Democracy

November 20-November 24

Thanksgiving Holiday

Log into to Office365 and take the following survey and quiz:



Friday:  Discuss Article and begin venn diagram for types of democracies.

Thursday:   Complete group activity from Thursday as needed

Parliamentary and Presidential Democracy – Read and annotate article. (Do not just highlight)

Wednesday:  Learning through Primary Documents/Inquiry Lesson – 4 Squares Picture Activity – Types of Government Discovery

Tuesday:  All Blocks completed the Vocabulary Matrix Activities.

Monday:  All Blocks worked on the Vocabulary Matrix.



Blocks 1,2,3,&7:  CNN10, Continued working on Government Vocabulary Matrix

Block 6: CNN10, Government Unit Pretest, Government Vocabulary Matrix, Turned in Current Event Article


Blocks 1,2,3,&7:  Operation Iraqi Freedom 2003 Quiz, Completed Timeline on back of article, Completed Definitions for Government Unit.

Block 7: Completed the documentary: The Secret History of 9/11.  Students received copies of notes on the Invasion of Afghanistan(2001) and the Invasion of Iraq (2003)  which cover the important facts from the video as students were not  required to take notes.  Students should read the articles and complete the notes.  The notes go in the History section of the Social Studies notebook.

Wednesday:  Blocks 1,2,3,&7:  Brainpop video and questions over 9/11.  Article on the invasion of Afghanistan. Read and completed two column notes.  HW:  Read and take notes on the invasion of Iraq/Operation Iraqi Freedom.  There will be a quiz tomorrow!

Block 6:  Watched The Secret History of 9/11 Documentary.

Tuesday:  No School

Monday:  All groups read an article and completed two column notes for the Persian Gulf War.  Block 6 should finish the timeline for homework

October 30 – November 3


All students wrote the final paragraph on the reason for the establishment of Israel


All blocks took a 10 question assessment on the history of Israel.

Home Access to Office 365:  We will be using Office 365 for an activity in the near future.  Here is a screencast that shows how students access the program for home.  Please practice logging in so when the assignment is given, you are able to complete it. Access the link here:

Wednesday:  Blocks 1,2,3,&7:  Completed outline for body paragraphs 1 & 2.  Paragraph 3 outline is homework.

Block 6:  Worked on DBQ outline.  Homework:  Complete essay outline

All blocks will draft the paragraph after the multiple choice portion of  the test today.


Blocks 1,2,3,&7:  Continued working on the DBQ Outline

Block 6: Briefly discussed Doc.E then began working on the DBQ Outline

Information covered on the History of Israel Test:

  1. Decline of the Ottoman Empire
  2. Zionist Movement
  3. Unit Vocabulary
  4. Creation of Israel as a Jewish State

Monday:  Blocks 1,2,3,& 7:  Discussed Document C and began creating thesis statment

Block 7:  Discussed Doc C, Handed out Doc E.  HW: Complete Doc E analysis

October 23 – 27

UPCOMING TESTS:   History of Israel 11/2 ALL BLOCKS

QUIZIZZ:  All blocks received the code for the homework assignment on Thursday.  The assignment is due 11/1 at 9:00PM.  Students may play the quizziz as many times as they like.  A score of 82 or above will earn 3 extra credit points on the test!  The assignment does count as a homework grade.  IF YOU DO NOT HAVE YOUR CODE, SEE ME PLEASE!

Friday:  Block 1,2,3 & 7- Doc. C Read, Discuss, Analyze HW Complete analysis if necessary

Block 6: Doc D Read, Discuss, Analyze.  HW Complete analysis if necessary

Thursday:  Block 1,2,3&7 – Document B Read, Discuss, Analyze

Block 6:  Doc C Read, Discuss, Analyze HW: Finish analysis if necessary

Wednesday:  Block 1,2,3, &7 – Document A analysis

Block 6 – Doc B Discuss and analyze

Tuesday:  Blocks 1,2,&3: Doc A Vocabulary.  Read and discussed Doc A


Block 6:  Discussed Doc A, Doc B: Read tonight and circle and define any unknown words.  Be ready to discuss and analyze tomorrow.

Block 6:  Pre-bucketing and Doc A vocabulary

Monday:  Blocks 1,2,3: Completed questions, timeline and prebucketing

Block 6: Reviewed document analysis (say, mean, matter) for Doc A

Block 7: completed the background essay questions and the timeline

October 16 -20

 Friday:  Block 1, 2, 3, & 7:  Continued background essay questions

Block 7: Prebucketing and discussed Document A


Blocks 1,2,3,& 7:  Warm up questions, Completed Background Essay and began answering the questions.

Block 6:  Began analysis of Doc A.

Wednesday: Blocks 1,2,3,&7: Warm-up questions, Continued reading Background Essay

Block 6: Understanding the question and Pre Bucketing Handout.

Tuesday:  Blocks 1,2,3 &7:  Warm-up questions, Continued reading Background Essay

Block 6:  Discussed Background essay and reviewed answers to questions.

Monday:  Blocks 1,2,3,&7: Discussed what a DBQ is.  Began reading the background essay.

Block 6: Students completed reading and annotating the background essay.  All questions should be answered to discuss tomorrow,.

October 9 – 13

Friday: Discussion of political cartoons.  Block 6: Decades of Distrust and How to Annotate – Read articles and begin background essay.

Thursday: DBQ Intro powerpoint and Discussion

Wednesday:  Zionism Ppt. and Notes.  Ppt is available by clicking this link: Zionist Movement 2015 lpga-1htb1mb

Tuesday: Israel Map Test and Zionism Discussion (All Blocks)

**AC Students Block 6:  You have an opportunity this Friday to turn in your first Current Events assignment.  A few of you asked for another copy of the activity, so here it is: AC New Story Homework-z7fzat

Monday:  All Blocks: Hearing and Vision Vocabulary Quizizz

October 2 – 6

Friday: End of the First Quarter

Blocks 1, 2, 3, & 7: Breaking Up Is Hard – An Object Lesson on the Demise of the Ottoman Empire

Block 7:  Decline of the Ottoman Empire Ppt & Notes


Blocks 1,2,3,&7 – Labeled Map of Israel.  Decline of the Ottoman Empire Ppt and Notes

Block 6 – The Real Lawrence of Arabia Activity

Wednesday: Blocks 1,2,3 & 7 – Competed Middle East Vocabulary

Block 7 – Middle East vocabulary and Map of Israel

Tuesday:  Blocks 1,2,3, & 7: Warm-up #7 (first 4 questions), Modern Middle East History/Vocabulary. Students copied the definitions, wrote a sentence, and drew a symbol for each word.  Organizer should be completed to night if not finished in class.  ISRAEL MAP TEST 10/10/17.

Block 7:  Completed Vocabulary Organizer and labeled Map of Israel.  Complete activity at home if you did not complete it in class.

Middle East Dictionary:    To those that asked if I could attach this to my blog – I tried, but the copies were too blurry.  Come see me in homeroom and you can finish up anything you are missing.

Monday:  Welcome back!  All blocks participated in a Career Cruising learning Activity today.

IMPORTANT INFORMATION REGARDING TEST MAKE-UP: If you were absent on Friday Sept. 22, you must take your test during homeroom tomorrow.

TEST REMEDIATION:  If you scored a 70 or below on your test, you have an opportunity for grade recovery.  Please see me during homeroom tomorrow.

September 18 – 22

It will be nice to go back to a regular schedule on Wednesday!


Blocks 1, 2, & 3:  Religons Ticket Out the Door.  Ethnic Groups Reading Packet (Who are the Kurds?) and graphic organizer


Blocks 3: Completed Who are the Kurds? Packet and completed a triple Venn

Block 7: Reviewed Who should Replace Mohammed? and began Ethnic Group Packet with organizer

Block 6: Completed comparison of religions graphic organizer, Shia/Sunni Pppt with notes.  HW: Who should replace Mohammed?

Here is a version of the completed Religions Comparison Chart.


Please include the information for the size and age on your graphic organizer.   PLEASE NOTE:  This comparison contains more information than you had available in your articles.  You do not have to copy all of the information onto your organizer.  You only need the age and size information.



  1. What disagreement caused Islam to break into Sunni and Shia sects?
  2.  According to Shia belief, who can lead the Muslim people?
  3. How many Muslims today are Shia
  4. The two largest populations of Shia Muslims live in which countries?
  5. According to Sunni belief, who can lead the Muslim people?
  6. How many Muslims today are Sunni?


Blocks 1,2,3, & 7: Completed the Kurds, Persians, and Arabs.  Review Study Guide.

Block 6: Review Who should Replace Mohammed, Completed Ethnic Groups Article.


All Blocks played Kahoots Review Games.  TEST: Tomorrow!

September 11 – 15

Monday/Tuesday:  Out of School for inclement Weather

 Wednesday: Blocks 1, 2, 3, & 7- Warm-up Quiz Weeks 5 & 6, Students worked in groups to complete a triple Venn Diagram comparing the three major religions in the Middle East

Block 6 – New Warm-up Assignment presented and discussed, Intro to Religions Anticipation Guide, Began notes on the Birth of Three Religions.


Blocks 3, 2, & 1: Reviewed information in Venn Diagram.

Click the link here to see the answers: Comparision of Middle East Religions Triple Venn Diagram-10p3idd

Completed notes on Sunni/Shia Sects, Read Article Who Should Replace Muhammed? and answered questions, Ticket out the Door – 3 religions.


Block 3 & 7:

Reviewed information in Venn Diagram.

Click the link here to see the answers: Comparision of Middle East Religions Triple Venn Diagram-10p3idd

Completed notes on Sunni/Shia Sects, Read Article Who Should Replace Muhammed? and answered questions, Ticket out the Door – 3 religions.

Study Guide given out

TEST: 9/22 over religions

Block 6: Completed notes on Birthplace of Three Religions. Began comparison of three religions articles and graphic organizer.

TEST: Test 9/22 over religions


Directions:  Read all of this before starting

Click on link to go to Quizziz website:

Enter game code  995690


You may take the review as many times as you want.

Your score will count as a  HW grade, and with a score of 82 or above you get 3 points extra credit.

REMEMBER you can use the media center computers to complete this assignment

DUE 9/21 at 9:30 am


September 4 – September 8

Monday- Labor Day Holiday.  I hope everyone enjoyed themselves!

Tuesday – Blocks 1, 2, 3, & 7:  Environmental Issues in the Middle East story board turned in.  Warm-ups (4 questions)  Introduction to the Religions of the Middle East.

Block 6:  Discussion of article for supporting question 3 of IDM. Continued reading articles  2 & 3.

Wednesday – Block 1, 2, 3, & 7- Notes on the development of the three major religions of the Middle East

Block 6 – IDM Complete supporting question #3 and begin 4

Thursday – Blocks 1,2, 3, & 7 – Returned papers and organized binder.

Block 6 – continued questions 4.  Storyboard is due tomorrow at the end of class. Please follow all directions at the top of the assignment.

Friday –  Blocks 1, 2, 3, & 7: Venn Diagram

Block 6 Story Board Due

August 28- September 1

Monday:  Blocks 1,2,3,&7: Completed the organizer for Environmental Issues in the Middle East, Read Problems and Proposals, Discussed organizer and upcoming storyboard assignment.

Block 6: Began reading to answer Supporting question #2 on the IDM.  The articles are not homework.  The links are provided in case you wish to work ahead.  Both articles need to be read and annotated  by Wednesday, so you can complete the Body of Evidence assignment in class.   Here are the links for the articles:

Conflict: Water Diversion and Allocation between Israeli and Palestinian Citizens

The NPR broadcast can be listened to here: Please cut and paste this link into your browser.)


Blocks 1, 2, 3 & 7:  All blocks worked on the “fishbone” organizer for the Impact of Environmental Issues Storyboard.  Hopefully, you were able to complete your fish bone in class, if not, please finish it up tonight.  If you are in 7th block, and you have questions about your organizer, please come see me in homeroom.  I will help you then.

 Block 6: Today, students completed reading  and annotating both articles.  Tomorrow, there will be a class wide discussion of the conflicts discussed in the articles.  Make sure you are prepared to discuss the following questions: 1) What do the people of this country think about the rights of the opposing side to the water? 2) What do the people of this country believe about their right to the water?  3) What motivates the people of this country to have access to water? 4) What actions would the people of this country take to have control over the water? 5) Where are the people of the country headed to meet their water needs?


Sometime in the near future (but no sooner than Sept. 8th) I will be checking to make sure your SS Binders are set up and organized correctly.  In order to help you ensure that you have everything you need to be successful, here is a link to the table of contents.  Please make sure you are using the correct list when you organizer your materials.

Social Studies Binder Table of Contents AC-v3vsuw

Social Studies Binder Table of Contents OL-23ol0pi


Block 1,2,3,&7 – Students completed  the fish-bone organizer and began the rough draft of the story board. 7th Block – you must have your fish-bone completed by the time class begins tomorrow. Here is the slide we had at the end of class if you want to take a look at it: Fish bone-1fpdeys

Block 6: Today was your opportunity to discuss the IDM articles and the NPR Story with your peers.  Review your notes and your questions so you are ready to complete your Body of Evidence assignment tomorrow.  The BOE will be due at the end of class tomorrow.


Block 1, 2, 3, & 7:  Continued working on the Environmental Issues of the Middle East Story Board.  The final story board is due SEPTEMBER 5th at the beginning of class.  Students will have the class period tomorrow to complete this assignment.

Block 6: Students completed the Body of Evidence performance task in class today.  This assignment is a classwork grade.

Attached is a copy of the IDM you are completing.  Please note that all of the assignments and links to all articles and graphic organizers can be found here:Is all water equal-1mzseev.  You may review the lessons you have completed and read ahead by using the article links in supporting questions 3 & 4.  DO NOT DO THE ASSESSMENT!


Blocks 1, 2, 3, & 7:  Students completed the work on the Environmental Storyboard.  The final due date is Tuesday 9/5.  This allows students who needed to put the finishing touches on their storyboard to complete it.

Block 6: Students were assigned one article from supporting question 4 text set to read and to complete a note sheet.  Students who did not complete the classwork assignment can access the link to the articles from yesterday’s blog entry.


August 21 – 25

Monday: Eclipse 2017!  Students in Blocks 1-3 learned about myths from different cultures in the regions we are studying this year.  Students created their own myths to explain the eclipse.  This is an enrichment activity.  Students were not present do not have to make up this assignment.

Tuesday:  Students completed the reading packet.  6th Block began discussion of the graphic organizer.

NOTE TO ALL CLASSES:  Don’t forget that we will meet in Room 214 (Computer Lab #1 across from the Digital Classroom for the RI tomorrow and Thursday.

Wednesday: All classes took the RI assessment. Geographic Understanding Packet is due tomorrow for a classwork grade. Here is the completed graphic organizers that go with pages 85 – 87: How Does Where You Live Affect How You Live Organizer-1yn2735

Thursday: Environmental Issues in the Middle East article and graphic organizer.  If you were absent or making up the RI, here is the information: Environmental Issues wtih graphic organizer-1bh33l6

Don’t forget the warm-up quiz tomorrow!  It is open note, so make sure you have the warm-up sheet and the correct answers.

Friday: Blocks 1, 2, & 3:  Completed Environmental Issues article.

Block 6:  Began Is All Water Equal IDM.  Supporting Question #1: Why do some people have access to water and some people don’t? Students are to complete the  Water Scarcity Map and write  list of Countries with and  a list of  countries without water. If you did not complete this activity in class, you may complete using this link: Water Scarcity Map-symunm

August 14 -18

Monday: Students completed Map Challenge 2 as classwork.  Map Challenge 1 is homework. Southwest and Central Asia Map Challenges-zpx7fj

Tuesday: Blocks 1,2,3 & 7 – Warm-up, Turned in Map Challenge 1 Homework, Began Map Challenges 3 & 4.

Block 6- Warm-up Mental Map of the Middle East, Turned in Map Challenge 1 Homework, Map Challenge 3 & 4.

Wednesday: Students continued working on Map Challenges 3 & 4.  This is a classwork grade.

Thursday:  Middle East Map Test, Geographic Understandings reading packet.

Friday:  Continue reading and annotating the reading packet.  Questions will be graded for a classwork grade.  All packets are due Wednesday August 23rd.

August 7 – 11

Monday: Students completed the warm up, Reviewed and corrected answers on Reading a Roadmap, reviewed latitude and longitude. Took quiz over lat/long.  Received Rectanguland assignment.  This is due on 8/9.

Tuesday:  Social Studies Pretest

Wednesday: Complete Pretest, Turn in Rectanguland, “What Do You See?” Perception activity.  Completed map/pictures will be voted on in each class tomorrow.

Thursday: Students watched a video explaining how to label the political and physical map of the Middle East.  Students worked on their map.  HW:  None   QUIZ:  Your warm-up quiz is tomorrow.  It is open note.  Make sure you have all the answers for the questions on side A & B of the warm up sheet for weeks 1 & 2.

Friday: Students completed an open note warm-up quiz.  Physical Features of the Middle East Map completed.  The map test is August 17th.  A key to both maps can be accessed at this link pol and phy map key -study guide-2c1gh6x.  Have a great weekend!

July 31 – August 4

Monday:  Welcome to 7th grade Social Studies.  This year is going to be full of excitement as we study three ever-changing regions of our world: The Middle East, Africa, and South and East Asia.  Today, we began by getting to know one another.  Remember to bring your “All About Me” sheets with you tomorrow.

Tuesday: Today was jam-packed with information.  Students reviewed classroom procedures and took notes.  Bus Expectations were reviewed.  Students received the class syllabus and acknowledgment.  Finally, fire drill procedures were reviewed.  Students should have parents sign the classroom procedure notes and the syllabus acknowledgement.

All hand outs and the power point can be accessed using the following links:

Classroom Procedures Social Studies 17-18-20sllkr (Class Procedures PPT)

class procedures Filled in 17 18-28u54iy (Completed notes)

Syllabus for 2017-2018 Garcia AC-1ynjac1 (Block 6)       

Syllabus for 2017-2018 Garcia CT-115v0he(Blocks 1, 2 & 3)

Syllabus for 2017-2018 Garcia OL-q0wjqt (Block 7)


Warm-up question #1

Five Strands of Social Studies  ppt. and graphic organizer.

PPT link is here:five-strands-of-social-studies garcia-pqn3oj

The graphic organizer is in the WHILE YOU WERE AWAY FOLDER in the classroom.


Warm-up question #2 on the handout

Completed the notes from yesterday and began Latitude/Longitude Review.  Students who did not finish the worksheet should complete it tonight.  Pinpointing Major Cities: pinpoint major cities long. and lat-xawsih Pinpointing Major Cities-1e6exk6



Warm-up #3 on handout

Review answers to Pinpointing Major Cities

Define and Discuss Absolute and Relative Location

Reading a Road Map Worksheet.(Practicing Map Skills)  Students had 16 questions to answer using a sample map and legend


May 15 – May 19

Monday:  Complete Project.  The final project is due at the beginning of  class on Tuesday.  Study Guide  is due tomorrow and will be reviewed during class.

May 8 – 12

Monday: Students responded to Journal Prompt # 3:  Which character would be your best friend and why? Students continue to read or work on the final project.

Tuesday:  Students received the rubric for the project due on May 16th.  Students also looked at samples of students work so that expectations could be addressed and any remaining questions could be answered.

Wednesday:  Read/Project.  Tomorrow is the deadline to complete the novel.

Thursday:  Remember that your project is due on 5/16.  All books should be completed by 5/12 at the latest.

Friday:  Cumulative Test on Thursday and Friday of next week.  Content Study guide given out.  Study Guide is due on Tuesday.

May 1 – 5

Monday: Students spent the first five minutes discussing what they read on Friday and the answers to the questions.  Students then spent 10 minutes responding  to Journal Prompt #2: Think of something your main character has done in the book that you ?disagree with. What would you have done differently?

The remainder of the class time was spent reading.

Novel project information for both novels was given to students.  Students were asked to read the project information and have questions ready for discussion tomorrow.  The due date for finishing the novel is May 12th.

Tuesday – Wednesday:  Discussed the project guidelines and requirements.  Reading Group 5 minute discussion.  Silent reading continued.

Thursday: Students were provided black construction paper to use as a back drop for their project.  Reading Continued


April 24 – 28

Monday:  Students began reading a novel of their choice (A Samurai’s Tale or Red Scarf Girl).  Students also received their study questions to answer as they are reading.

Tuesday: Silent Reading/Answered Questions

Wednesday:  Discussion Groups, answered Journal one, silent reading/answered reading guide questions.

Thursday – Friday:  Students continue discussing and reading their novel.

APRIL 17 -21

Monday:  Outline DBQ Essay

Intro paragraph must contain 3 conditions necessary for change and info on each person.  Body paragraphs must have a topic sentence, 1 fact per person, explanation of fact, and an argument. Each paragraph includes all three men and a total of 3 Fact.

HOMEWORK: Complete your outline.  Tomorrow you will write the essay in class.  You will have your background essay questions, document analysis sheets, and your outline to help you write.


Tuesday:  Write DBQ Essay:  What made non-violence successful?

Wednesday:  Color Code Essay.  Turn in Outline, Document Analysis Sheets and Background Questions.

Thursday: CNN 10. Review Books for novel study. Create Journal

Friday:  Preview Reading Day.  Students must confirm their book selection at the end of class.


APRIL 10 -14

Monday: Introduce DBQ, Background Essay, HW:  Complete Background Essay Questions

Tuesday:  Discussed Backkground Essay, Began analysis of  Documents 1, 2, 3 and completed the document analysis form.  Students must have two facts for each document.  All sections of the document analysis must be completed in full sentences. Students were instructed to do further independent research if they did not understand the document. Homework:  Complete analysis of documents 1, 2, & 3.

Wednesday:  1) Students received content notes on Documents 1, 2, and 3. Information was discussed by partners.  Students were instructed to supplement their document analysis or the annotated notes on the document with additional information. 2) Document 4, 5, and 6 Content notes provided. Students were instructed to read the content notes prior to analyzing the documents and completing the document analysis sheet (2 facts per document) Homework: Complete analysis of Documents 4, 5, & 6

March 27 – 31

Monday: Discussed containment in Korea and Vietnam.  Assignment taken up. Began Communism 4 Square assignment. Due at the end of class on March 28. Assignment details here:Communism 4 Square Poster Activity-2mnnzwj

Tuesday:  Continued working on the Communism 4-Square Activity.  This assignment is due at the beginning of class Wednesday.

Wednesday:  Inside North Korea video and viewing questions.

Thursday: Economic Activity, Reading and Graphic Organizer

Friday:  Reviewed answers to economic organizer. Watched A Taste of Freedom completed viewing activity,

March 20 -24

Monday:  Rebuilding Japan PPT and notes. Distributed notes on Religions for notebook.

Tuesday:  Mini IDM:  Three Perspectives on the Bombing of Hiroshima.  Read and annotate articles In Truman’s Own Words and On Board the Enola Gray. Complete Organizer for both articles (homework if not completed in class.)

Wednesday:  Mini IDM: A Survivor’s Story  and complete organizer.  Summative Assessment.  HW:  Compare the US and Japanese Perspective graphic organizer and reading

Thursday:  Rise of Commuism Notes and PPT.

HW: Complete the Rise of Communism notes using the powerpoint.  TheRoadToCommunism 2013 #3-1isbcw4

Friday: Discussed the remaining notes on communism. Containment of communism reading and organizer.  Complete for homework.


March 14 – 17

Monday:  EPA Project, Mission Notes

Tuesday: EPA Project, Debriefing

Wednesday: EPA Project, Create Poster

Thursday: EPA Project Peer Teaching. Final Assessment Due Monday

Friday:  Major Religions of South and East Asia. Facts organizer and Triple Venn Diagram eastern-religions 2015 studeny fill note-1nfqqv2,

hinduism-buddhism-confucianism-shintoism- chart blank-r85jtf


March 6 -10

Monday: Physical and political map of South and East Asia HW:  Mapping Challenge 1

South and East Asia Map Test: March 14

Tuesday: Monsoon Asia Mapping Lab Challenge 3 & 4 HW:  Mapping Challenge 2

Wednesday: Monsoon Asia Mapping Challenge 5

Thursday: EPA Project:Environmental Issues EPA Project direction-15oakxq

Friday: Students continued working on the EPA Project.  HOMEWORK:  Students will complete Mission Notes.  Students must find at least one additional source that relates to their topic and provide two facts that are not covered in the original or the secondary reading.  Students are required to have two colored pictures (minimum size 3 x 5) that represent the issue they are investigating.  MAKE SURE THE PICTURE YOU PRINT IS FROM YOUR COUNTRY AND REPRESENTS YOUR ISSUE.

February 27 – March 3

Use the following power point to complete your government information organizer.  Your organizer must be complete with full details and information.  Today is DAY 1 of a 3 day lesson.  You must use this time to read before you begin completing the organizer.

African Governments ppt AC-2bmy2eo

Tuesday: Day 2 – Students continued working on the research and graphic organizer.  Students completed “Hello” Government vocabulary warm-up.

Wednesday: Students completed African Government Assignment and turned it in at the end of class.

Thursday: Grim Statistics.  Students analyzed graphs and charts to understand the impact of epidemic disease in Africa

Friday:  Introduction to South and East Asia.  Students completed a K-W-L and a See/Think/Wonder discussion of South and East Asia.  Students also viewed a video overview of the region.


February 13 -17

Monday:  IDM Lesson Continued. Supporting Questions 1 and 2 Completion Check.  Began supporting question 3.

As promised:  Here is the table of content of your social studies binder: Social Studies Binder Table of Contents-1tkx8g0  Please note that a few of the latest assignment in the History section have not been returned yet.

Tuesday:  Continued working on IDM Lesson:  What ended apartheid.  I have attached a ppt that gives the groups and the completion steps for the assignment: 3rd Block Grouping-2f3oft6

Wednesday:  Complete supporting question 4. Draft Timeline and written response

Thursday:  Media Center –  Gave out rubrics and students worked on their timeline.  HOMEWORK:  Find 12 pictures to represent the information on your timeline. Print them and bring to class tomorrow.  Finish your written response to the questions What ended apartheid?



Use the following links to access the files needed for the IDM lesson:

Student Ver. NewYork_10_Apartheid-r0skox

Completion Checklist-18weo99

Final Apartheid IDM Rubric-2dtlz0s

February 6 – 10

Monday:  Students wrote a paragraph expressing their opinion on the colonization of Africa.  They used two pieces of evidence from Friday’s activity to support their answer.  Then students began working on individual, short responses to How colonialism created confict, civil war, and artificial political boundaries in Africa.  Students must write a 3-4 sentence answer addressing each of these three areas.  Two pieces of evidence from Friday’s activity must be used to support the answer.  THIS IS AN ACCURACY GRADE.  HOMEWORK:  Complete short responses.

Tuesday:  Students turned in writing assignment on the colonization of Africa.  Took notes on African Nationalism/Independence Completed Pan-Africanism Reading and questions HW:  Obstacles to Education article and graphic organizer.  You must also answer the questions on the page. 

Wednesday:  I am out of the classroom today.  There is a homework check for two assignments – Pan-Africanism Questions and Obstacles to Education Graphic Organizer and questions.  Students completed an acrostic poem for Panafricanism.  The poem is to be completed for homework – Due at the beginning of class on Thursday

Thursday:  IDM Lesson introduced.  Please see the information under the bold title What Ended Apartheid above this post.  The IDM lesson and handouts are attached. Students will be meeting in the Digital Age Classroom tomorrow

Friday:  IDM Lesson Continued.  Student should have Supporting Question 1 completed. HOMEWORK:  Organizer for supporting question #2 and summary are homework. Monday will begin with a discussion in your group of the information for sources A, B, and C.  You must have this completed to get credit for Supporting Question 2 on your completion checksheet.

January 30 – February 3


Tiered assignment turned in.  Religion and Ethnic Groups in Africa Reading and Map activity started in class.

Tuesday:  Reviewed and discussed the graphic organizer for the reading.  Reviewed the map to ensure that students had the correct areas shaded for each ethnic and religious group.  Questions are due at the beginning of class on Thursday.

HOMEWORK: Study for Unit 5 Test Tomorrow.

Wednesday: Unit 5 Test, Water Crisis in Africa – Effects on Females Reading and Questions Read and discussed in class.  HOMEWORK:  Complete any questions from today’s assignment.  Ethnic and Religious Group assignment due tomorrow also.

Thursday:  Short video clip on colonialism in Africa.  Imperialism notes from power point: European Imperialism in Africa-19f8mgw

HOMEWORK:  Complete open note quiz on European imperialism.  (Note:  I am clarifying question 5.  We will discuss it tomorrow, so just leave it blank for now.)

Friday:  Colonialism in Africa Pros and Cons., Students discussed the different perspectives of this time in Africa’s history.

January 23 – 27

Monday:  Work Session: PSA Environmental Issues in Africa


Tuesday:  Work Session:  PSA Environmental Issues in Africa

HOMEWORK:  Complete individual poster for your assigned issue.

Wednesday:  Group posters completed.  Each group member presents their poster to the other members of the group.  Students participated in a 4-Corners activity by deciding which issue they believe is the most urgent for Africa.  After discussion in groups, each area shared their best ideas for why their issue was the most urgent.

HOMEWORK:  Complete the Ready to Rank  Worksheet.  You may use all of the resources from this standard including the notes taken today during the 4-Corners activity.  Your justification must be well thought out and supported by fact.  You must write in grammatically correct, complete sentences.  If your handwriting is not legible, you may type your response.  Make sure you follow the original format.

Thursday:  Almost There Unit 5 (Environmental Issues in Africa)

Advertisement or Comic Strip assignment based on Almost There Score.  Students will continue working on the assignment tomorrow

HOMEWORK:  Complete Ready to Order assignment (Details in yesterday’s homework section)



Ready to Order Assignment turned in. Students continued work on advertisement/comic strip assignment.

HOMEWORK:  Complete advertisement/comic strip


January 17 – 20

Tuesday:  Social Studies Binder check.  Students who did not have a binder received a silent lunch.  Reviewed Physical Map.  Grades were given for the political and physical maps. HOMEWORK:  Study for Geography Test on 1/20.  Test includes countries, capitals, and physical features.

Wednesday: Environmental Issues in Africa Reading Packet and Graphic Organizer

HOMEWORK:  Study for Africa Geography Test  1/20

Thursday:  Discussed Reading and added information to organizer.  Reviewed and discussed Environmental Issues of Africa PPT:  africa-environmental-issues-pp mellivle-11x4yip

HOMEWORK:  Study for Africa Geography Test  1/20

Friday:  1)Geography of Africa Test 2) Introduce Public Service Announcement Poster Assignment

January 9- 13

Monday – Tuesday:  Snow Days!! We will be moving very quickly to get back on track for the the beginning of the Semester.

Wednesday:  Students set up their Social Studies binders as we made a decision to move away from the IAN.  Each student is expected to have a 1 or 1 1/2 inch binder with 5 dividers.  The sections are: 1)  Geography, 2)  History, 3) Government 4)  Economics 5)  Additional Information. Students are expected to have their binder with them each day.

Unit Vocabulary was checked.  Students who have a zero in Synergy may turn the assignment in tomorrow for a 10 point deduction.

Students received the instructions for the completion of the Physical and Political Map of Africa: africa-map-instructions- 2015 activity REV **NOTE – DO NOT LABEL ANY PHYSICAL FEATURES ON THIS MAP.  YOU MUST USE A SECOND MAP TO LABEL THE PHYSICAL FEATURES.  IF YOU ADD THE PHYSICAL FEATURES TO THE POLITICAL MAP, YOU WILL BE INSTRUCTED TO  REDO YOUR MAPS.

All required countries were labeled in class.  HOMEWORK:  Color each of the required countries, Mark each capital location with a * and label the city.

Political Map of Africa: political-map

Physical Map of Africa:

January 5 – 6

Thursday:  Geography Bee

Friday:  Africa Unit Vocabulary.  Students are to use the glossary and complete the definitions in class.  The sentence and visual will be completed as homework.  Students are expected to use complete definitions and visuals must be detailed and in color.  Vocabulary is due TUESDAY January 10th

December 12 – 16

Monday: Students reviewed for test.

Tuesday: Economic Vocabulary Test. Lesson 25 & 26 with graphic organizer

Wednesday:  Students worked with partners to complete Lessons 25 & 26 and the Unit Study Guide.  TEST ON DECEMBER 20th

Thursday:  Reviewed the answers to the study guide.  Do not forget to study your map!!!!!

Friday:  Kahoot Test Review:  Middle East Review

December 5 – 9

Monday:  Comparing the Governments of Israel, Saudi Arabia and Iran.  Student received a reading packet (Pg 103 – 105)  Students completed a graphic organizer  (chart) and answered the multiple choice questions.  H/W  Read and annotate Lesson 24 (handout) and add any new information to the chart. TEST over Unit 3 – Government on Thursday 12/8. (Ms. Harvey has a cool quizlet on her blog for you to use to review.)

Tuesday:  Reviewed answers to multiple choice questions in reading packet, information in graphic organizer, and discussed triple Venn diagram.  Students received additional information on each government, and began working on the diagram.

Wednesday:  Students completed and discussed the Triple Venn Diagram comparing and contrasting the governments of Israel, Saudi Arabia, and Iran.(Link to completed diagram: comparing-governments) Students had 15 minutes at the end of class to review for the test tomorrow.

Thursday:  Test over Government.  Students began definitions for Economics Unit

Friday:  Students received a study guide for economic definitions test and the final Middle East Unit test.

November 28 – December 2

Monday:  Compare/Contrast Parliamentary and Presidential Democracies HW: Drawing Government Words

Tuesday:  Complete pg 98 -99/Graphic Organizers.

Wednesday – Friday:  Government Vocabulary Think-Tac-Toe DUE FRIDAY AT THE END OF THE CLASS PERIOD.


November 14 – 18

Monday: Modern Conflicts in the ME – Read, annotate and answer questions

Tuesday:  Discuss Conflicts and Rise of Terrorism (ppt)

Wednesday:  Unit 2 Assessment

Thursday:  Types of Governments ppt and notes.  HW –  Edhelper government vocabulary PPt:forms-of-government-middle-east

Friday:  Reading and Analysis (Pg 98 -99) With graphic Organizers

November 4 – 11

Monday:  Decades of Distrust and graphic organizer

Tuesday:  No School

Wednesday:  Notes on How to Annotate correctly.  Annotate Decades of Distrust Article

Thursday:  Learning Indicator : 6 question assessment over the creation of Israel, Discussion of Decades of Distrust.  Students are to read and annotate Life in the West Bank articles for discussion tomorrow,

Friday:  Life on the West Bank.  Discuss article and complete questions

October 31 – November 4

Monday:  Discussed essay requirements and reviewed background essay

Tuesday:  Began essay outline

Wednesday/Thursday – Completed outline and began DBQ Essay

Friday:  Completed and color coded Essay


October 24 – 28

Monday:  Continued Doc A analysis

Tuesday:  Completed Doc A and began Doc B analysis

Wednesday:  Discussed Doc B Israeli Declaration of independence.  H/W:  Students will select and analyze three quotes from Doc B and one additional quote from Doc A.

Thursday and Friday:  Students completed the analysis of all documents in the DBQ packet

October 17 – 21

Monday:  Decline of the Ottoman Empire Power point and Notes

Tuesday:  Rise of Zionism

Wednesday:  Complete Zionism notes.  Intro to DBQ:  Why was Israel Created as a State in 1948?

Thursday:  Background Essay – Read, Annotate, and answer questions

Friday:  Discuss the background essay and  analyze Document A

October 10 – 14

Division of Sunni/Shia – Class discussion

Reviewed answers to study guide.  Test on ME Religions is Wednesday 10/12

BYOD is active tomorrow.

Tuesday:  Kahoots review for the test tomorrow.

Wednesday:  Religions of SW Asia test.  Began Unit 2 Vocabulary NO HOMEWORK

Thursday:  Completed Unit Vocabulary

Friday:  Decline of the Ottoman Empire and The Rise of Zionism Reading packets and question.

October 3 – 7

Monday: Religion in the Middle East Organizer

Tuesday:  Ethnic Groups in the Middle East

Wednesday:  Complete Religion notes and work on  Triple Venn Diagram.

H/W:  Complete Venn Diagram

Thursday:  Students finalized the triple Venn Diagram comparing the three major religions and the class discussed the three ethnic groups in the ME. Answers to the graphic organizer for the ethnic groups and the Venn Diagram were reviewed.

Friday:  The Sunni/Shia Split.  Students took notes from a power point then students began two analysis handouts (“Who Should Replace Steve Jobs” and “Who Should Replace Muhammad?”.) Answers should be in complete sentences.  HW:  Complete the analysis handouts


Monday:  Began Oil in the Middle East storyboard assignment.  Completed Storyboard is due at the beginning of class on Wednesday.


Monday:  Completed Did You Know? Presentation

Tuesday:  CNN Student News with questions cnn-student-news-913, Began discussion of oil and its impact in the Middle East

No Homework

Wednesday:  Began notes on Oil in the Middle East

Thursday:  Notes on Oil in the Middle East

Friday:  Constitution Day.  Watched School House Rock “Preamble” video.  Completed and Discussed “Understanding the Preamble” worksheet


Began research on water pollution in the Middle East.  Students should continue research at home as needed.  Use the link below for assignment information and links.  **Please be aware that some links are broken and are under revision at this time.  You may use resources that you develop individually.  Remember to include the URL in your notes.  Pictures should be obtained from the Cobb Virtual Library.

Tuesday:  Continued research on water pollution in the ME.  Students will create the presentation on  Friday and Monday.

HOMEWORK:  Research if needed.

Did you know project links Water Summit Ac 2013

Wednesday:  Guidance lesson with Ms. Crandall



IDM Articles 1, 2 and 3.  Students previously summarized articles. Discussed articles 1 & 2. Began article #3 discussion


Warm-Up – Compared Water Sources/Population Density Map to High Risk Water Map.  Answered questions and discussed.

Discussed Article #3

Watched Water Wars Video

Distributed performance task rubric.


Students had a work day for the IDM performance task.  Student can work on their paragraph or theIr poster tonight.  Students will have the class period tomorrow to complete the paragraph or the poster.


Work Day –  IDM Performance Task due at the end of class (detailed paragraph or poster)

AUGUST 22 – 26

Monday: Students continued with the lesson “What are the costs of not having clean water?  The power point is attached below.  Students watched the video clips on slide 6 and completed a mind map of descriptive words and phrases for each clean water source.  If students did not complete the mind map, they should do so tonight.


IDM Power Point:

What are the costs of not having clean


  1. Themes in SS – Watched CNN Student News and answered questions You may view the news at the CNN Student News website.  The questions can be printed here:  CNN Student News 823
  2. ME Map Test
  3. Update SS Ian – Add the maps you completed last week and used as study guides. See TOC in room for page numbers
  4. Articles 1 & 2 with questions.  Complete this assignment for homework.  Be ready to discuss the articles tomorrow.
  5. Link to article 1:
  6. Link to article 2:
  7. Questions: Article 1 and 2 Questions


  1. CNN Student News – Students made two connections to SS Themes for each segement of the show as they viewed the news broadcast. Class discussed possible themes
  2. Reviewed IDM Lesson – discussion of final assessment
  3. Discussed video clips and mind maps from Monday to ensure understanding and completion.


  1. CNN Student News
  2. Completed step two of IDM Lesson:  Where is the water in southeast Asia located?


  1. Using the population density map, Students shaded in the physical map of the Middle East to show the population density of the following countries: Israel, Saudi Arabia, Iraq, Turkey and the UAE.
  2. Link to population density map:
  3. HOMEWORK:  Complete the map shading.

AUGUST 15 – 19

Monday:  Students received their notebook for “Themes in SS” .  CNN Student News began today. Students received the map of Northern Africa to begin labeling.

Tuesday:  Warm-up:Students watched CNN News

This is a link to the broadcast:

Labeled N. Africa Map, and Middle East Political Map.

Homework: Political Map – Shade in countries according to the key you created on your map. Physical Map – Label and color physical features.  Please click on the link to access the power point used in class today: Map of Middle East 2016 AC.

Wednesday:  Students began the Geography Alive Southwest and Central Asia Mapping Lab. Students are expected to complete Challenge 3, 4, and 5 during class today and tomorrow.  Challenge 1 and 2 were given as homework today.  These are due on Friday, August 19th.


Use this quizlet to help you study

Thursday:  Continued work on Mapping Lab Challenge 3 & 4

Friday:  Introduced IDM lesson:  What are the costs of not having clean water?  Students viewed the introduction and began reading and summarizing the first article.

Map Challenges 1, 2, and 3 were turned in for a grade.

AUGUST 8 – 12

Monday:  Students were in the computer lab taking the Scholastic Reading Inventory.  Eulogies are due tomorrow.

Tuesday:  Village of 100 Activity.  Students discussed their perception of the world.

Wednesday: Concepts and Themes in Social Studies Notes and discussion.  Students received the class syllabus.  Please sign and return.



Students took the Social Studies pretest today. Grades are posted in Synergy, so that parents can see their student’s growth.  The grades are not included in the calculation of the actual grade earned.  Please note the the assignment is indicated at “not graded” in Synergy.

Unfortunately, we did not get our IAN’s set up, so that has been moved to tomorrow.  If you did not bring your one subject spiral notebook today, bring it to class tomorrow.

Please remember to have your syllabus signed and returned.


Monday: Classroom Behavior Expectations, Bus Rider Expectations, Getting to know you activities.

Tuesday: Classroom Procedures,  SS Categories Grouping Activity, What Will I Learn? ppt and discussion. (This will be continued tomorrow.)

Wednesday: Class discussion on perception.  Students are to complete Perception Map activity. Perception of World lesson  **Map is due FRIDAY AUGUST 5th

Thursday: Administrative Assembly

Friday: Class discussion of the importance of maps.  Students received the Eulogy for a Map Skill assignment.  The eulogy is due Tuesday.  Students will take the SRI Reading Inventory on Monday 8/8

May 9 – May 13

Monday:  Journal 1, How are you most like the main character in your novel?, continue reading novel and answering questions.

Tuesday:  Journal #2 Novel Study

Wednesday:  Journal #3 Novel Study

Thursday: Journal #4 Novel Study

Friday:   Journal #5 Novel Study Complete and Questions Packets turned in at the end of class.

May 2 – May 6

Monday:  Block 3 – Cirque du Soleil Performing Arts assembly. Block 6 CNN Student News, Document Analysis review to ensure completion.

Tuesday:  DBQ Essay Outline.  Please notes DBQs are timed, structured writing activities designed to help the student excel at the higher level of analysis and writing required by AC, Honors, and AP classes.  Students did not bring the outline home to complete for homework as the time allotted to complete the assignment is one class period.  Tomorrow, students will write their essay from the outline they prepared today.

Wednesday:  Students wrote the DBQ essay from the outline and document analysis sheets.

Thursday:  Novel Study begins: The Samurai’s Tale or The Red Scarf Girl.  Question packets distributed

Friday:  Continue Reading

April 25 – April 29

Monday: Read and Discuss the Background Essay.

Tuesday: Read and discuss Documents 2 & 3.  Begin Document 2 & 3 analysis.  HOMEWORK – Complete the analysis worksheets.  You must follow the directions on the form.  Two (2) quotes/observations per document are required. Assignment due tomorrow at the beginning of class.

Wednesday:  Document Analysis Documents 5 & 6

Thursday: Document Analysis Documents 8 & 9

Friday:  Document Analysis  Documents 11 & 12.  Completion grades were taken for Background Essay questions and Document Analysis sheets.

HOMEWORK:  Review your Document Analysis Sheets and and information as necessary as we discussed in class today.  On Monday, you will turn in your DBQ packet and complete your detailed outline using only the document analysis sheets. On Tuesday May 3rd, you will turn in the document analysis sheets and write your essay from you outline only.  It is imperative that your outline is complete with all information, so you will be able to complete you essay in class.  


Monday – Milestone Review

Tuesday – EOC Social Studies

Wednesday – Watched Gandhi 

Thursday – Block 3 Completed Gandhi and received DBQ Packet. Block 6 Continued watching Gandhi.

Friday – Block 3:   Reviewed Gandhi, King and Mandela background, read the background essay and began Background Essay questions. NO HOMEWORK

MILESTONE REVIEW – Quizlets for Milestones



Monday:  Personal Finance. Personal Finance Directions 2016  Money Money Definitions Students must complete any unfinished activities for homework (Students are not doing #4)

Tuesday:  Students continued working on the review questions received before Spring Break.  Answers will be reviewed tomorrow.

Wednesday: Students reviewed the answers to the study guide questions.  3rd Block – Get the Gandhi  movie permission slip signed.

Thursday and Friday: Milestone Review



Monday: CNN Student News, Discussed Document D, Reviewed Steps for Essay Outline, gave out tips on completing the outline.  Began outline.  Outline will be finished in class tomorrow.

Tuesday: Location 61, Completed outline and turned in with analysis sheets for docs A-D, Reviewed sample outline and essays.

Wednesday:  Location 50 -58 Quiz.  Comparison of Governments in South and East Asia.  Completed graphic organizer. HOMEWORK: None


Monday: Location 57  Communism in China 4 Square Assignment  communism poster unit 10 (Link to notes is found on March 17th post)

Tuesday: LOCATION 58 Continues working on Communism in China.  Poster is due at the beginning of class on Wednesday.

There will be a Location Quiz (50 – 58 on Wednesday March 30th.)

Wednesday: Location 59 DBQ Intoduced:  What Made Gahdhi’s Nonviolent Movement Work? Completed Hook and background essay.  Background Essay

HOMEWORK: Read the essay a second time and write definitions of any circled words in the margin

Thursday:  Location 60 Prebucketing and Model of Document C Analysis Gandhi DBQ Document C Analysis


Link to Analysis Form: Document Analysis Gandhi

Friday:  CNN Student News, Discussed Doc. A & B.  Homework:  Document D Analysis Sheet 



Monday:  CNN Student News

Completed Eastern Religions 2015 notes.

Summative Assessment for Environmental Issues Project due tomorrow. Make sure you place your Mission Notes and Debriefing Notes in your group’s EPA Mission Folder.


Location 54

East & South Asia’s Religions. Completed four column notes in class. Attribute check list should  be completed for homework. hinduism-buddhism-confucianism-shintoism-answers


Location 55

Discussed attribute chart for comparing religions in South and East Asia

Rebuilding Japan Notes Rebuilding Japan

Thursday: Location 54 Students used graphic organizer to take notes on communism in China. TheRoadToCommunism 2013

Friday:  Cnn News Completed communism notes



Monday:  1)Location Quiz 41 – 49 2)EPA Mission Notes completed 3) Groups began debriefing.  4) Homework:  Two pictures which reflect your expert topic in your country.  Please note: Posters will be completed by the end of class tomorrow.  You may print your pictures in the media center during homeroom if you do not have access to a printer at home.  You will not be able to go to the media center to print pictures during class.

Tuesday:  Location 52

Students continued working on EPA Assignment.  Debriefing and Poster done in class today.  Groups that did not finish the poster were allowed to take it home or students must come in the morning to complete it.  MAP TEST OVER SOUTH EAST ASIA IS TOMORROW.  COUNTRIES AND PHYSICAL FEATURES ARE ON THE TEST.  NO CAPITALS.


Wednesday: Location 53. Took South East Asia Map Test and  turned in map.  Groups completed posters and debriefing.  Expert groups will cross teach tomorrow.

Thursday: EPA Summit Meeting (See Power point for project details and summative assessment: Environmental Issues EPA Project direction) If you are absent today, you must complete a gallery walk to finish your debriefing notes before you take the assessment.

Friday:  CNN Student News, 10 minutes to complete EPA Summit debriefing notes, begin Religions of the Middle East PPT with notes eastern-religions 2015 studeny fill note


Monday, class began with CNN Student News.  Then students began the study of South and East Asia.  Students received an instruction sheet on how to label the  political and physical map. Students will have about 15 minutes to complete the maps tomorrow.  A political map can be viewed here  and a physical map can be viewed here  for students who want  to work ahead.

Tuesday: location 49 blog, continued political and physical map with partner. Homework: Learning About the Physical Geography of Monsoon Asia HOMEWORK Please note there is a correction to the coordinates on the Korean Peninsula on the attached h/w sheet.

Wednesday:  Location 50, Reading packet pages 140-144. (Pick up packet in the classroom if you were absent), Graphic Organizer

Thursday:Location 51, Discuss graphic organizer ANNOUNCED TEST/QUIZ DATES: MARCH 7 – LOCATION QUIZ 41-49; SOUTHEAST MAP TEST MARCH 9.

Friday:  CNN Student news, Introduced EPA Environmental issues in India and China.  NO HOMEWORK FOR 3RD OR 6TH BLOCK.


The class activity on Friday involved plotting major resources on a map Africa and using the information to answer 4 questions.  Most students completed the activity in class. However, if you need the map for reference to finish up the assignment, you can access it here. RESOURCE MAP



Students began class today by viewing CNN Student News. If you would like to view the broadcast, you may access it here.  Students analyzed statistical information about the HIV/AIDS epidemic in Sub-Saharan Africa.  Students work independently and with a partner to complete the questions.  Any questions that were not completed are homework for this evening.  This information will be discussed briefly on Tuesday.  If you were absent today, please get your packet from the “While You Were Out” crate in the room. Tuesday, students in Block 3 completed Location # 46.  After discussing the factors that contribute to the spread of disease in Africa (SS7CG3), student reviewed the different types of  economic systems(SS7E1 a, b).  The power point may be reviewed here:Economic+Systems+Presentation+Traditional+Command+Market 2013 Excellent.  Students completed notes as the ppt was discussed. If you do not have the notes, extra copies are available in the classroom.  Wednesday, students in Block 3 completed Location 47, Block 6 completed Location #46.  If you missed either of these locations, you may copy the clues here: Location 46 CluesLocation 47 Clues Both blocks completed new “Clock Buddies” to facilitate completing activities with partners.  Students turned in Social Studies Standard Review #4.  Standards Review #5 will be provided next week.  Students received a packet titled MIXED ECONOMIES OF NIGERIA & SOUTH AFRICA.  The packet contains a fact sheet for each country, an informational chart, and a graphic organizer.  Students worked with a partner to analyze the fact sheets and the chart, then  complete the graphic organizer.   HOMEWORK for WEDNESDAY February 24 is to complete the graphic organizer. Thursday, students used their completed graphic organizer and a summary article on the economies of Nigeria and South Africa to complete three short response questions.  The questions are 1)  What are some things that Nigeria can do to improve its economic growth, 2) What are somethings that South Africa can do to improve its economic growth, 3) Pretend you have a business in Nigeria or South Africa.  Describe your idea below.  Makes sure it relates to your particular country.  Explain what the entrepreneur does, what goods or services you want to provide, where you got your training, and what obstacles you may have ahead of you.  Homework for tonight is  an activity titled World Traveler and Exchange Rates. Students may use a calculator to complete the activity REMEMBER TO SHOW YOUR WORK.  Tomorrow, students will turn in the graphic organizer, the questions, and the World Traveler and Exchange Rate activity.

Monday, students began the African Government Unit. Students are taking  notes from  the following ppt   African Gov. ppt AC.  Students will continue with the government study  by using their notes to complete a Triple Venn Diagram comparing the governments of  Kenya, South Africa, and Sudan.


Today,  students discussed nationalism and Pan-Africanism.  Students also began a reading on Obstacles to Education in Africa.  The questions should be completed tonight for homework. Tuesday, students completed Location 43 and a discussion of the article on education.  Students took an assessment over the history of Africa and will be given a tiered assignment based on their score tomorrow.


Monday students took notes on imperialism.  If you were absent, please pick up the note sheet and homework from the While You Were Out Bin.  The power point can be viewed at this link.European Imperialism in Africa. Today, students participated in activity to understand the negatives and positives of European Colonialism in Africa.  The activity can be reviewed here, eurpean-colonialism-negative-positive blog. Tomorrow, students will respond to a writing prompt about this information. Wednesday night homework is to complete the writing assignment they began in class.  THIS IS NOT A FORMAL ESSAY LIKE THEY WRITE IN LANGUAGE ARTS.  Students are to use the skills they have learned in language arts to write a concise and supported response to the three pronged prompt on the power point slide. Their introduction should be 1 or 2 sentences to put their response in context. They can use their Imperialism notes for the intro.  The thesis is simply restating the questions of how European colonization impacted Africa.  The facts they use for support are on the “Positive/Negative” Chart which is also on the power point. Their conclusion should restate the thesis.  The paper should be written in blue or black ink (skip lines please) or you may type it (double space, 12pt  basic font).


Tuesday, students were in expert groups discussing the environmental issues in Africa.  Then students discussed the environmental analysis from the EARTHSHOTS photos they viewed on Thursday.  Students also received the UNIT 5 Study Guide for the test on Friday.  Wednesday, students will continue the discussion of  African culture.


Monday: MAP TEST JANUARY 13.  Students watched CNN Student News.  Correct answers for the Environmental Issues graphic organizer were reviewed. Students watched a presentation on the severity of the environmental issues facing Africa.  You may see the presentation here: africa-environmental-issues-pp mellivle .  Students received their PSA assignment on Tuesday.  The individual student PSA poster is due on Thursday.  Students will work on the poster after the test on Wednesday.  Wednesday Takeaway:  The environmental issues facing Africa (desertification, deforestation, water pollution, and uneven distribution of water) are interrelated.  Thursday, students had the opportunity to use the new laptops.  They analyzed environmental change in Africa using satellite imagery.  Students should finish up any unanswered questions for homework tonight.  the website is  We will begin our class tomorrow with discussion of their answers.  Thursday Takeaway:   Based on the photos you saw today, write one complete sentence describing a realization you had about environmental change in Africa.



Welcome Back!  This week, students continue the geography of Africa and begin environmental issues.

TUESDAY: Geography Bee TAKEAWAY:  I have a ___________ mental map of the world.

WEDNESDAY:  Classwork – Africa Map Challenge 1 & 2.  Begin Unit 5 Dictionary.  Students also added Mt. Kilimanjaro and The Great Rift Valley to their physical map of  Africa. TAKEAWAY:  Labeling maps and locating physical features on a variety of maps, helps develop my mental map of the world.

THURSDAY:  Students took a pretest over the map of Africa.  This pretest was not graded.  Students were told to take the pretest home and correct the errors and use the test as a study guide.  The map test in Jan. 13th. Study tip – if you are having a difficult time remembering the capitals/countries, then make a matching game by writing them on index cards.  After the pretest, students completed the Unit 5 Vocabulary.  H/W – CPR Vocabulary worksheet for Deforestation and Desertification  – TAKEAWAY:  Desertification is the process of fertile useful land into desert through deforestation and drought.

FRIDAY: Environment Issues.  Students read and annotated Environmental Issues in Africa and completed the graphic organizer. The following assignments are due Monday:  Unit 5 Vocabulary(you received this on 1/5, CPR Vocabulary worksheet for Deforestation and Desertification). TAKEAWAY:  Environmental issues facing Africa are desertification, deforestation, water pollution, and unequal distribution of water.

Physical/Political Map of Africa Map Activity Instructions:

africa-map-instructions- 2015 activity REV

MAP TEST: January 13, 2016


Middle East Study Guide  Middle East Study Guide Pg 2

DECEMBER 14 – 18

This week, students will finish up their study of the Middle East, and the unit test is on Wednesday.  Students received a study guide on Friday. Here are the answers to questions 1 -8 which were reviewed today.  Questions 9 – 17 are homework.  Answers will be reviewed before the KAHOOT review.  Make sure you have your device with you as BYOD is active on Tuesday.  On Monday, students discussed the relationship between literacy rate and standard of living.  Test review will be Tuesday.  On Thursday, students will begin their study of the geography of Africa. On Friday, student


Review and correct all answers for the above referenced lessons.  Your answers should be placed in your IAN

Economic Systems and Growth Answer Key



We are continuing with the Economics of the Middle East this week.  Students have an Economics term quiz on Thursday.



Wednesday, students completed their posters and worked on their study guide if time permitted.  The test over government is tomorrow!  You should review the reading material you received when comparing the three governments and the vocabulary words.

Tuesday, students worked with their partner to complete the Venn Diagram.  Final posters will be completed tomorrow in the beginning of class. The government portion of the test is Thursday, so the study guide will be reviewed tomorrow.

Students began working on a triple Venn diagram comparing the governments of Saudi Arabia, Israel, and Iran.  Tomorrow in class, partners will work to complete this activity.  Students received the study guide for the Government Test which will be this Thursday.


Today, students watched CNN Student News and discussed current events.  The Venn diagram for the comparison of Parliamentary and Presidential Democracy was discussed and corrected if necessary using a smart notebook.  Students are to glue the Venn diagram into their IAN.  Don’t forget, there is a unit III vocab quiz on Thursday.


Vocabulary worksheet answers were reviewed and corrected if necessary.  The answers are:  1) Democratic, 2) Parliamentary Democracy, 3) Theocracy, 4) Autocratic, 5) Absolute Monarchy, 6) Presidential Democracy, 7) Confederation, 8) Constitutional Monarchy, 9)Unitary, 10) Dictatorship, 11) Oligarchy, 12) Federal. Answers to the graphic organizer completed yesterday can be found here:Citizen Partic &Distribution power notes 2013  Students compared parliamentary and presidential democracies and completed a Venn Diagram. This activity can be downloaded if needed:Two Types of Democracies Venn Diagram The vocabulary quiz for Unit Three will be Wednesday, November 19th.

Students completed the government terms today.  If you are missing any information, please use the link below to complete your worksheet.  Remember that the homework is due tomorrow.  We also completed Location #34 and watched CNN Student News.

Monday,  students reviewed for the Unit II test which will be on Tuesday.  After the test, students will begin working on the Government unit vocabulary. Students completed Location #35 today.  Then began notes on the government unit.  The link to the power point is here: Government.  Students were asked to use their notes and the power point to begin the EdHelper vocabulary worksheet which is not due until Thursday November 12th after the notes are completed.  Students will complete the notes from the power point tomorrow in class.


On Tuesday, Students discussed Life on the West Bank. If you weren’t in class, this is the power point we reviewed: Israeli Settlements

Students continued working on their Middle East History packet.  The packet is due Wednesday at the beginning of class.  The Life on the West Bank Assignment is now due. This was originally assigned as a homework assignment on Thursday.  This week students will continue to learn about the events in modern Israel.  The following items were returned to the students and should be placed in their IAN accordingly:

PG 14 – Israel Map

PG 15 – Unit 2 Vocabulary

PG 16 – TOTD – Who should get the land?

PG 17 – Decades of Distrust Article

PG 18 – Decades of Distrust Graphic Organizer

**Remember when you glue two sided documents into the IAN, only glue along the top of the paper or the inside edge of the page (the side closest  to the  spiral wire) so that you may read each side of the page.

Wednesday, students worked on the Decades of Distrust article and graphic organizer.  The completed graphic organizer (both sides) is due tomorrow.  We also watched a video titled The Birth of Israel.  If you were in Block 6, you did not get to see it because of the Performing Arts assembly.  You may watch it by clicking this link.  The video goes along with the Decades of Distrust article  you are reading and the graphic organizer.

Today, students color coded the DBQ essay written on Thursday.  This concludes the first DBQ for the year.  Students will continue to write DBQ’s throughout the remainder of this year.


Why was Israel created as a Jewish state in 1948?  Complete all document analysis (A-E)  Complete final Bucketing.  The outline and essay will be completed during the next class period.


HOMEWORK THURSDAY NIGHT:  Complete the document analysis for Document A and Document B.  You are only required to use two facts.  Complete the fact, the inference, and the argument in complete sentences.

Students are working on the first DBQ of the year.  So far, they have received the packet, read the background essay, answered the background essay questions, completed the timeline, and completed the Understanding the Question & Pre-Bucketing.  Students will continue with the document analysis and essay writing this week. Specific homework assignments will be addressed through the blog. Outline map of Israel and Unit 2 Vocabulary are due.  Make sure you have turned these two assignments in.


Today, students took the Birth of 3 Religion Test.  They continued working on the map of Israel.  You may use this link if you need to add the finishing details Israel map. We will continue with the notes on the Decline of the Ottoman Empire tomorrow. On Wednesday, students completed the information on the Ottoman Empire and began the powerpoint covering Zionism.  The Unit 2 vocabulary and the map of Israel are due on Friday.


Students met with their expert groups and shared the information from their graphic organizers.  If students did not complete the triple Venn diagram in class, they should complete it for homework.  You can double check  your answers here 3 religions born venn KEY


Tuesday students completed location #20 and took notes on the triple Venn diagram.  Unfortunately, the smart notebook reader is no longer on the school home page.  In the future, a link to the reader will be included in my blog if a smart notebook is attached.  Students then took an short multiple choice quiz to help determine our next activity.

Wednesday students received the instruction sheet for the Birth of Three Religions activity.  If you are completing the museum activity, it is your responsibility to bring any pictures or computer generated art with you to class.

September 8 – September 11

Students completed location#16 as a warm-up.  If you are missing any locations, you should come by during homeroom and copy the information from the LOCATIONS notebook.

Today, students completed their reading and analysis of oil distribution in the Middle East. Students have read an article and taken notes.  Today students received instructions for the completion of a story board reflecting their understanding of oil distribution and its impact in the region.  The instructions for the story board can be accessed here: How Oil Has Changed the Middle East Storyboard Instructions

The storyboard is due at the beginning of class on Thursday 9/10

Thursday, student completed Location #18.  The next location quiz will be Monday, September 14th.  Locations 13 -18 will be on the quiz.  If you are missing any of these, please come during homeroom and copy the missing information from the LOCATIONS notebook.  Please complete the notes on Christianity in the Birthplace of Religion power point.  Today, we discussed the beginnings of Judaism and Christianity.  Tomorrow we will continue with Islam.  Here is the link: BIRTHPLACE OF THREE RELIGIONS.  If you were absent, please come by in homeroom and get an anticipation guide and a copy of the notes.

On Friday, students completed the notes and began research on one of the assigned religions.  For home work, you are to complete the graphic organizer for the religion you were assigned. You will find the articles for each religion at the link:  Inspired Ed Birth of Three Religions Information Packet If you do not have the graphic organizer, you may find it at this link Birth of Three Religions Graphic Organizers.  Use the notes from the power point and the information packet to complete the organizer. 

Have a great weekend !

August 31 – September 4

Students have continued working on their Did You Know presentation.  Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday, students were in the computer lab.  The final project is due on Friday at the beginning of class.  Students are required to save the presentation to their student account at school.  Projects that are emailed or turned in on flash drive will not be accepted.  All research is due at the beginning of class on Friday.  Students must have their name and their student ID number at the top of the rubric.  If students do not write their id # on the rubric, the rubric will be returned and the project will be considered late.


Monday:  Students completed Locations 11 and 12,  drafted their pen pal letter and received the editing check sheet.  Final letters are due on Wednesday.  Tomorrow is the Middle East map test.

Tuesday:  Students took their first test on the geography of the Middle East.  Scores are in synergy.  The next unit of study is Environmental Issues.  Students received an article and  a graphic organizer to work on after the test.  This activity is not homework.

The pen-pal letter final copy is due tomorrow 8/26.  Please make sure you follow the rubric.

Wednesday: Today students completed the two column notes and the graphic organizer for the Environmental Issues article.  Next was a short video on the water shortage in the Middle East.  The video may be viewed here if you were not is class today:  What in the World.  After the video, students worked with a partner on the Water Summit activity.  Tonight, each student is to read through the list of Problems and Proposals and complete the information organizer. Partners will have a few minutes at the beginning of class to discuss the problems and solutions.



Below is the link you need to links for the research project on environmental issues in the Middle East.


Today, we updated IANS and discussed the information students have gathered regarding water issues in the Middle East.  Tomorrow, students will receive the “Did You Know” Project packet and begin research.


For those students that are still completing the map, the following is a list of the locations you need to identify.  Please use the attached example when completing your map.  Remember, accuracy is important, as this is your study guide for the map test on August 25th.  Locations to be identified:   1) Riyadhi, Saudi Arabia, 2) Jerusalem, Israel, 3) Tehran, Iran 4) Baghdad, Iraq, 5) Kuwait, Kuwait, 6) Ankara, Turkey, 7) Kabul, Afghanistan, 8) Jordan River, 9) Tigris River, 10) Euphrates River, 11) Strait of Hormuz, 12) Persian Gulf, 13) Suez Canal, 14) Gaza Strip, 15) Red Sea, 16) Arabian Sea.



Wednesday:  Students continue working on the mapping lab.  This link will take you to the online version of the mapping labmapping_lab_sw-central_asia  Transparency 7 copy.  Please complete challenge 5 tonight.  I will also have the mapping lab set up in my classroom tomorrow morning.  You may come in and complete the assignment before homeroom.

Students began studying the Middle East today.  Each student received an outline map of the region and a list of 16 key countries and physical elements.  Students created a key and labeled the map.  The map is to be completed for homework.  Tomorrow, students will begin a mapping lab of the region.  Mapping Challenge 1 was given to the students today.  This is to be completed for homework.


Here what is happening this week. Monday students presented their eulogies for a map skill/part.  These were very entertaining and informative.  Tuesday, the lesson focused on what we will be learning in each region for this year.  Students participating in a grouping activity that had them up and moving around the classroom.  Wednesday, students talked about the world’s populations during “The World as a Village” activity.  Many of the statistics were surprising!  Tomorrow students will begin  their Snapshot Autobiography assignment which focuses on primary and secondary sources. Friday students should have their IAN with them (an IAN is a 70 page 9 X  11 or 8 1/2 X 11 spiral note book.)  Students will set up the IAN after the Locations 1-6 Quiz.  If you are missing any of the Locations and Answers, make sure you come by during homeroom and copy them! Reminder:  The syllabus went home Tuesday, if you have not returned the signed one, please do so on Thursday.

August  3 – August  7

Hurray!  You found the page for AC SS – Blocks 3 and 6!  This has been a busy week (and it’s only Thursday). This is recap of what you’ve done so far:

Monday students participated in several “getting to know you” activities.  These kept us up out of the desks and moving around the room.

Tuesday, students learned a little about me, reviewed classroom expectations and procedures, and went over the behavior expectations for the bus.

Wednesday, students completed a puzzle activity and filled out their “Meet Me At…” map which will be used when students work with a partner.

Thursday, we discussed our perception of the world and how our perception can influence our idea.  Each student received an outline map of one of the three regions we are studying this year.  The student is to turn the map into something else.  It can be an object, a person, animal…ANYTHING!  This assignment is about what the student imagines.  The picture must be neat and colorful.

HW:  Finish the Map Perception picture.


EULOGY For a Map Skill

Students received this assignment today.  The eulogy is due on Monday.   We discussed ways to make the assignment fun!   Remember that the final draft must be typed, or written, double spaced in blue or black ink. If you want to review what we did in class, here ia the link: EulogyRubric   Raft