August 21


I am still missing several Student Information Forms.  Please send these in or request a copy.

OL Social Studies:

  1.  No warm-up today.  We will do Wednesday and Thursday tomorrow.
  2.  Work Session – Environmental Storyboard.  Due at the end of class tomorrow. You may type the  information in Word.  The text should be 3 inches X 2 inches.  You may also hand write the information.  Storyboard Rough Draft  Environmental Issues Storyboard Rubric
  3. The paper for the final draft was available to students in class today.
  4. HOMEWORK Quizziz


AC Social Studies:

  1. No warm up today
  2. Work Session – Infographic.  Due at the end of class tomorrow.  You my type the information in Word and glue it to you final infographic.  If you hand write the final infographic it must by in blue or black ink.

August 20

Homeroom- A few students still need to turn in your Student Information Sheet.  If I do not have yours, I sent out an email or left a message today.  Please let me know if you need another form.

OL Social Studies (Blocks 1, 2 & &)

  1.  Warm-up #3 Tuesday
  2.   Environmental Issues Storyboard
  3.   How to Write the Opening Sentence
  4. HOMEWORK – Quizziz

AC Social Studies (Blocks 3 & 6)

  1. Warm-up #3 Tuesday
  2.  Infographic
  3.  HOMEWORK – Quizziz

August 19

Homeroom:  I am still waiting on several student information forms.  Please make sure you turn this in tomorrow.


  1.  Turn in Week 1 and Week 2 Warm-Ups
  2. Complete Week 3 Monday Warm-up
  3. Complete any unfinished Power point Notes
  4. Story Board Instructions and Rubric


  1.  Turn in Week 1 and Week 2 Warm-Ups
  2. Complete Week 3 Monday Warm-up
  3. Complete any unfinished Power point Notes
  4. Infographic Instructions and Rubric

August 15, 2019


Please make sure that the  Student Information Form that was sent home earlier this week is signed and returned by tomorrow.

Social Studies:

Blocks 1, 2, & 7

  1.  Warm-up Week 2-Thursday
  2.  SW Asia Map Test  Political and Physical Features
  3.  Impact of Water in Southwest Asia Powerpoint and Guided Notes
  4.  Homework – None


Blocks 3 & 6

  1.  Warm-up Week 2-Thursday
  2. SW Asia Map Test Political and Physical Features
  3. Impact of Water in Southwest Asia Powerpoint and Guided Notes
  4. Homework – None




August 12

BLOCKS 1, 2, & 7

1.Warm-Up Week 2 Monday

2. Environmental Issues Across Southwest Asia – Water

Read and Annotate environmental issues across SW Asia (1)

Fill in Graphic Organizer Environmental Issues Across SW Asia Graphic Org. OL

3. HOMEWORK – Review  for your map test on 8/15


BLOCKS 3 & 6

  1. Warm-Up Week 2 Monday
  2. What are Cornell Notes? (Short Video and Discussion)
  3.  Environmental Issues Across Southwest Asia – Water


Cornell Notes Cornell Notes Template Front Page   Cornell Notes Template Back Page



August 9


  1.  Syllabus – Please turn in to your block drawer
  2. Introduction to Southwest Asia – Video (2.41 minutes)
  3.   Physical Features of Southwest Asia.  Locate and Color on Map
  4.   Review Political Boundaries of Southwest Asia
  5.  HOMEWORK:  Begin reviewing your map for the test on AUGUST 15th.

August 7

HOMEROOM:  Most of you have returned your beginning of the year forms.  Thank you so much!  If you aren’t sure if you have done this, see me and I will let you know.


Today’s Agenda –

  1.  Turn in Syllabus to the Block Drawer
  2.  Complete Political/Physical Features of  SW Asia Notes (These are a grade.  If you did not finish today, come in during homeroom to complete this assignment.  It is due tomorrow.)
  3. TOMORROW, you must have the Intro to Our World packet completed and in your Social Studies Binder/Notebook. (Students have the option of placing a tab in a large binder used for all academic courses, or having a separate binder/notebook.  The only unacceptable option is a pocket folder.  Work must be hole punched and secured.)
  4. Intro to Our World Key – Intro-to-Our-World-Handouts-Key So you can double check your answers!

HOMEWORK- Enjoy your afternoon and spend some quality time with friends and family.



August 6th


Remember to turn in your beginning of the year forms!

Learning Style Inventory


  1. Turn Syllabus in to the Block Drawer
  2. Warm-up Tuesday #2
  3.  Physical and Political Features of SW Asia

August 5th

Good Morning!


Please remember to turn in all of your “beginning of the year” forms.  These are:

Receipt of  Family Information Guide

Clinic Card

BYOD Permission Slip

Performing Arts (The permission slip should be signed and return.  A donation may be made but is not required for your student to attend the performance.)

AGENDA – These were passed out in homeroom this morning.  Please make sure you have your name written on the inside cover


Syllabus Please have signed tonight and return tomorrow.

  1.  Warm-Up Week 1- Monday
  2.  Complete Intro Information
  3. Review Answers

ON LINE TEXT BOOK:  Log in – cobb-ws7

Password – Japan18

July 31, 2019

Welcome back!  I hope everyone had a great summer.  I know I did.  I enjoyed time with family and spent some time at the beach.  I look forward to seeing everyone at Sneak a Peek tomorrow.  The building will be opened for 7th and 8th grade students from 2:00 -3:15.  I look forward to seeing many of you.  If you are in my homeroom, you will receive your schedule and your locker tomorrow.


See you soon!

Ms. Garcia-Arrese