Genre-fication is coming to Tapp Media Center. This means that all fiction books will be shelved by genre. After reading articles and talking to students I have identified sixteen topics most requested by students.

The genres I have chosen are Adventure, Chick lit, Classic, Fairy Tales (books based on fairy tales and folklore), Fantasy, Ghost Stories, Historical (fiction), Horror, Humor, Mystery (and Suspense), Mythology (books based on Myths) Realistic, Science Fiction, Sports (fiction), Supernatural (mysteries and romances with supernatural beings) and War (fiction). Each book will be marked with a colored dot and hopefully next year shelved together in a section.

I have sent the past year weeding (removing books not read), making sure all Reading Counts tests are in the records and giving all books a location.  In the illustration below, the location is highlighted and the Reading Counts quiz is circled in red.


Watch for more information and reports of our progress. We start marking the books soon and hopefully we can start moving books this summer.


Winter Reading Challenge

Two whole weeks to read books. I am so ready for some extra reading as I celebrate the holidays.

To participate in the Winter Break Reading Challenge, come by the media center and get a bookmark or several bookmarks. Read a book, fill out the bookmark and return it after the break.
Read one to three books and get candy and a paw trax.
Read four or more books and get candy, paw trax and a free book.
Read more books than Mrs. Roberts does over the break and win a special prize (as well as candy, paw trax and a book.)DSC00020

Fall Break Reading Challenge Take Two

Image result for autumn
Come by the media center (or print using the above link) and pick up a Fall Break Reading Challenge Bookmark (or three or four). Read books over the Thanksgiving Break and get prizes. For each book you read, you will get candy. Read more than one book and you will get candy and a prize from my prize box. Read more and get more candy, more prizes and paw tracks. If you take and pass a Reading Counts test after you get back to school (by Thursday December 3rd) you can get more candy and more prizes. Read more than Mrs. Roberts reads and you will get a special prize.

One Million Words

Reading 20 minutes a day, every day makes it possible for you to read almost 2 million words in a year. Have you been reading every day? If you have you have probably read at least a million words by March. A good way to measure how many words you have read is ta take and pass a Reading Counts test. So be sure and take tests on all the books you read. If you read a book without a test, please fill out the Reading Log on Mrs. Roberts blog and she will see if she can determine the amount of words in the book.

In March, all students who have read a million words will be invited to the Media Center for a Continental Breakfast. They will receive a certificate; have their picture taken with the principal; receive a free book and a small gift bag. The student in each grade level who has read the most words will receive an Amazon Kindle.

Fall Break Reading Challenge

Fall Break Reading Challenge

Media Center Advisory Committee and Media Center Helpers

Advisory Committee

As the media center transitions to a 21st century learning commons we need some input.

  • How would you like to choose what books & equipment we buy? (What books do we NEED? Missing books in a series?)
  • What about party planning? (Teen Read Week, All Hallow’s Read, Read Across America, Teen Tech Week … and so much more)
  • Do you want to create some awesome displays?
  • Would you like to write guest posts for this blog? (Reviews of books, apps, websites, movies based on books…)

If you are interested in joining a dynamic team who will take our media center to the next level of awesome, pick up an application from the media center today!

Media Helpers

If you are interested in working in the media center during homeroom, we are now accepting applications for media helpers. You can check books in and out, deliver notices, and help keep the media center neat. You also get to meet lots of people and have fun! Visit the media center for an application.

How to Catch a Bogle by Catherine Jinks

how to catch a bogle


How to Catch a Bogle by Catherine Jinks is the start of a new trilogy. Birdie is the apprentice to Alfred Bunce, a bogler. Mr. Bunce’s job is to kill bogles or monsters that eat children. Birdie, his apprentice, is used as baits to lure the bogles out so that Alfred can kill them. Add Mrs. Eames, a socialite who is interested in bogles, Sarah Pickles a women who uses children as pick pockets to earn her living and Dr. Morton who ? A fun read. 

Remember that to ask about Arthur and Merlin.

Summer Reading

As summer is winding down, I would like to remind all of you that there will be a drawing for those who have read at least three books. The top prize for each grade level will be a Amazon Kindle.

Also remember to ask Mrs. Roberts who Merlin and Arthur are for a special prize.

Mrs. Roberts is now reading: The Hangman’s Revolution by Eion Colfer, The 5th Wave by Rick Yancy,  How to Catch a Bogle by Catherine Jinks, H.I.V.E. by Mark Walden


Retelling of Fairy Tales

I just finished reading East by Edith Pattou. It is a retelling of the Norwegian fairy tale, East of the Sun, West of the Moon which is similar to Beauty and the Beast. Rose is the last daughter of a very large family. They are very poor and barely have enough food for everyone. Since she was a very young child, Rose has been being watched by a white bear. One evening the bear approaches her father to say that if Rose goes with him, the family will be rich. The adventure begins with Roses decision. An excellent retelling of a classic fairy tale.

Remember to ask about Merlin and Arthur when you return to school.

Comment and let me know what you are reading. Right now I am reading How to Catch a Bogle by Catherine Jinks, Amulet Keepers by Michael Northrop and a few more I can’t find right now. Happy reading and don’t forget to log your reads.