Genre-fication is coming to Tapp Media Center. This means that all fiction books will be shelved by genre. After reading articles and talking to students I have identified sixteen topics most requested by students.

The genres I have chosen are Adventure, Chick lit, Classic, Fairy Tales (books based on fairy tales and folklore), Fantasy, Ghost Stories, Historical (fiction), Horror, Humor, Mystery (and Suspense), Mythology (books based on Myths) Realistic, Science Fiction, Sports (fiction), Supernatural (mysteries and romances with supernatural beings) and War (fiction). Each book will be marked with a colored dot and hopefully next year shelved together in a section.

I have sent the past year weeding (removing books not read), making sure all Reading Counts tests are in the records and giving all books a location.  In the illustration below, the location is highlighted and the Reading Counts quiz is circled in red.


Watch for more information and reports of our progress. We start marking the books soon and hopefully we can start moving books this summer.


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