Paranormalcy by Kiersten White

Paranormalcy Evie has worked for the International Paranormal Containment Agency since she was 8-year-old. She is one of the best agents when it comes to finding paranormals since she can see through their glamours. Now a shape-shifter has broken into the agency claiming someone is killing paranormals. Evie seems to be involved some how, according to some mysterious prophecies. For someone who longs for a normal life, hers becomes anything but normal.

The Wednesday Wars 
by Gary D. Schmidt
    Holling Hoodhood is convinced that his seventh grade teacher, Mrs. Baker hates him. The year is 1967, and the biggest worry on everyone's mind is the Vietnam War. Holling also has to worry about his father's business because if he is not on his best behavior Hoodhood and Associates would have to close. Or so his father tells him.
    Now Mrs. Baker wants him to read Shakespeare outside class. All of this leads to a series of mishaps and adventures that make a very interesting school year.

Reading Helps on the Internet

Can't find a book to read and need a recommendation? There are several sites that will help you find new and different things to read.

Explore New Worlds. Read
The Center for the Book in the Library of Congress invites people of all ages to dicover the fascinating people, places adn events that await you whenever you read. This is a fun site to explore.

Guys Read
Guys Read is a web-based literacy program for boys. It will help young men become self-motivated, lifelong readers. There are reading lists and other information on the site. Check it out today.

Read Kiddo Read
Started by the author James Patterson, this site is dedicated to making kids readers for life. Explore this site for book lists, author interviews and more.

The Stacks for Kids
Games, author videos and more.

A Book and a Hug
Videos, book reviews, book lists and more.

Reading Goals

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving break and read while you were visiting with family and friends. I know I had a wonderful time because I spent a lot of it doing my favorite activity, reading. I set the goal to read ten books and read eleven. I hope all of you will set the goal to read at least thee books over the winter holidays, my goal will be twenty.

Here is what I read. Two of the books were for my personal enjoyment and two were professional titles. (That's four)

5. Frenzy by Robert Liparulo
This is the last of the Dreamhouse Kings series. The titles for this series is House of Dark Shadows, Watcher in the Woods, Gatekeepers, Timescape, Whirlwind and Frenzy. The King family has moved to the small town of Pinedale, California when Mr. King takes a job as principal at the local high school. The house they find is old and out of the way, back in a wooded area. It seems to have been empty for a long time, although there is some evidence that someone has entered the house. The discovery of a hidden hallway with twenty rooms leads the Kings traveling to different time periods. But evil has entered the house from the past, a man wants to use the portals to change time and destory the world . To get the King family to leave the house, he kidnaps Mrs. King and loses her in time. Now the search is one to save their mother and the world. Can two young boys fix time and find their mother, and what happens when they met the evil doers in the past?

6. City of Bones by Cassandra Clare
This is the first of the Mortal Instruments series. Clary lives in New York with her mother, an artist. She and her best friend Simon go to the Pandemonium Club where she witnesses a murder. The teenagers who commit the murder are covered with strange markings. They are Shadow hunters, ridding the world of demons and keeping the vampires and werewolves under control. Clary's mother disappears kidnapped and Clary is attacked by demons. Entering the world of the Shadow hunters, Clary learns who she really is. Now she must find out the truth about her family and how she must fit into the world she has discovered.

7. Max by James Patterson
This if part of the Maximum Ride series. Max and her five friends are different. They are part of an experiment that has gone wrong. What makes Max and her flock different is that they have wings and other avian enhancements. And yes, they can fly. It also becomes clear that is Max's job to save the world, but what kind of obstacles are put in there path? Are they able to defeat everything thrown at them? Adventure at its best.

8. Charlie Bone and the Red Knight by Jenny Nimmo
This is the last of the Children of the Red King series. Charlie is endowed. His is able to enter photographs and hear the conversations that took place when the picture was taken. When his endowment is discovered, he is sent to Bloor's Academy with the rest of the descendants of the Red King. Some, like Charlie are good, but a few have an evil side. Charlie and his group must discover what the evil is and defeat it. One of my favorite series.

9. The Swiftly Tilting Planet by Madeline L'Engle
This is part of the classic series that starts with A Wrinkle in Time. It continues the story of the Murray children and their effort to save the world. Charles Wallace must travel through time to correct errors in the past to save the world. Can he do it?

10. Listening to Lions by Gloria Whelan
Rachel Sheridan and her parents live in British East Africa in 1919. Her father is a doctor at the missionary and her mother teaches the children in the village. But the influenza virus that is everywhere in 1919 comes to their corner of the world and Rachel loses both of her parents. Another couple from Britain has also been touched by influenza losing their daughter. They convince Rachel that she must go to England as their daughter the fool the girl's grandfather, so that he will allow them to come back to England. Rachel agrees, not feeling right about her deception. What will happen to her when the grandfather finds out the truth?

11. The Hanging Hill by Chris Grabenstein
The sequel to The Crossroads. Zack and his step mother are off to a summer theater where a play she has written is going to be performed. When they get there, Zack is again greeted by ghosts who are concerned about an evil plot to allow real evil into the world. How will Zack help the ghosts to solve the problem when they are unable to give him any information? So funny.

These books will all be available for checkout soon.


Wordle and Math

Today Ms. Lieu's AC class came to the media center to do a Wordle about fractions. Click on the following links to see some samples. Download Fractions2 Download Fractions3 Download Fractions1 Wordles are a  fun way to see how language can be used.

Wordle's can have many uses. Writ ting poetry? Put it in a Wordle for a beautiful word picture. Writing a book review? Turn it into a colorful Wordle. So go to Wordle and have fun.

A Good Start

August brought all the students into the media center for orientation and now we are starting lessons. The sixth grade language arts classes came in to learn about writing book reviews and posting them in Destiny. I encourage all students to do this. Remember these guidelines. Reviews should be short, three to five sentences. Do not use all caps. Make sure that sentences are complete and that words that should be capitalized are. There should be a space after periods and commas. Proof read before you save. If the review you wrote does not show up, try again.

Just a reminder about library hours. We are open Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday morning at 8:00 am for those that have a pass. Get a pass the day before from your teacher or from the media center. You must have a pass to enter the media center during the school day.

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Books and writing

The sixth grade language arts came to the Media Center on Monday and Tuesday to learn about informational texts or non-fiction books. After the CRCT they will be back in the media center to write a book. I am looking forward to the creativity our students have. 

I have finished two books I really enjoyed this week. The first was Twilight Child by Sally Warner. Eleni is happy during her early childhood in Finland. Her best friend, Matias, walks with her in the forest as they play. Eleni has a secret, she was born at twilight of the longest night of the year. She can talk to creatures that are unseen by others. These creatures help her as she first becomes a slave in her own home, and travels to Scotland to start a new life. 

The other book was The Last of the High Kings by Kate Thompson. This is the sequel to The New Policeman. J.J. is now an adult, he is married and has four children. His youngest daughter, Jenny is a free spirit who wanders the area and talks to a white goat and to a ghost that guards the beacon. Why does the ghost guard the beacon? And just who or what is Jenny?