It is so important to read. Reading is the one activity all students can enjoy that will increase their grades and test scores. The 7th graders have all taken STAR tests and have their reading levels. These reading levels can increase if students will read for at least 20 minutes each day at home. Here are some suggestions for encouraging your Middle Schooler to read more (these are from

  • Read with your child. Students of this age still love to be read to. Pick a book that the whole family can enjoy and read a little every day.
  • Introduce them to other authors/books in the genre they like. Does your student enjoy Nancy Drew mysteries? Introduce him/her to Lois Duncan, Willo Davis Roberts, and Joan Lowry Nixon.
  • Help them bookmark online new sites and other Web pages that tap into their interests. Look into Sports Illustrated for Kids ( and Time for Kids ( Make sure the sites your student is reading is well written and gets them thinking
  • Subscribe to magazines they will enjoy.
  • Write notes to give your children real life reasons to read.
  • Make the library a regular stop.
  • Don’t dismiss genre like graphic novels.
  • Watch the movie version.
  • Establish a nightly reading ritual for the whole family. Be sure and model reading to your children. If they see you read, they are more likely to read themselves.

Reading has begun

All classes have finished their orientations and students are now able to check out books. The seventh grade has just about finished taking the STAR tests and several students have already taken some AR tests. We should be getting some new books in soon. I will have more book reviews posted soon and I hope to get some book reviews from students to add to this blog also.

If you still need the eighth grade summer math packet here is: Download 8grademath.pdf

More Orientation

We are almost finished giving orientation to the sixth graders. Seventh and eighth graders are now coming in to get a refresher on the rules and to set up their computer accounts. Students have already been coming in to check out books. Remember, you must have a book with you at all time so you can read whenever you have completed classwork. Students may use the Media Center before school during study hall starting the week of Sept. 4th. They will need to report to study hall and we will let them know when they can enter the media center. We can accommodate about 20 students in the morning.

The Mailbox by Audrey Shafer
Twelve-year-old Gabe has been in the foster care system since his mother’s death. His social worker was able to locate his uncle, Vernon Culligan, a Vietnam veteran who has lived alone and on the edge of the town of Drayford, Virginia for years. When Gabe comes home from school and finds his uncle dead, he does nothing. The next day a message appears in the mailbox. I have a secret. Do not be afraid. And his uncle body is gone. Gabe continues to get messages in the mailbox as he tries to come to terms with how his life has changed. This is a beautiful story about relationships. I highly recommend this book.

Library Orientation

Library Orientation began today for the sixth grade classes. After we went over the policies and procedures, the students were able to check out books. Books are checked out for three weeks, so all books checked out today will be due back on September 10th. In addition to going over policies, all students set up their computer accounts. Now they can search the card catalog, work on word processing and other computer projects. All sixth grade classes should be through with orientation by next Monday and we will be able to have 7th and 8th graders in for a refresh.

Welcome to the Tapp Media Center

Welcome back. I am so looking forward to this school year. I am working on setting up a new website for the media center. I should have a parent’s resource page up this week. Just go to the media center button on the website and watch as new pages are added. I will also have book reviews and information literacy hints on this blog. I look forward to meeting the sixth graders starting next week with the start of student orientation. Parents, please feel free to come and visit us in the media center. If you are looking for volunteer opportunities, there are always plenty of things to do in the media center. We need help with shelving, keeping the shelves in order, processing books and other small projects throughout the year. I hope to get all of our students at Tapp reading.

End of the year

I have really enjoyed my first year as Media Specialist at Tapp. I have not been a very good blogger, but with the end of the year and the beginning of a new year, I hope to post a lot of information on this blog. As we finish up the year I must remind all students to turn in their books. This is particularly important for the eighth grade students. Our new library database, Destiny is web-based. This means that when the students go to another Cobb County School their record follows them. I must remind all students that if they still have items checked out when the new school year begins they will not be issued books until they clear up any missing items. Parents please contact the meida center if you have a question about your child’s account. I can be reached by phone, 770 222-3758 x234 or by email, It may be easier to contact me by email. I can let you know if your student has an overdue book and the cost to replace it.

Please keep an eye on this blog and on the Media Center page. I hope to have book reviews, hints for parents, and a virtual library page for next year. I look forward to teaching more about technology and information.


Welcome to the Tapp Meida Center
There are several changes in the media center this year. I am your new media specialist Lisa Roberts and the new assistant is Angela Sagraves. We are looking forward to working with students as they read more and learn how to use technology.

Starting this week I am doing Media Center Orientations and students are starting to check out books. It won’t be long before  classes will be coming in to do research and learn how to use computers to aid them in their classroom presentations.

I hope to do book reviews for students and also have students do book reviews for each other. Other programs will be started throughout the year. I look forward to having parents come and volunteer their time and/or expertise in the media center. Please feel free to visit us any time, we will be glad to show you our resources and answer your questions about helping your student read more.